• Everything Everything in NYC

    Set 14 2011, 20h09

    Sat 23 Oct – Everything Everything

    As we illustrated last month with this excited Asian man, we were psyched one of our favorite UK bands was going to make their NYC debut during CMJ week.

    Friday night we missed their initial gig at our favorite venue the Music Hall of Billysburg. We were tempted to attend after Four Tet but rationalized that if we planned to have any semblance of energy on Saturday our losses should be cut and some much needed sleep should be got. Although a bit bummed, it was true, zombitude was unacceptable!

    Saturday we got gussied up with such intent we looked like we stepped out of a profile and went into the city for their 4pm set at Arlene's Grocery.

  • Modeselektor always keeps it fresh.

    Set 14 2011, 20h05

    Sun 26 Sep – Modeselektor, FaltyDL

    The Cheep and the Snail have seen the German producers 4 times and each time has been a different kind of party.

    We walked into a techno trip out about 10pm with FaltyDL behind the laptop. We assumed our positions on the balcony and looked for characters in the crowd. There were your basic dysrhythmic dancers that garnered a giggle or two but not one topped our darling hand twirler Sweatpants. To our sadness he did not make it to this shindig as far as our eyes could see. So our only entertainment proved to be Falty's twitchy arm freak-outs during specific beat drops and break downs. Who says DJs are boring to watch?

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  • Number Three: At The Drive-In

    Mar 30 2007, 18h17

    Relationship of Command is hands down one of the best albums ever recorded.
    "Enfilade" - ugh. recently I realized how awesome the guitars on this song are. I think I pay too much attention to the drums and vocals on this one so I'm half assed discovering the greatness of those geetars.

    easily one of the most emotive moments in music ever: Cedric's yelling in the middle of "Invalid Litter Dept."

  • Number Two: Godspeed You! Black Emperor

    Fev 4 2007, 2h25

    In a world of fast food and short attention spans, I never thought I'd be able to sit down and enjoy 20-minute plus instrumental...until I listened to GY!BE.
    Their goosebump enducing eargasms are otherworldly. They go into your ears and cause a chill in your bones. So intricate, so dark. Godspeed's music is the calm after the apocalypse.
  • Number One: The Smiths

    Nov 21 2006, 9h49

    Fact: Morrissey knows all.

    It may have been said numerous times by thousands of others but I know there has to be a Smiths song for every part of my life.

    There are few things motivating me to get my driver's license and one of them is the yearning for the pleasure of driving around while listening to The Smiths. That's something that I know will make me feel whole at least for that time.