• Worlds

    Jun 27 2008, 2h07

    Wed 25 Jun – Boris, Torche, Clouds

    Difficulty arises when one tries to articulate the shear brilliance of masters at work. The masters that I refer to in this instance are the musical geniuses that are the members of the band known as "BORIS." I've seen amazing things in my life and I've seen gifted musicians destroy time and time again. But I say, with the utmost sincerity and honesty, that the performance that I saw last night far surpassed any type of excellent performance I thought possible. BORIS is everything that a musical performance should be and in it is their idea of a average performance that true excellency is found.
    The band walked on stage with nothing more that a few choice words to each other and the mandatory "Check! Check! Check, 1,2." Boris couldn't really talk given that they had to unload what seemed like 100 pieces of small musical equipment, each being completely unique and singular to each specific band member. The bits and pieces BORIS brought out were assembled before a truly ordinate stack of rare amplification systems ranging from "SUN O)))" stacks to "Fender Twin Reverb Amps", all of which are hella rare and damn near impossible to find in working condition these days.
    After setting up a altogether legendary set up of weird pedals and cool switches, the band began to turn on their instruments. What happened in the next two hours completely blew my mind and left me with a redefined view of what a good performance is. BORIS went all out! Going from insanely groovy, rock and roll parts, to mind numbingly peaceful and serene slow jams. Fucking Unbelievable! The band acted as one, knowing when to slow down, speed up, and emphasize melodies. The drummer sat higher than the rest of the band, and from the high perch the drum-set he was using would shot clouds of eerie and epic smoke. The smoke only made the band seem cooler, as for good periods of time the only thing you could really make out was the awesome shapes of BORIS making sounds that I didn't even think possible.
    Boris made music that I didn't think would work or even be played live. I rocked out and was star struck all at the same time. The band moved the crowd, while they them selves hardly moved at all. The entire performance consisted of BORIS making almost no facial expression what so ever...But I don't think they could have. Honestly, I am sure that they are just as captivated by their music as the rest of the crowd is. What BORIS does is fucking great. They are the answer to the world's problems and I am going to try as hard as I can to see BORIS as many times as I can before I die. Since that show I have become a fucking huge fan. I wish I could explain more, but it was something you had to see. The epic silhouettes of BORIS rocking, the mind obliterating sounds, the energy, the feeling of the hairs on your arms standing up in salute of the fucking colossal bass. It's a beautiful thing. BORIS is god!
    Torche put on a performance that, in its own right rocked the shit out of anything. I feel that BORIS did a better job not because they are a altogether better band, but rather , what they do is a bit more spiritual and transcendent then what Torche does. Torche is an amazing band, literally inches away from BORIS status in my book. Its just BORIS is soo god damn good...WHAT THE FUCK! Torche put on a performance that has topped 98% of all performances I've seen this year. And everyone at that show would agree with me that the show wasn't a case of one band getting blown out of the water and and another band getting all the glory. The entire show was, instead, a immaculate collaboration of great artists blowing minds with effortless grace and style. Without question best show I've ever been to in my life. Rainbow-Boris
  • Thank God

    Mai 7 2008, 3h27

    Sat 3 May – Graf Orlock, Alarm, Lewd Acts, Netzeah

    Thank God bands like Graf Orlock play music. After seeing them play you just get pissed that people don't tear shit up like that all the time. It was really good. The whole show came complete with all sound bytes (YES!) and pretty much everyone knowing the words to every song. I am convinced that "The Chamber" might be the best venue. Its hella small so you get this tight awesome crowd and its perfect for going nutz in. The guy from Lewd Acts even broke the table. I think the highlight of the night was when Graf Orlock played "The Dream Left Behind," which features the theme song from Jurassic Park + Graf Orlock slamming along side it. It was like some kind of brutal ballot from hell that just sounded glorious. You hear that song and think it sounds awesome. Then you hear it live and you just climax. Fucking heavy! So good. I can't believe how awesome that band is. Everyone goes nutz and the music just chases after you with such intensity.
    Red Queen played instead of Netzeah and sadly everyone decided to pull a pussy and not mosh. That sucked but thankfully it was redeemed by the slaughtering of punks set forth by Graf Orlock. They commented on Iron Man the movie and said it sucked, which quite frankly, I am not surprised. The climax, for me, was hearing "The Dream Left Behind" and the perfect conclusion was Graf Orlock's encore. They played "Skynet" and twas awesome cause there is that awesome part in the song where everybody gets to scream "Its all your fucking fault!" I thanked them and I am going to keep hoping they come back soon. Tragedy is coming next. I am pretty optimistic that that show will rule just as hard! LET US PREYLet Us Prey
  • Flame Dancerz?

