• too old to party, maybe

    Set 14 2011, 20h31

    Fri 3 Jun – Girls & Boys: Modeselektor DJ Set

    To our delight whilst waiting to tell the doorgirl, “we’re on the guestlist!” on the entrance stairs, we met Modeselektor and Siriusmo. That is, if “meeting” means standing 3 feet away from the German stallions, staring at them all starry-eyed for about 5 minutes and me making eye contact with Gernot, which it does.

    After a thorough frisk, we entered Webster Hall’s nightlife wonderland where skin, drunks, drugs and freak flags wave and dance into the a.m. Unable to head up to the main ballroom immediately, we sat around for a bit, met up with my pal Derwin, and stood around for another 45 minutes. We may go to more concerts than the average human but children of the New York City night we are not. While this is a weekly standard for many NYC party animals the only thing that brought us into this fold was that it marked Siriusmo’s first stateside party, the one we’ve been waiting for almost two years! Needless to say we quickly became curmudgeony old ladies, patience and energy waning. The Top 40 ear poison bumping from the room adjacent to our ears made the situation about 5 times more salty. We waited for so long that we had to start dancing to keep being bored/having our ears bleed to death.

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  • summa summa summa time

    Set 14 2011, 20h29

    Mon 20 Jun – Foster the People, Gardens & Villa

    As far as we're concerned summa-summa-summatime officially started one day before the solstice: A perfect sunny day punctuated by a great Wild Ginger dinner al fresco and fun courtesy of some of the sunshine state's finest dancey pant movers, Foster the People and Gardens and Villa's at Music Hall of Williamsburg.

    We entered the venue, relieved to only have one opener between us and Foster the People with figurative fingers crossed hoping -- as usual -- the opening band would be on the right side of awesome. And boy did the Wizard make it so.

    It was love at first listen with Santa Barbara's Gardens & Villa. The Michael Jackson loving band inspired major body rattles from us with a sound that features the best of 60s pop, 80s new wave and today's indie rock. Snail was half-way to loosing control of her bodily functions burning love holes into the MJ sweatshirt wearing multi-instrumentalist cutie on stage right, unable to remove her stare from his fancy footwork behind the keyboard.

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  • RBV + APC

    Set 14 2011, 20h25

    Fri 15 Jul – A Perfect Circle, Red Bacteria Vacuum

    From the great "old man" seats granted by my brother Felix's persistence months ago, first row of a section above the floor -- an instant upgrade from looking down below to the tiny stage people from the high in the balcony as with Massive Attack last year -- he and I experienced our third show together in great comfort.

    Besides the fact they were Japanese openers Red Bacteria Vacuum were a mystery before our ears beheld their noise. While Felix remained skeptical, it was all good for me for I've never seen a Japanese opening act I didn't like (see: Melt Banana, Ogre You Asshole!). This trend continued this night as the all-girl punk band from Tokyo hit the stage with an adorable cheerleader formation to industrial beats that led into a varied set of songs, some speedy and headbang-inspiring numbers akin to a chorus of rabid cats fighting and some the likes of a super-kawaii anime theme.

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  • Was this a teaser or something?

    Set 14 2011, 20h24

    Mon 18 Jul – Darkstar

    It seems that no matter how exciting the prospect of Darkstar's debut live performance in NYC was it would always be accompanied by the most metal gift of all: disappointment.

    First concert announcement, yay! Then a cancellation, boo! New show announced for July, yay! Snail getting sick and not coming, boo! I go anyway, for both of us, yay! Stand outside for an hour and try to sell the extra ticket when the show is not sold out, boo! Meet someone new to hang with inside, yay! No one is biting and I'm nervous about how big the crowd is inside, boo! Small talk with (and initiated by) singer James Buttery, yay! Let my anxiety get to me, give up and go inside, boo! The set was short as heck, boo!

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  • Moonface at Mercury Lounge

    Set 14 2011, 20h22

    Wed 20 Jul – Moonface

    On this Wednesday night we revisited two of our favorite places in LES after a very long time: Teany for dinner and Mercury Lounge to see Moonface. We were welcomed into the venue to the beat of SBTRKT and danced to "Pharaohs" making up for its absence in his PS 1 set. I kept dancing funny to make Snail laugh really hard but I had to contain myself, as badly as I wanted to make her laugh I DID NOT want her to pee herself so I held back.

    She lucked out because my dances did not match opener Flow Child's tune. This dude, who resembled Grizzly Bear Chris Taylor's little brother, tweaked knobs to create weird whimsy beats that reminded us of Animal Collective and scenes of candy colored fantasy creatures like pink hippos and rainbow-haired polycorns at times -- all in an old bata that had another life as a v-neck that turned into a crewneck and then a frayed boatneck. After his set, the venue's mystery mixmaster played "My Girls" and validated our keen ears.

    I continued to clown out and kill Snail. A nice young man from Arkansas named Eli turned around to speak to us, curious about our raucousness. We discussed Flow Child's bata situation and I fell in love with his T-shirt. On the back it said, in German and Helvetica font "Bier trinkt man nicht nur zum Frühstück" (roughly "beer is not only for breakfast.") He was surprised we didn't make incest jokes since he was from Arkansas. Who the fuck does that shit? A bunch a people he met in New York so far apparently. "You've been talking to a lot dicks" Snail said. "I guess so," Eli replied. And so we talked about his stay in NYC, he compared it to living in Berlin and my heart skipped a beat at the thought of my own impending dream of living in Germany's capital city.

