• because i have too much to do and zero motivation to do it.

    Jan 23 2007, 23h16

    Instructions: Shuffle songs to come up with answers to this quiz.

    Why are you taking yet another shuffle quiz?
    Song: I Don't Need a Man
    Artist: Pussycat Dolls
    Lyric: "The more you try/the less I bite/and I don't have to think it through/you'll know if I'm into you"

    What's currently in your fridge?
    Song: My Little Girl
    Artist: Tim McGraw
    Lyric: "You're beautiful baby from the outside in/chase your dreams/but always know the road that will lead you home again/go on take on this old world/but to me you know you'll always be my little girl"

    Your biggest nightmare?
    Song: All Shook Up
    Artist: Elvis Presley
    Lyric: "I'm itching like a man on a fuzzy tree"

    What place would you like to visit?
    Song: She Will Be Loved
    Artist: Maroon 5
    Lyric: "I don't mind spending every day/out on your corner in the pouring rain"

    Why are we here?
    Song: Through With You
    Artist: Maroon 5
    Lyric: "And I don't trust you/cuz everytime you're here/your intentions are unclear"

    Something you never dared to say to anyone?
    Song: Hooch
    Artist: Everything
    Lyric: "Let's get real/let's get heavy/til the water breaks the levee/let's get loose/loose/who got the hooch"

    One thing the world really doesn't need?
    Song: Non Me Lo Spiegare
    Artist: Tiziano Ferro
    Lyric: "Ti permetto di sognare" (you let me dream)

    What's your biggest unfulfilled wish?
    Song: Ain't Got No Money
    Artist: Bob Segar and the Silver Bullet Band
    Lyric: "I ain't got no money/but i sure got a whole lotta love"

    If you could invent something, what would it be?
    Song: Maneater
    Artist: Nelly Furtado
    Lyric: "She's a maneater/make you work hard/make you sweat hard/make you want all of her love"

    The last thing you say before you die?
    Song: Promise
    Artist: Eve 6
    Lyric: "i promise not to try not to fuck with your mind/i promise not to mind if you go your way and i go mine/i promise not to lie if i'm looking you straight in the eye/i promise not to try not to let you down"

    What's your destiny?
    Song: Because of You
    Artist: Nickelback
    Lyric: "you know i can't be there/its time that you go/i swore not to come/but i'm here after all"

    What do you do when you're alone in an elevator?
    Song: O Mary Don't You Weep
    Artist: Bruce Springsteen
    Lyric: "Well old mister satan, he got mad/missed that soul he thought he had/pharaoh's army got drowned/o marry don't you weep"

    Why do people go fishing?
    Song: Who's To Say
    Artist: Vanessa Carlton
    Lyric: "stand up, boy/i shine so bright when you're around"

    What would you do with your slaves?
    Song: Rescue
    Artist: Eve 6
    Lyric: "Like jessica rabbit/she collects bad habits/gets her drinks for free/animated vixen stole cupid's arrow and came to rescue me"

    Is there a man in the moon?
    Song: Suddenly I See
    Artist: KT Tunstall
    Lyric: "Suddenly I see this is what I want to be/Suddenly i see why the hell it means so much to me"

    How does hell look like?
    Song: Touch
    Artist: Jonny Lang
    Lyric: "cuz i come alive with your touch/your touch it always sets me free/i can't get quite enough/too much of you is what i need"

    About what would you like to write a book?
    Song: Left Outside Alone
    Artist: Anastacia
    Lyric: "why do you play me like a game/always someone gets the blame/careless helpless little man/someday you might understand"

    The best thing ever is?
    Song: Your Song
    Artist: Elton John
    Lyric: "how wonderful life is while you're in the world"

    Why did the chicken cross the road?
    Song: Apologize
    Artist: OneRepublic
    Lyric: "you tell me that you're sorry/didn't think i'd turn around and say/that it's too late to apologize/it's too late"

    Why do you listen to music?
    Song: Like Lovers Do
    Artist: Heather Nova
    Lyric: "I can hear you thinking what i feel/i know that what we've got is real/and all we need to get us through/is just to live like lovers do"

    What do you do when you're alone and nobody's watching?
    Song: I'm About to Come Alive
    Artist: Train
    Lyric: "no one thought i was good enough for you except for you/don't let them be right after all that we've been through/somewhere over that rainbow/there's a place for me/a place with you"

    Why are other people so stupid?
    Song: Everything
    Artist: Alanis Morrisette
    Lyric: "you see everything/you see every part/you see all my light/and you love my dark/you dig everything of which i'm ashamed/there's not anything to which you can't relate/and you're still here"

    Last thing you ate?
    Song: At Last
    Artist: Etta James
    Lyric: "i found a dream that i could speak to/a dream that i could call my own"

