Out 9 2008, 19h55

    Where is it!?

    Godamnit James Murphy you're my favourite guitarist but what's the latest on the album. I've been waiting for 5 years!
  • Best and worst albums from my Top 20 Artists

    Mai 12 2007, 21h21

    1. Death
    Best: Human, no doubt. Immense drumming, brutal guitar tone and riffage combine to give an amazing, technical album that still offers something new to the listener upon each listen. I've listened to this album a good 100 times and never tire of it. Excellent basswork too courtesy of Steve Digigiigiogoigigo but the production, as with most metal has the bass pushed too far into the background.

    Worst: Hmm, I don't know. It's a toss-up between Symbolic and Leprosy. I really like Symbolic, but listening to it the other day on my headphones I thought, "holy fuck this album could be mistaken for a pop album". I don't know...a lot of the melody and heaviness just struck me as quite cheesy. That's weird; I've always adored this album.
    Leprosy's drumming pisses me off quite frankly. Take the title track for example, the snare drum just DRIVES ME WILD. Deeds of Flesh also have this affect on me but it doesn't annoy me so much as it does here. Ah well, I can't decide on Death's worst album.

    2. Gorguts
    Best: heh, this is a simple choice. My favourite album ever, The Erosion of Sanity. I've ranted a lot about this album in my previous journal where I'm just rambling about music randomly. It combines technicality, precision, brutality and overall awesomeness into an unmatchable album. If an album EVER tops this one then my head will simply explode. Into large bloody chucks at that.

    Worst: I'll go for Obscura here. Not to say that it's a bad album, just the other 3 are better. :)
    It lacks the melody, the "headbangability" of the other 3 albums due to its strangeness. After repeated listens of this album, I do "get it"...but in another sense, I don't. The other 3 albums are just more pleasing to my ears.

    3. Opeth
    Best: Morningrise. Such a damn beautiful album; fuck I haven't listened to Opeth in a LONG time. This album has great jazz influences everywhere, and I find the acoustic sections really haunting, creepy and much more fitting to the songs, compared to other Opeth albums. It seems as if they've just thrown in the acoustic sections a bit more randomly on other albums.

    Worst: I'll go with their new one...what's it called? Ah yeah, Ghost Reveries: I got this but haven't really listened to it a lot. I don't really listen to Opeth much and this is the album I'm least likely to listen to, so I'll consider it their worst. :)

    4. Iced Earth
    Best: Night of the Stormrider. Great combination of power and thrash here, with the thrash element featuring more dominantly (as it should!) Some great tracks on here like Pure Evil, Travel in Sygian. Just a good album overall.

    Worst: Something Wicked This Way Comes. Not necessary a bad album by any means, just generic and boring for its time. Lots of slow ballads and slow-paced songs here which means it pales in comparison to Storm of the Nightrider. Offers nothing new that Iced Earth really hadn't done before; however the last few tracks (the Something Wicked trilogy) are pretty good and *shock* thrashy!

    5. Morbid Angel
    Best: Altars of Madness. A fucking landmark in grind/death metal, I adore this album. Ultra-fast, technical drumming where Pete pulls off some rhythms that I headbang along to. Fuck the guitars on this album, the drumming is strong enough to drive the entire album. I take that back, the guitars are really good too but it's the beat and rhythm of the drums I find to be one of the core elements of this album. Bass is undistinguishable from the rest of the music generally, probably the album's only downside.

    Worst: Heretic. God, I hate the production on this album. Everything sounds so hollow that I simply don't want to listen to it, simple as. I don't like the sound of Gateways To Annihilation either but it's nowhere near as bad as this.

    6. Kreator
    Best: DAMN! Which album to chose, Terrible Certainty or Pleasure To Kill? I think PtK; it has more of a brutal and thrashy approach whereas TC is more technical. Godamn I'm only 6 artists through this list and I'm running out of shit to say

    Worst: Violent Revolution. Out of all the Kreator albums I have, this is probably the worst, but it's not a bad album. Then again, as with Something Wicked this way Comes, it's nothing new we haven't heard from the band and comes across as being generic.

