Abr 12 2006, 21h08

I am so excited...I never thought it would happen. The Goos are coming to the UK!!!! Just bought my tickets - I'm going to be there with bells on. *jumps around like a maniac*

The Goo Goo Dolls
Carling Academy Brixton, London, UK
Saturday, 03 June, 2006 7:00 pm


  • sparklyjazz

    I saw them like 10 years ago at this small little fairground in Los Angeles when they were first getting big. You're gonna have a blast!!!

    Abr 12 2006, 21h24
  • Spirits

    ordered mine too :) still can't believe it! WOOOOOO!!!

    Abr 12 2006, 22h03
  • my_epitome

    omg! I thought that would never happen! But its such a bad time! GRRRRR I have damn exam retakes the week after and maybe a wedding to go to that day! SUCKS!

    Abr 13 2006, 9h40
  • squidge

    I have exams the next week too, but it's only one night & it's really too good to miss. Christmas lights..good idea! I'll just have to try not to electrocute myself. At least I'd stand out though..

    Abr 13 2006, 11h54
  • __n__

    got mine too!! cant believe it - its been so long!! shame this will be the last time ever though :( they only come over here once every album and there isnt really going to be another. at least they remebered to come back once though :)

    Abr 14 2006, 10h29
  • Spirits

    who cares about A levels, they're not as important as johnny! woooooooooooooooooo gooooooos!

    Abr 14 2006, 14h01
  • squidge

    You reckon they won't have another album?? I'm not so sure...I really hope they will! And 'tis true John is more important :)

    Abr 15 2006, 11h37
  • Spirits

    After Gutterflower, Johnny did an interview and said that he wanted to focus on song writing so the Goos would only be making one more album. But that was years ago, hopefully hes changed his mind :D

    Abr 19 2006, 11h50
  • kaywinnit

    I was there :D :D :D It was AWESOME. <3

    Jun 28 2006, 16h34
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