    Why is grass green?
    Song: Clarity
    Artist: John Mayer
    Lyric: "by the time i recognize this moment/this moment will be gone"

    Your phone is ringing, but who's on the other end?
    Song: Miss Independent
    Artist: Kelly Clarkson
    Lyric: "miss on her own/miss almost grown"

    What should you stop doing?
    Song: Lady Madonna
    Artist: The Beatles
    Lyric: "friday night arrives without a suitcase/sunday morning creeping like a nun/monday's child has learned to tie his bootlace/see how they run"

    A word of advice to the readers of this quiz?
    Song: Good Little Girls
    Artist: Blue County
    Lyric: "good little girls make some mighty wild women"
  • Blame sirensofsilence for this one.

    Jan 23 2007, 17h04

    Music meme from Jules. Decided this was a more appropriate spot for these types of things than on some other journaling site.

    1. Find music source (non-radio)
    2. Put on shuffle mode
    3. Answer the following questions with the songs, in the right order
    4. Be amazed, amused, or left asking yourself "What the fuck? This makes no sense."
    5. Pass it on!

    1. How am I feeling today?: "Dark Blue" - Jack's Mannequin
    Okay. I love this song "Dark blue/dark blue/have you ever been alone in a crowded room/well i'm here with you/i say the world could be burning/burning down"

    2. Will I get far in life?: "All The Love A Heart Can Hold" - Sherrie Austin
    That's kind of cool.

    3. How do my friends see me?: "Bad" - Michael Jackson
    Aw, haha. Hopefully not.

    4. What is my best friend's theme song?: "Achy Breaky Heart" - Billy Ray Cyrus

    5. What is the story of my life?: "Tubthumping" - Chumbawumba
    Man, wmp is all about the old school songs today. This is cool though, i actually love this song. Works well for this question too. "i get knocked down/but i get back up again/you're never gonna keep me down"

    6. What was high school like?: "Don't Cha" - Pussycat Dolls
    Hmm, not exactly.

    7. How can I get ahead in life?: "The Famous Final Scene" - Bob Segar and the Silver Bullet Band
    Perhaps. Just move on. That might be the key to getting ahead. 'think in terms of bridges burned/think of seasons that must end/see the rivers rise and fall/they will rise and fall again/everything must have an end/like an ocean to a shore/like a river to a stream/like a river to a stream/it's the famous final scene'. Actually that works well.

    8. What is the best thing about me?: "Steve McQueen" - Sheryl Crow
    'i wanna rock n roll this party/i still wanna have some fun/i wanna leave you feeling breathless/show you how the west was won'

    9. What was today like?: "My Immortal" - Evanessence

    10. What is in store for this weekend?: "Sam's Song" - Sammy Davis Jr.

    11. What song describes my parents?: "Better Than Me" - Hinder

    12. How is my life going?: "There Goes My Life" - Kenny Chesney
    Yeah, find the silver lining in everything.

    13. What song will they play at my funeral?: "The Difficult Kind" - Sheryl Crow
    'if you could only see/what love has made of me/then i'd no longer be in your mind/the difficult kind'. Sort of a resolution.

    14. How does the world see me?: "We Belong Together" - Mariah Carey
    Yeah, i kind of like the world.

    15. Will I have a happy life?: "Where You Are" - Marc Broussard
    This is a peppy sort of song. I can handle a life like this song. 'and i wanna be where you are/c'mon take all i've got/i want you to know just how i feel/i've loved you from the start/i wanna be where you are'

    16. What do my friends really think of me?: "Every Breath You Take" - The Police
    Oh no. I swear I'm not a stalker.

    17. Do people secretly lust after me?: "Mercy" - OneRepublic
    This doesn't work.

    18. How can I make myself happy?: "Witchcraft" - Frank Sinatra
    Ah, okay. I never knew. 'what good would common sense for it do/cuz it's witchcraft/wicked witchcraft'

    19. What should I do with my life?: "If I Want To" - Usher

    20. Will I ever have children?: "Silver Bells" - Dean Martin
    Another dud. Although maybe I'll get a kid for christmas some year...

    21. What will I name them?: "Walk Like A Man" - Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons

    22. Who will I marry?: "Jumpin' Jumpin'" - Destiny's Child
    No idea, but clearly it's going to be in a club.

    23. Do I have a boyfriend?: "You're My Better Half" - Keith Urban
    Aw. That's totally not right.

    24. How will I die? "When Gentry Plays Guitar" - Jessica Andrews
    Well, if i die to the sounds of a guitar, i suppose that's all right. "in conversation you will drown in his deep dark eyes/but salvation's sweet cuz he gives you a rose and you realize/when gentry plays guitar it's like a song leon played long ago/the girls at the bar watch him roll away the stone"