    7. Slayer
    Best: Reign in Blood. Fast, thrashy, heavy, everything a perfect Slayer album needs. Very short too which means every song gets to a point quickly.

    Worst: I dunno. Kinda stopped listening to Slayer for months now.

    8. Testament
    Best: Live at the Filmore. I adore this album - an awesome setlist comprising pretty much all of their best songs. Excellent sound clarity, audible bass and JAMES MURPHY on lead guitar. James is my favourite guitarist

    Worst: Practice What You Preach - Really bad production sound

    9. Dark Tranquillity
    Best: The Gallery. I loved this album back in the day, the final 2 tracks are immense. I don't really listen to much DT nowadays so uhm yeah.

    Worst: Shit, I dunno. I enjoyed all of their albums, but I got into their later albums more than the earlier stuff. Maybe I'd like the earlier material with my "new" music taste. I'll have to listen sometime.

    10. Malevolent Creation
    Best: A choice between 3 (!) here: Warkult, Retribution or The Ten Commandments. All are brutal albums featuring fast, immense riffage, pounding drums and a strong vocal performance.

    Worst: I'd go for Envenomed. The production kills it for me once again, the drums are mixed waaaay too loud which is very distracting and just takes focus away from the other instruments. Production kills a lot of good albums for me - the songs on this are killer (check out Conquering South America to see how these songs should really sound)

    11. Metallica
    Best: Oh my, I haven't listened to these properly in over a year and half, and they're still riding high in my charts. Probably Master of Puppets for its good thrash, plus most of the tracks are "timeless classics". I've had my fun learning plenty of riffs from this album :)

    Worst: St. Anger. Bah, fuck this.

    12. Atheist
    Best: Unquestionable Presence. One of my overall top album along with The Erosion of Sanity. Killer basswork makes my jaw drop, the transitions between riffs are amazing, perfectly fitting vocals and the overall jazziness is just supreme. Godamnit Atheist deserve to be higher up my charts

    Worst: Elements. This is a pretty good album, but it many songs' riffs just seem to drag on for way too long. I'll be thinking to myself, "god this riff needs to stop repeating" - I find this album gets boring whereas Piece of Time and Unquestionable Presence are constantly changing, shifting and never becoming dull.

    13. Iron and Wine
    Best: Woman King. Not an album, but the perfect, most mellow and beautiful EP I own. Every song is absolutely stunning.

    Worst: Such a thing does not exist.

    14. Quo Vadis
    Best: Defiant Imagination. Steve Digiorgio providing amazing lower-end on this album makes the album for me. His fills are outstanding and the production highlights his playing perfectly. Excellent drumming and riffage to be found throughout the album too, I think Fate's Descend is probably my favourite track.

    Worst: Forever I'll just cop out and choose this because I haven't heard it as much as the others to provide critical feedback. :(
    I guess the production's not too good which kinda kills it a bit for me.

    15. Amon Amarth
    Best: Once Sent From The Golden Hall - excellent album full of catchy riffs, awesome, syncopated drumming (courtesy of Martin Lopez, ex-Opeth). Much more well thought out than their other albums, which are just trying to show brutality

    Worst: Honestly, don't know. I'm just trying to finish this list off as fast as possible now.

    16. Arch Enemy
    Best: Another band I haven't heard in about a year. I'd say their first album is probably the best, Black Earth. Can't recall this album in my head besides the track Bury me an Angel, which was great.

    Worst: Anything with that Angela woman. I'm amazed these are so high up my list.

    17. Martyr
    Best: All 3 albums they've released are AMAZING. I can't think where to start on which to pick, they are all equally awesome.

    Worst: N/A

    18. Pestilence
    Best: Malleus Maleficarum - awesome album, it's a great blend of thrash and death metal. The riffs and drumwork can be really simple at times (there's some 3 chord riffs there that pisses me off) but it doesn't detract from the overall quality of the album.

