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Dez 10 2006, 12h19

I must confess that over the past few weeks I've been listening to Pandora (at work) more than I find that the music you find on pandora is much more similar to the artist you choose. They have a scientific way of matching the music.

Recently, I've discovered a few new artists through Last and Pandora and some external sources.

In no particular order:

Ryan Prebble
He was a discovery. He has an excellent sound. A very soulful voice over some brilliant stripped-down, acoustic dub.
Listen to his album Fruits, you'll love it. The best tracks are I Seen It and Fruits.

Xavier Rudd
He may have been around for a while but I only discovered him last week . . . on Pandora. After hearing one song and reading the information on, I went out and bought two of his albums straight away. I am not disappointed!

He has elements of Ben Harper, Jack Johnson and even Paul Simon. The lyrics, music and voice fit together very well to produce a very soulful sound. He tells stories with his lyrics - 'conscious' music.
Tracks that I would recommend are: Food In The Belly and To Let - both title tracks from their respective albums.

Seth Lakeman
He's label-mates with KT Tunstall and that's how I heard of him. The label sent me a free track Setting Of The Sun and I was impressed enough to investigate a bit deeper. I am still impressed.
The album is a blend of folk and contemporary rock. I'm not so familiar with his earlier work so I will have to investigate that. My favourite tracks of the Freedom Fields album are The White Hare and King & Country.


  • indigo_jones

    I first hear about Ryan Prebble from Age Pryor, another excellent New Zealand artist. I highly recommend checking him out. An incredibly gifted singer/songwriter.

    Dez 20 2006, 14h54
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