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Ago 13 2010, 14h13

Tik tik tik tik like me, when you don't what the fuck's going on like me!!

☆ I totally forgot to do this since Tuesday. So lol, here we go~

229 PLAYS | Toro y Moi | Why? I got into him on a whim and damn, fell for his music hard. He's a mix of french touch, J Dilla sensibility, etc etc. It's ridiculously awesome. Like seriously, listen to him. Minors is my super absolute favorite song by him. ♥

156 PLAYS | The Constructus Corporation | Why? I was getting tired of Die Antwoord's only album and decided "What the hell - let's check out Waddy's other past projects". And I fell HARDDDDDDDDDDDDDD for this project's only album, The Ziggurat. It had a storyline and had like all these genres mixed in that I liked already. But I didn't expect it at all from this album, since I'm coming from Die Antwoord. So it was the most pleasant surprise I ever got. Like shit. Everyone who's into underground hip hop + rap and Kool Keith should listen to this album. It is worth it.

83 PLAYS | Onra | Why? Finally listened to Long Distance and it was cool. I wasn't like overtly impressed like my first listen of Chinoiseries. But apparently he's making a 2nd one. Surely he'll come back in my ears in that release.

82 PLAYS | Janelle Monáe | Why? After hearing about the music video for Cold War, I had to listen to her again. Love this woman sfm.

69 PLAYS | Lady Sovereign | Why? I finally listened to Public Warning and it was awesome. Then I listened to Jigsaw and was extremely extremely EXTREMELY disappointed. Dead serious. I liked a few songs, but damn - I couldn't remember them after listening to the album once. Which is pretty bad. So I deleted the entire thing. She better make a better album after this. Seriously. I love this girl. :C

42 PLAYS | Max Normal.TV | Why? Another Waddy side-project. The Flash Gordon theme refference killed me, LOL. Not in a bad way, I was laughing so hard. Also they covered "Blue Monday" in a 1 minute thing, which made me go "WATTTTTTTTTT". But "Tik Tik Tik" was definitely the highlight. And it was creepy hearing older versions of their Die Antwoord songs. "Beat Boy" definitely pwns "Rap Rave Megamix" - which is a great thing to determine.

32 PLAYS | Eve | Why? A part of my female rap mission and I love this woman sfm. I've always loved her since her older radio hits and "Satisfaction". Plus before this, I watched her Behind the Music episode on VH1 and it gave me more insight on her albums before listening to them. And damn, I love her even more. She is just fantastic. Yet somehow I only have 30something listens. Because of the above artists. But yeah. I discovered that "We Gone Blow [Milkcrate Mix]" by Aaron LaCrate samples Eve's "Let's Talk About" - it was the greatest discovery I've made yet. I was literally freaking out, like "This sounds familiar...OH MY GOD, FROM THIS SONG OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD WATTTTTTTTT AARON LACRATE!!!!". It was like an epiphany, can I go to Tiffany's? /lame Nicki Minaj verse refference

☆ So I decided that I should deal with one female rapper a month, because fitting in a lot is like stressing me out. Which is not cool at all. LOL. But I love Missy Elliot, which I think is next, so I am going to go for her this month.

And beware of next week: I'm falling hard for Mac Miller. Listen to this guy, he is fucking ill.

Kool aid and frozen pizza, I ain't talking no Mona Lisa~


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