    Worst: Testimony of the Ancients. Once again, a great album but this time the production doesn't ruin it! Shock! For me, it's the stupid filler half a minute tracks between EVERY fucking song. I'd rather an album be straight-up metal rather than a metal song, shitty filler, metal song, shitty filler. The strange "filler" songs some bands use on their albums actually do fit and have a good context in terms of the album (check out Spheres for example) but this album overuses it way too much.

    19. Pantera
    Best: Another band I don't listen to. Fuck it, I'll just go for Cowboys From Hell cause it's quite groovy, powerful and damn catchy.

    Worst: Dunno. Don't care.

    20. Obituary
    Best: Slowly We Rot or Cause of Death. I love Cause of Death because of James Murphy's immense leadwork, but somehow the album doesn't sound nowhere near as heavy, brutal or pummelling as Slowly we Rot. Ah well, both albums are doing different kind of things, I guess.

    Worst: I dunno? Shit.

    HURRAH! That's the end of this MASSIVE journal. That was like a godamn university assignment.
  • Just talking about bands/albums

    Nov 2 2006, 1h08

    I'm sitting here listening to my 2nd Kreator album in a row - and a question there a better band than Kreator? With albums such as Pleasure To Kill, Terrible Certainty and Extreme Aggression, I don't think there's many bands who can compete. Dark Angel springs to mind, with their eternal classic Darkness Descends, as well as the riff-fest of Time Does Not Heal.

    Edit - I've been listening to a lot of Coroner lately. This is some excellent stuff, especially Punishment For Decadence and No More Colour. Both really good technical thrash.

    I don't think Testament come close; my favourite Testament offering is one of their live albums, Live at the Filmore - most of their studio albums are okay at best, Low is probably my favourite. The only competitor to Kreator that I can think of is Darkness Descends. Can anyone think of any better? I've only heard a little of what Destruction and Sodom have to offer, but it doesn't seem to be up there with Kreator/Dark Angel.

    Overkill have some solid albums - Feel the Fire, Horrorscope and The Years of Decay all spring to mind. Solid riffage/drumming and alrightish vocals. And what about Exodus? Yep, they're sure damn good. Their debut, Bonded by Blood is a killer, with great vocals/lyrics, riffs and drumming. I really can't be arsed to be all descriptive, it's just good.

    Pleasures of the Flesh is solid too, as well as Fabulous Disaster. BUT CAN THEY CONTEND WITH KREATOR? I really don't know, fuck.

    As for , there's a couple of bands I'm constantly playing lately - Atheist, Gorguts and Martyr. Feeding The Abscess is a killer new album, with kickass, prominent bass (something I love in metal) along with wicked riffs and amazing solos. Martyr kick ass. Warp Zone is solid too, as well as Hopeless Hopes. do I express my love for this band? The Erosion of Sanity is probably my favourite album EVER. It has a strong sense of melody combined into technical, abstract riffs that never become too far-fetched or weird that you can't headbang along to (I'm looking at you, Obscura). The drumming, bass, songwriting, lyrics ...everything about this album is perfect and must be head by every fan.

    Their other 3 releases are awesome in their own way too. Obscura is probably my least favourite, due to its over-weirdness. I mean, it's a great album but the other 3 just have more music quality. Considered Dead is cracking, it's more standard Death Metal than their other releases and flies along with varying speeds. The music isn't too complex but the riffs are pounding - the shift from ...And Then Comes Lividity into Stiff and Cold flat out kicks you in the face. The album is very "headbangable".

    From Wisdom to Hate is gold - it takes the melody and more "focused" riffage from the first 2 albums and combines them with the strangeness of Obscura (check out the first riff from Inverted for example). This melds perfectly, giving us great riffs with excellent drumming and full-sounding bass. Dan Mongrain of Martyr provides the 2nd guitar on this album, he must have had some influence on the sound. From Wisdom to Hate is probably my 2nd favourite Gorguts album.