    Mai 7 2008, 3h10

    Wed 30 Apr – George Moshington, Red Queen, Satan's Monk, Do Tremble and Fall Silent

    So awesome. There were tecno-inflated fire spinners, a DJ and a sweet place to sit, which was just a bus bench, but awesome! The tribe is a really cool place and I guess it used to be a frequent venue, but is currently under transition with its ownership. It's just a house. A sweet house somewhere out in Phoenix. You walk in and theres a bathroom and a make shift hall way that leads to this shabby little stairwell. The stairwell is really narrow and walking down it, and you just know something fucking awesome is going to happen and sure enough there was some pretty sick shit taking place at the bottom.
    Do Tremble and Fall Silent played first. I guess they are a sweet black metal band from around here. They rocked pretty hard and had a whole army of Yankee candles creating a perimeter around them as they let out a whole arsenal of "Wolves in the Throne Room" like blackness. Twas pretty killer. I really did enjoy it.
    And then Satan's Monk had their first performance. O my god, it was good. Grindustrial! Yeah everyone really torn shit up and they got a pretty good reaction from the crowd. They had this one sound byte of this guy saying something like "killing kids is fun" and later that evening I found out that the whole concert was for a sick child. It was funny. Satan's Monk totally does kill kids. Fucking awesome.
    Then Red Queen played and they did smashed it up. A lot of kids were missing, which was lame, but I think it was still fun. The singer brad hit his head and it was pretty funny. Bumps are like balls you get on your head. All in all big balls are always a plus.
    Last was George Moshington. And as always they delivered. Circle pits galore and tons of moshing. They played all the classics as well as a few integrity covers. I can't remember what they were but it was fucking awesome. I am sure a few people lost their faces and at least one person shit them selves. Bottom line it was a really good show. Bad news is I guess Moshington is going to be playing for a while. Good news is that they will be playing with Vitamin X. NAWSOME!!!!! Fucking stomp on children. Great show.

    George MoshingtonRed Queen

    Satan's Monk
  • So Good.

    Abr 23 2008, 0h41

    Sun 20 Apr – Lambs for Lions Tour

    Every band was amazing. Thats pretty much the only way to put it. You walked into the venue and after what had to be no more than 20 minutes, The bands started playing, and honestly, it was one doozie after another. Every band destroyed and it left you thinking "why can't every show be like that?" Genghis Tron opened up and led the way with a solid set running about 25 minutes. They played a lot of stuff off "Triple Black Diamond" and "Cloak of Love" which was awesome and were pretty flawless. Next was Baroness, they torn shit up in a way I didn't think possible. Flow you wouldn't believe. It was super great and I think the thing I liked most about it was how heavy it was yet, cool, and calm at the same time. Really killer! Next was The Red Chord, everyone expected a good show out of them and it was exactly what they got. Their set was about 35 minutes and was spot on. A lot kids got to sing "Dreaming in Dogs Years." The crowd actually opened up and things got pretty violent during their set which only set the path for things to come. Finally, Converge played. And they were by far the best performance of that evening. As soon as they hit the stage, people started moving. They opened up with "Plagues" and it was truly one of the most extreme build ups I've ever seen. Imagine 1000 stage dives and you'd be close to envisioning what the Converge show was like. Everyone was there for Converge deep down inside, because the moment they got going, so did the crowd. At one point Jacob Bannon lost his mike, and the vocals still came through because of how loud the fans were screaming. It was clear how excited everyone was to see them and Converge put on a show worthy of that kind of reaction. It was violent and heavy the whole way through.