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Faixa Duração
1 NorthstarIs This Thing Loaded? Loved track 3:39
2 RecoverFuck Me For Free Loved track 3:26
3 FairweatherThe Treachery Of Images Loved track 5:19
4 The Junior VarsityWünderdrug Loved track 3:06
5 Pianos Become the TeethHouses We Die In Loved track 6:26
6 TransitCastaway Loved track 3:18
7 Gatsby's American DreamSpeaker for the Dead Loved track 3:37
8 SpitalfieldKill The Drama Loved track 3:12
9 TransitPlease Head North 2:49
10 The Dangerous SummerI Would Stay Loved track 5:02
11 GiantsSwiftly They Come, Swiftly They Flee 6:40
12 Down To Earth ApproachWe're Sleeping Loved track 3:31

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