Best Music of 2009


Dez 11 2009, 2h45

Best Songs of 2009

35. Blake Lewis – Sad Song
34. U2 – Magnificent
33. The Bird and The Bee – Love Letter to Japan
32. Kid Cudi Featuring Kanye West and Common – Make Her Say
31. Colbie Caillat – Fallin’ For You
30. Jesse McCartney – How Do You Sleep
29. Alphabeat – The Spell
28. Chrisette Michele – Blame It On Me
27. Rihanna – Rude Boy
26. OneRepublic – Marchin’ On
25. R. Kelly Featuring Tyrese, Robin Thicke and The-Dream – Pregnant
24. Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling
23. Chris Brown Featuring Lil’ Wayne – I Can Transform Ya
22. Robin Thicke Featuring Jay-Z – Meiple
21. Alicia Keys – Try Sleeping with A Broken Heart
20. Maxwell – Pretty Wings
19. Kelly Clarkson – I Want You
18. David Guetta Featuring Kid Cudi – Memories
17. Drake – Houstalantavegas
16. Amerie – Different People
15. Pink – Please Don’t Leave Me
14. Kelly Clarkson – Ready
13. John Mayer – Heartbreak Warfare
12. Ciara – Keep Dancin’ On Me
11. Mandy Moore – I Could Break Your Heart Any Day of The Week
10. Rob Thomas – Hard On You
9. Beyoncé – Video Phone
8. Mariah Carey – Standing O
7. Paolo Nutini – Coming Up Easy
6. The-Dream – Fancy
5. Mr Hudson Featuring Kanye West – Supernova
4. Mariah Carey – Ribbon
3. Clipse Featuring Pharrell – I’m Good
2. Beyoncé – Diva
1. The-Dream – Take U Home 2 My Mama

Best Albums of 2009

Albums that didn’t make the list that you should still check out:

Kid Cudi – Man on the Moon; The Spell – Alphabeat; David Guetta – One Love, Florence + The Machine – Lungs; OneRepublic – Waking Up; Maxwell – Blacksummers’night

10. Kelly Clarkson – All I Ever Wanted

It took me a while to come around and fully like this album, but I think it is definitely her best effort yet. Good for the little porker.

Listen to: Don’t Let Me Stop You, Ready, Save You, Already Gone, I Want You

9. R. Kelly – Untitled

I admit, when I first heard people speaking highly of the album, I was a little shocked. I mean, it is R. Kelly. I thought his career was pretty much done. But, what R. Kelly proves with this album is that an innovator never dies.

Listen to: I Love The DJ, Like I Do, Bangin’ The Headboard, Pregnant, Echo

8. Clipse – Till The Casket Drops

I’ve been waiting on this album since Hell Hath No Fury. Though this album isn’t better than the aforementioned album (it’s hard to top “Mr. Me Too” and “Keys Open Doors”), it still lives up to what is expected from Clipse: a classic album to go down in rap history. And “I’m Good” is just too good for words to describe.

Listen to: Door Man, Counseling, I’m Good, Champion, Kind of Like A Big Deal

7. Rob Thomas – Cradlesong

For the record, I hate Rob Thomas. I truly do. With that said, his appearing on my list should indicate how highly I think of this album. I am shocked he did not get any Grammy nominations, as this album is one of the best pure, pop vocal albums I’ve heard in I don’t even know. PLEASE check out “Hard on You.” It’s an unforgettable record. Cradlesong is definitely an album I’ll be bumping to for years to come. I still hate him, though.

Listen to: Hard on You, Her Diamonds, Someday, Snowblind, Fire on The Mountain

6. Mariah Carey – Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel

I will admit that I had no interest in this album. I listened to it out of loyalty to Mariah. I am so glad I did. It is amazing. I read a review that said that if Mariah had cut down the number of songs of this album, it would be her best album yet. I could not agree more. So take note Mariah, and other artists, more is not always better. All in all, it’s a fantastic effort.