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  • The day I almost died of heatstroke at DFA

    Set 14 2011, 20h20

    Fri 22 Jul – Death From Above 1979, The Drums

    It's a rare thing when divorced parents get back together. Once upon a time, it was just as rare for a band to do the same but now it seems like many are making up and taking their show on the road once again.

    In 2006, Death from Above 1979 left fans grieving the loss of the powerhouse duo and the missed chance to dance and mosh in the name of sexy music. A reunion and tour announcement earlier this year gave us new hope. DFA 1979 lovers, experienced or virgin, like us, were vowing not to miss them -- no matter what. Snail got her chance first at Sasquatch! Morrissey and I got tickets to their NYC show. Our date, the hottest day of a three-day heatwave, came with a high risk factor but it couldn't stop us, we rode that shit all the way to Williamsburg Waterfront.

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  • Cut Copy/Foster the People/Midnight Magic @ Celebrate Brooklyn!

    Set 14 2011, 20h18

    Thu 11 Aug – Cut Copy, Foster the People, Midnight Magic

    Concerts outdoors are a blessing and a curse. You're at the mercy of the elements: a pitch perfect sunny day is ideal but random rain can ruin weaves or have you regret you wore socks. If the band is still small enough, you lose the intimacy that comes with a club show to a larger, less attentive crowd. In the masses, you can gain the camaraderie of some nice people who are there to have fun or be surrounded by a ton of unstable, fucked up assholes who chain smoke in your face and talk the entire show. We experienced a little bit of everything at all the outdoor shows we went to this summer and this one was no exception.

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  • Cold Cave/Austra/Cult of Youth @ Bowery Ballroom 8.6.11

    Set 14 2011, 20h17

    Sat 6 Aug – Cold Cave, Austra, Cult Of Youth

    We constantly dream how it would've been to see the likes of Depeche Mode, Siouxsie Sioux and the Banshees, Joy Division, New Order, Bauhaus and the Cure when they were young, inciting new wave dancey parties live in clubs and special to small group of romantic, dark and lonely weirdos. Literally babies then, we missed the boat and have been looking for the new wave dance party of our dreams ever since this music came into our line of hearing. Once upon a time, we had it in The Faint but their absence has left us thirsty. On this particular Saturday night libations flowed for what seemed forever with Austra and Cold Cave and we drank furiously.

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  • Rammstein set MSG aflame

    Set 14 2011, 20h13

    Sat 11 Dec – Rammstein, Combichrist

    Our awesome birthday weekend fun and year of concert amazingness literally came to an end with numerous bang-bangs via Germany's most beloved boy band Rammstein Saturday night.

    After months of denial/disbelief that we were actually attending this show, the excitement slowly crept and blew up in our brain on our way to MSG. This shit was legit, we were about to be part of one of the important events in our musical history!

    A quick trip to the merch table for some posters and an odd moment with two random dudes from a state shaped like a mitten (were they hitting on us or making fun of us?) later, we took our seats and tried to contain ourselves for the time being.

    Norwegian "aggrotech" band Combichrist opened the show. We hadn't checked them out prior and had assumed they were just another cateater metal band but alas they were more to our liking, a run-of-the-mill industrial band with two drummers and decent synths. Their sound was shit but that's not rare for an opening act at Madison Square Garden.

    By mid-set some nervous nail-biting occurred but we killed some time Google searching the band then trying to figure out if Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland was the guy playing guitar as I was informed via Wikipedia. Snail fact-checked via Borland's Twitter and confirmed. Why is he still playing with Limp Bizkit if he has good taste in music? The band began to sound a lot better after finding this out but then their half hour set came to a close right after, womp womp.

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  • Warpaint/Rewards/Family Band @ Music Hall of Williamsburg 12.02.10

    Set 14 2011, 20h11

    Thu 2 Dec – Warpaint, Family Band, Rewards

    Day two of December-appropriate swooning over dreaminess that makes us feel all kinds of warm inside commenced with Warpaint at the Music Hall of Williamsburg.

    After eating a blissful dinner and getting peanut butter bombed at our favorite veg joint on Bedford, Wild Ginger we walked with bellies full (maybe a little too full) to the venue.

    Got in early enough to see Family Band open up the show. They had a sedating, Mazzy Star quality to them: slow and oft times twangy guitars, melancholic almost monotone vocals but no umph. There seemed to be lack of sexy from the rhythm section (guess we been spoiled by Jenny Lee and Stella's magic combo, haha). Overall, they're a good band just weren't the flavor we savored at the moment. Snail fell victim to nail-biting anxiety because their songs felt sooo drawn out and sad. All we wanted were our hearts tickled!

    Brooklyn band Rewards came out and got that engine running with a more upbeat, new wavey indie pop sound with an adorable singer who cooed into his mic, danced about the stage a bit and loved everybody. People were dicks to them and they were good sports. Fuck da hataz. Their set was really short compared to Family Band but maybe it felt that way because we enjoyed them more.

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