• My Top 10 Songs of 2009

    Dez 22 2009, 20h14

  • My Top 10 Songs of the Decade

    Dez 14 2009, 19h42

  • Nickelback - NEVER GONNA BE ALONE Music Video

    Nov 12 2009, 22h52

  • 15 Negatives about my Top Artists

    Set 26 2009, 22h58

    1. Nickelback

    I like pretty much everything about them, but Dark Horse had a slight obsession with sex. But those songs were still awesome.

    2. Bon Jovi

    Of late, they have gotten too samey and they have been releasing weak singles as of late.

    3.Goo Goo Dolls

    They hardly ever do wrong, but if I had to say something negative, i'd say, its taken way too long for their new album to come out.

    4.Theory of a Deadman

    Hate My Life is half awesome and half awful.


    Their new album is great, but its too similar to their debut album.


    Songs tend to sound too samey on certain albums.


    Second album was a let down.


    They need to write more songs like Loaded and Alone.

    9.Guns N' Roses

    Vocals can become annoying after a few songs.


    Their albums tend to have 3 or 4 amazing songs and the rest just blur in memory.

    11.Foo Fighters

    Albums tend to have only a few good songs.


    Cornells vocals can get very whiney.

    13.Take That

    Everthing before their comeback, was just not my sorta thing.


    They're a bit dull in places.

    15.Bruce Springsteen

    His last album, had only a couple of very good songs.
  • Top 5 Movie Rock Songs

    Ago 29 2009, 0h46

    1. Chad Kroeger (Nickelback) - Hero - SPIDERMAN

    2. Goo Goo Dolls - Iris - CITY OF ANGELS

    3. Jon Bon Jovi - Blaze Of Glory - YOUNG GUNS II

    4. Guns N' Roses - You Could Be Mine - TERMINATOR 2

    5. Survivor - Eye of the Tiger - ROCKY III

  • Nickelback Fans: Respond to Haters/Critics

    Ago 11 2009, 20h01

    Nickelback have been criticised since the very beginning. The only thing that always reinstates their brilliance is their staying power / their logevity. They are one of the biggest bands in the world. They have won awards after awards, They sell out stadiums all around the world. They have collaborated with Billy Gibbons, Carlos Santana, Mutt Lange, Dimebag Darrell and many more. They have sold over 30 million albums world wide.

    Critics slam their simplicity but when I hear that I always refer to this article, But the band measures their success not by critical acclaim, but by their fans. And a recent meeting with a young father, wearing the picture of a little girl on his T-shirt, gave Kroeger all the acclaim he needed when he asked the girl’s identity.

    “He said, ‘That is my daughter, and we lost her, and your song ‘Far Away’ is the only thing that got us through that loss,”’ Kroeger said. “That was just very moving for me.”.

    The band also gave all the proceeds from their hit song "If Everyone Cared" and gave it to a number of charities.

    Below is a couple, of the many words of respect and love for the band. Also just look at the thousands of members that are apart of The Nickelback Forum

    Taken from

    Critics are just sad people who aren’t talented enough to sing or play an instrument. They show their jealousy by going after bands who don’t deserve the harsh words. It’s the fans who spend their hard earned money on cd’s, concert tickets, travel arrangements, merchandise & so on. It’s the fans that care and remember important details about their idols. I doubt any of those critics listed in the article could tell you a damn thing about one of the guys from Nickelback. Ask one of us fans & we can tell you. Just another little note to critics – who won the People’s Choice Award for favorite band? Oh yeah that’s right – NICKELBACK!

    i like NICKELBACK! they are fresh and i enjoy their music. the critics must have gum stuck in their ears. they would not know a good thing if it bit them!

    Critics have nothing better to do then bash decent people period. They the critics are so full of theirselves, we should critic them, but again we already are doing that.