Listen to: Ribbon, Candy Bling, Angels Cry, Standing O, H.A.T.E.U., Obsessed

5. Paolo Nutini – Sunny Side Up

I stumbled upon Paolo last year, and I haven’t stopped listening. His debut, These Streets, is timeless, and so is Sunny Side Up. It took many laborious hours of listening to like this album, but now I love it. Ingenuity counts for something.

Listen to: Coming Up Easy, 10/10, Pencil Full of Lead, No Other Way, Candy

4. Amerie – In Love & War

I could talk forever about the disappointment I have with Amerie’s previous effort, Because I Love It, not being as successful as it should have been.. Many people compare Amerie with Beyoncé, but when all is said and done, Because I Love It is better than any album Bey has put out, and probably will be better than album she releases in the future. But that’s a different conversation. It’s always nice to hear an album that was not recorded to appeal to the masses. It’s even better when that album is pure perfection. That’s what In Love & War is.

Listen to: Swag Back, Pretty Brown, Why R U, Heard ‘Em All, Different People, Higher

3. Mr Hudson – Straight No Chaser

I didn’t know much about Mr Hudson until his album was released. I downloaded it because I thoroughly enjoyed “Supernova,” and this album has a been a treat ever since. It’s hard to describe the sound of the album, but, as usual, Kanye knows actual talent when he sees/hears it (i.e. Estelle). On top of that, I am pretty much obsessed with Ben Hudson. It’s very seldom when one hears an album where every track is as good as the next. Surprisingly, the best tracks on this album are the one’s without the superstars (Kanye and Kid Cudi….with the exception of “Supernova”).

Listen to: Knew We Were Trouble, Supernova, Stiff Upper Lip, Learning to Live, There Will Be Tears, Instant Messenger

2. John Mayer – Battle Studies

Come on, you knew good ol’ John was going to be on this list somewhere. I was not sure if this album were even going to appear on my list acutally. But, recently, I took a break from listening. Upon listening again, it confirmed that I did pretty much love this album. John doesn’t release a bad album. Hell, he doesn’t even release good albums. Everything he touches is brilliant.

Listen to: Do You Know Me, Heartbreak Warfare, Perfectly Lonely, All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye, War of My Life, Assassin

1. The-Dream – Love vs. Money

Oh, The-Dream. A little birdy told me to listen to “Falsetto” back in the day. From there, an obsession began. Love Hate is Flawless, but Love vs. Money is a masterpiece. It’s very rare that a producer can rejuvenate someone’s career (Mariah) or even have someone who has been counted out become an artist with a highly-anticipated album (Christina Milian). That’s The-Dream the producer. The-Dream the artist is on an entire different level. This may be a little forward or pretty outlandish but if I had to compare Love vs. Money to any other album, it would be Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Not because of any similarity in sound, but because it shuts down all competition. Nobody can even touch the dream right now. Love King is for sure the album I am looking most forward to in 2010. The-Dream = Music Supremacy.

Listen to: Take U Home 2 My Mama, Right Side of My Brain, Love vs. Money, Love vs. Money Part 2, Let Me See The Booty, Fancy, Hit It on The Road

Best Television Shows of 2009

-It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
-Breaking Bad
-Modern Family
-True Blood

Best Movie of 2009

Rudo y cursi


  • onyxparadise

    very interesting! Glad that Mariah and Amerie are on your albums list, loving those... I think Rihanna's album will be on my top 10 albums too. Some songs I haven't heard though, I think I will need to investigate! Here's to 2010 :)

    Dez 11 2009, 14h51
  • pixelup

    great! absolutely agree with The-Dream as the best artist, he has so much musical talent that the whole industry lacked for years!

    Dez 11 2009, 17h47
  • zanelamour

    Diva ~ #2 ;-) <3

    Dez 11 2009, 21h38
  • valzinhu

    Great musical personality !!

    Dez 12 2009, 1h56
  • _stubbs_

    I'm liking R Kelly in here, Pregnant is a sick song and I really like his album, nice list!

    Dez 12 2009, 4h41
  • guiigs

    very good list man! i'm happy to see chrisette, amerie & mariah on it. i tried so hard to listen the-dream's album, but all the times failed. ill try it again, i swear.

    Dez 17 2009, 18h07
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