Jan 20 2010, 5h55

Write down your top 10 artists, then add:
- the first song you ever heard.
- the song that made you fall in love with them.
- and the song you currently like the best.

1) Death Cab for Cutie
First: Soul Meets Body
Love: Title Track
Current: Your Heart Is an Empty Room & Pictures in an Exhibition

2) Tegan and Sara
First: Speak Slow
Love: The Con
Current: Someday

3) Passion Pit
First: The Reeling
Love: The Reeling
Current: Eyes As Candles

4) Coldplay
First: Clocks
Love: Swallowed in the Sea
Current: Strawberry Swing

5) Bloc Party
First: Like Eating Glass
Love: Positive Tension
Current: Waiting For The 7.18

6) Delays
First: Love Made Visible
Love: One More Lie In
Current: Nearer Than Heaven

7) Placebo
First: Meds
Love: Special K
Current: Happy You're Gone & Commercial for Levi

8) Foals
First: Cassius
Love: Cassius
Current: Big Big Love (Fig. 1)

9) Lydia
First: Hospital
Love: Stay Awake & Hospital
Current: Fools And Luxury

10) The Dykeenies
First: The Panic
Love: Waiting For Go
Current: Stationary


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