• Werchter 2008

    Jul 6 2008, 18h20

    Thu 3 Jul – Rock Werchter

    Day 1
    Top 3:
    1) R.E.M., First time I saw them live. It was really awesome. I had looked forward to their show a lot and they didn't disappoint in the least.
    2) The Chemical Brothers, They were my number one act last year, so hopes were high and it could only come to disappointment. It was really just the same as last year. So great dance act, but nothing new here.
    3) Counting Crows, I don't care much for their last 2 albums so for me the show didnt hold up much. I saw them a couple years ago in the Ahoy and that was waaay better. I regret not having went to Vampire Weekend instead.

    Those three shows were actually the only three I saw that day. The rest of the time we just lazied about. We missed Air Traffic, which was a shame at first, but luckily they replaced babyshambles the next day to make up for it :)

    Day 2
    Top 3:
    1)Moby, FAN-F*CKING-TASTIC. Best show of Werchter this year. Great setlist, great ambiance, and that woman's voice is amazing.
    2) Air Traffic, caught them on the rebound. Good stuff.
    3) Neil Young, not really my cup of tea, but he played a solid performance.

    Disappointing: The Verve, why did they come back together again? Apart from their hit songs, there's just nothing there.
    Not my thing: Slayer.

    Day 3
    Top 3:
    1) Radiohead, they could have played some from the bends and pablo honey, but I love their more electronic stuff just at much so I can't complain. I had to watch it from the sidelines though, because I was really getting ill at this point.
    2) Editors, great show.
    3) Band of Horses, never listened to this before, but it was quite a good show.

    MGMT was slightly disappointing, I only knew one of their songs from YouTube, but I really loved that song so I was looking forward to seeing them perform. I had expected more upbeat songs. And well, it was over way too soon. I guess they don't have that much songs yet ^^

    Also caught Sigur Rós, but it still gives me mixed feelings. I like the music, but not his voice.

    Day 4

    Well I missed this :( . I got a really stinging pain in my intestines and couldn't catch any sleep because of it. Possibly apendicitis, so I'm off to the doctor first thing tomorrow.

    I would have loved to see Underworld and dEUS, but alas it could not be.

    Overall top 5
    1) Moby
    2) R.E.M.
    3) Radiohead
    4) Editors
    5) Chemical Brothers
  • Werchter 2007

    Jul 3 2007, 12h33

    Thu 28 Jun – Rock Werchter

    Day 1:
    Top 3:
    1) Björk, Incredibly beautiful, but a pity that half the pit was full with uninterested Muse fans. Height of the show: Hyperballad and Pluto
    2) AIR, very beautiful and I'm glad I finally got to see them live
    3) Muse, I love Muse, but all their shows are the same which is a pity. This offered nothing new for me in comparison to Lowlands last year

    Also good: Air Traffic, New for me but sounded great
    Not good: Billy Talent, sounded pretty bad, but also not my genre.

    Day 2:
    Top 3:
    1) Pearl Jam, A blast as always! And Josh Homme made a quick return for Baba O'riley!
    2) Queens of the Stone Age, missed it at Lowlands, and loved it at Werchter. Stoned out of his mind Homme delivered a wonderful display of rock music.
    3) Bloc Party, Okereke enjoyed it visibly himself as well :)

    Also good: Kaisar Chiefs, not a big fan, but they sound great live
    Not good: Arctic Monkeys, They were only fun for a year...

    Day 3: (The lesser day)
    Top 3:
    1) The Chemical Brothers, They made the day worth wile. What a party! No other act but metallica had such a big crowd, but no other had such an active crowd.
    2) The Killers. Twice the sound failed which was a pity cause the show was awesome.
    3) The Bravery, Too bad they were scheduled so early. They were new for me and their show was great.

    Also good: Snow Patrol
    Not good: The Hold Steady, Arno, Amy Winehouse

    Day 4:
    Top 3:
    1) Damien Rice, The tent was so full that I had to shove and pull to actually get in, but once there I got to enjoy a beautiful show.
    2) Interpol, I was up front in the pit, but the people around me didn't seem very interested. But they were great.
    3) Faithless, delightful, but was overshadowed by preceding Metallica and Chemical bros the previous day.

    Also good: Incubus (Though not as good as at lowlands), The Kooks, Metallica (Eventhough I don't like Metal)
    Not good: Maxïmo Park, Mastodon, both not my cup-a-tea

    Overal top 10

    1) Pearl Jam
    2) Chemical Brothers
    3) Björk
    4) Damien Rice
    5) Queens of the Stone Age
    6) AIR
    7) Interpol
    8) Muse
    9) Bloc Party
    10) Faithless