    Simply put, those critics are jealous. The statistics speak for themselves – Nickelback are one of the biggest rock bands today. And they sure didn’t get that way because of these critics. They got there because people love hearing their music. They aren’t uptight, politically-driven morons who put their opinions against America out there but are more than willing to suck off the American economy. They are down-to-earth, hard-working artists who earn every cent they have in their bank accounts. And even in spite of the fact that they’ve won countless awards and honors for their efforts, you still don’t see them in scandals or love triangles publicized by paparazzi-dominated magazines and rags. They say under the radar and out of the Hollywood scene. That is why the critics lash out: Nickelback have done everything right. Made great music, accumulated a huge fanbase, made millions of dollars, sold millions of albums, but have kept their private lives private. Who wouldn’t be jealous?

    I personally don’t care what the critics think about Nickelback. I am a huge fan of the band and nothing anyone else thinks will change my mind.

    Personally, I love Nickelback. Many of their songs are in my list of favorites, because of the way they place their lyrics. The critics may say that they’re predictable and that they don’t change, but if doing what they do inspires teen and adult fans to support them, why should they do antything different? They are who they are, and you either like them or you don’t, but I choose to listen to and enjoy their music.

    Nickleback are an awesome band, taht hy they are so huge and successful. Its cool to knock the band, thats why so many do it.

    For the last few posters on here who came in spewing pseudo-intellectual, hate-filled trash, just for the obvious sake of pissing everyone off, congrats to you as well, because your online trek to becoming an internet shit head is coming closer and closer to fruition.

    I’ve been a musician for 15 years, and have seen the likes of Aerosmith, AC/DC, Pantera, and Dream Theatre live and in person. I saw Nickelback three nights ago, and I’m telling you right now, these guys are on par with the aformentioned Gods of Rock, in terms of performance. It was easily one of the greatest live shows I had ever seen in my life.

    Critics are just jealous little stains on the earth. Like Chad Kroeger said, critics only like underground bands because their not that successful, and if they ever became widely known, the critics would abandom them and start bashing them like they do to Nickelback and countless other great (And extremely successful) bands. Well I say forget the critics, Nickelback rocks and nothing they say will ever change my mind. Readers, dont listen to critics when they say they suck, go out and buy an album anyway, then you will see they are awesome.

    Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora said it best when talking about critics.

    The band gets a bad rap because they're popular. They're easy targets because its became cool to not like them, so everybody jumps on the band wagon and talks crap about them. These people must have really sad lives if they spend their lives doing that.

    As a long time fan I wrote this, to show how powerful this band has become, even with all this crap thrown in their way. People said they would'nt last after their first big album (Silver Side Up). Three mega selling albums (The Long Road,All the Right Reasons, Dark Horse) and massive tours later, they have proven those people wrong.

    A message for those all those haters and critics, from the awesome Ryan Peake himself.

  • Nickelback Haters , Your Sickness is Curable

    Ago 7 2009, 18h47

    Nickelback rocks.
  • The Brilliance Of Nickelback

    Ago 7 2009, 13h37

    Nickelback are my most listened to band and for good reason. They are simple, straight forward rock n' roll. They have their share of quite mindless rocker songs but they also have some truly beautiful and meaningful songs that have made them the successful band they are today . I first got into them when they hit big around the world with How You Remind Me. That song was great but hearing other songs like Too Bad and Never Again solidified how great the band was.

    Since then they have made album after album that has stuck closely to what made them so brilliant, but also have shown many other great qualities. "All the Right Reasons" goes from the southern rocker opener Follow You Home to the reminiscing Photograph to the ultimate love song Far Away , to the tongue in cheek Rockstar.

    "Dark Horse" with its more rowdy and sexual attitude makes for nice change in pace. It also features tracks like If Today Was You Last Day and Gotta Be Somebody that shows Chad Kroeger's knack for making brutally honest, but powerful songs.

    I've seen them live three times, once when they were special guests with Bon Jovi and then two other times when they headlined. Each time they have gotten better and better.

    The band is always on the receiving end of criticisms, from people who apparently can't switch over on a radio station.

    But the bands ever growing fan base, their sold out shows and their attitude to not a give a crap what anyone thinks about them, means they are still going strong.