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Jan 1 2011, 2h46

On the sound advice of TheDarkOrb, I'm going to archive my favorites and most listened of 2010.

Because I've been computer-less for a majority of 2010 my main listening has happened on my PSP but because this year has been a great year for music I remember most of the new stuff i have enjoyed this year.

The album i've most enjoyed this year would defiantly be Slash's self titled album. I bought it on the recommendation of a friend, the fact I think slash is one of the best guitarists in the world and he was doing exactly that on this record and that there was a special edition with a magazine detailing the album and the man behind the album. I couldn't be happier with this album as its quirky, in that its slash and a group of his friends making music and I love collaborations.
Slash - Slash

I then saw an interview with a guy called Sea Sick Steve on Top Gear and he played a little from one of his songs and it was great not my normal style but I enjoyed it so I looked him up on LastFM and enjoyed what I heard did a quick google search for his album and Zavvi had it on sale for £3 so bought it then and their and when it arrived i was utterly hooked, and a couple weeks later I bought another of his albums and enjoyed that just as much.
Man From Another Time - Seasick Steve
I Started Out With Nothin and I Still Got Most of It Left - Seasick Steve

I got around to buying a Lamb of God after seeing them live a couple of times and loving their music. It was a great album I enjoyed it for what I knew it was going to be and I just wish I'd bought it sooner.
Ashes Of The Wake - Lamb of God

At the same time as this I bought Bon Jovi's latest album and a second album by God Forbid. I enjoyed Bon Jovi's album but it wasn't anything brilliant but kept my interest fresh and I'm always fond of keeping things interesting with varying content. God Forbids album was rather bland compared to the first one I bought as it turns out they replaced the singer and I like the most recent singer.
The Circle - Bon Jovi
Gone Forever - God Forbid

PC back in august yay!

Now with my computer my first decisive moment was to get Abigail's Mercy's first album as i'd had a single for years and absolutely loved it and its allways at the top of the list alphabetically so I bought that so it'd stop nagging at me and I loved it filled a nice gap in my collection perfectly and it hasn't left my psp since I bought it. As this was never off my psp i've never had to urge to listen to it much at the pc and is ranked 12th
Salvation - Abigail's Mercy

Next I picked up a Naio Ssaion album again after having acquired a single and enjoyed it immensely got around to picking up the album with that single on it. This stood out to be because of the accompanied Violin which works really well and i loved the album and its been on and off my psp and listened to it a fair bit on the pc also it managed to be my most listened album this year. I fully Intend to get hold of more music by them.

I then got Iron Maiden's new album as always I run out and buy it, can't help myself. I enjoyed it as I enjoy anything Iron Maiden great lyrics great guitars just plan great music, but nothing really hooked me so I've listened to it a few times and just popped it in with the collection to take my fancies another day or to get played during random sessions. As such it only got to 38th in my album chart but was still my most listened Iron Maiden album.
The Final Frontier - Iron Maiden

The thanks to an e-mail showcasing all the latest release out of Japan/China/Korea which i get weekly from Play-Asia I found out about a guy call MIYAVI. I once again turned to LastFM for guidance listened to a few tracks and fell in love with what I heard and google returned nothing so I got what I could, I would have settled for one album but could only find everything. With intentions of pruning away music i had no interest with I listened to it all but loved it all and with that Miyavi would be my favourite new artist for 2010 with Miyavizm been my favourite album.
Gagaku / Galyuu / Miyaviuta / Miyavizm / Myv Pops / This iz the japanse kabuki rock - MIYAVI

That sums up my new acquisitions for 2010, though I did buy Disturbed's and Serj Tankain's new albums they havn't arrived in time for this year :(
Asylum - Disturbed
Imperfect Harmonies - Serj Tankain

As for my listening habits Naio Ssaion's Out Loud been my most listened album and probably deserving of been so.
The followed by Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts I-IV, Tyler Bates - 300 and Takeharu Ishimoto - Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII OST taking 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively. This is because those albums have many tracks and short lengths, I enjoy the albums and they are there deservingly but doesn't represent multiple plays.

One noteably high band on the album charts is Queens of the Stone Age with their first 2 albums been 5th and 7th. I have particularly enjoyed them this year after going off them for a while.
Songs for the Deaf / Lullabies To Paralyze - queens of the stoneage

My top artists for the year pretty much matches my total play with the addition of Miyavi in at 3rd.

My top tracks is rather off with Nirvana's Heart Shaped Box,Iron Maiden's Wrathchild, Apoptygma Berzerk's Deep Red and Bruce Dickinson's Gods of War + Tears of the Dragon. Only really love Tears of the Dragon and is the only track i have specifically chosen to listen too, I'm guessing the others have appeared so high due to me having both regular and live versions of the tracks.

That pretty much sums up my music listening for 2010, but once again leaves me wishing I could scrobble from my PSP. I think my main goal for 2011 music wise is to get a music player which will scrobble for me on the go as I'd love to see how that effects things.


  • pra3938

    Noticed your wrote about abigails mercy! Do you know if their gigging or doing anything? Can't find any up to date info on facebook myspace or there official website!

    Fev 14 2011, 2h59
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