    Atheist's albums slay - let's start with their debut, Piece of Time. Blending jazz along with technical, fast Death Metal gave these guys an awesome sound. Songs like No Truth and Piece of Time just kick ass. Unquestionable Presence is probably my favourite - it's pretty damn funky while being heavy and technical. Elements is okay, it has the awesome Samba Briza track which is a little jazzy bass thing, it's cool. Really running out of ways to describe things here.

    This is getting ridiculously long, but fuck it. Here's some more awesome albums (in bullet form):

    :: Colonizing the Sun, The armageddon theories
    :: Mark of the Legion, Reduced to Ashes
    :: Malleus Maleficarum, Spheres
    :: Pierced From Within
    :: Altars of Madness
    :: Schizophrenia
    :: De Profundis
    :: ...Start Killing
    :: Cause of Death
    :: Pandemonium
    :: None So Vile, Blasphemy Made Flesh
    :: Winds Of Creation
    :: Individual Thought Patterns

    And now for something different! Woman King, Our Endless Numbered Days
  • Great bass in metal (artists/albums) *updated! 13/5/07*

    Jul 25 2006, 11h38

    updated on Feb 15th

    I'm bored so I thought I'd compile a list of some bands/albums with kickass basswork. I love hearing bass in metal, since I often find that it's lost within the mix since they're usually playing the root notes of the riffs the guitar's playing. So here's my list!

    Atheist - Piece of Time; Unquestionable Presence; Elements
    Pavor - Furioso. (oh fuck, check out the track Inconsistent ClayBlood Totemis)
    Quo Vadis - Defiant Imagination
    Death - Human; Individual Thought Patterns
    Dark Angel - Merciless Death (from the album Darness Descends - cracking bass intro to this track)
    Cynic - Focus
    Anata - Under A Stone With No Inscription; The Conductor's Departure
    Opeth - Orchid; Morningrise; Still Life
    Dying Fetus - Destroy the Opposition
    Cryptopsy - Blasphemy Made Flesh

    Gorguts - The Erosion of Sanity; Obscura; From Wisdom to Hate
    Overkill - The Years Of Decay
    Theory In Practice - Colonizing the Sun, The Armageddon Theories
    Sleep Terror - Probing Tranquillity
    Maryr - Feeding the Abscess, Warp Zone, Hopeless Hopes
    Cynic - Focus (used to despise the robot vocals but they're not too bad)
    Augury - Concealed (didn't really like this TBH)
    Watchtower - Energetic Disassembly
    Atheretic - Apocalyptic Nature Fury (not too fussed on this)
    Gordian Knot - Emergent, Gordian Knot
    Unexpect - In A Flesh Aquarium (didn't like this much either)
    Suffocation - Pierced From Within
    Spastic Ink- Ink Complete, Ink Compatible
    Gorod - Leading Vision
    Annihilator - Alice in Hell
    Man Must Die - ...Start Killing

    Added some more - forgot about early Opeth. Any others people suggested and I've heard, I'll add here

    I have many in mind but can't bring any names forward >_>
  • Favourite albums in 2005 (just my favourite albums this year)

    Dez 28 2005, 18h00

    2005 has been great for me music-wise, I've moved onto a lot of "proper" death metal, whereas last year I was listening to a lot of melodic DM, as I couldn't get into the vocals. Oh, how the tide has changed though.

    Here's some of my favourite albums of the year:

    Gorguts - From Wisdom to Hate
    Gorguts - The Erosion of Sanity
    Gorguts - Considered Dead
    Obituary - Cause of Death
    Death - Spiritual Healing
    Vader - De Profundis
    Morbid Angel - Altars of Madness
    Toxic Holocaust - Hell on Earth
    Vital Remains - Dechristianize
    Acid Bath - When the Kite String Pops

    There's probably lots more but I can't remember them