My best albums for 2010


Jan 19 2011, 19h14

My best of the best 2010. The list is absolutely subjective and proud to be so. I don’t even try to objectively analyze the albums since I know that there is so many people who can do it better. If you want to compare this to anything, check my list of listened tracks and if you agree with that you might also agree some to this list.

1.Barren Earth – Curse of the Red River
-Long waited album after the excellent EP. Did not let me down although the style was a bit different from the EP. Strong album in so many ways, does not wear or tear from listening tens of times.

2.Dark Tranquillity – We are the void
-Even if this album might not be just like the previous ones from DT, it is definitely a step to better for me. And hey who says that the bands can’t evolve. Fiction already made me a huge fan of this band and Void only strengthened it. Had a tough competition for the first podium with Barren Earth.

3.High on Fire – Snakes for the Divine
-The next three or four albums raced also very evenly in my list. The order could have been different in some other day, but this is how I put it now. Snakes for the Divine is just so heavy album that it really does not need a deeper analysis.

4.Brant Björk – Gods & Goddesses
-Feel good music, if you don’t feel relaxed after listening this there might be something wrong in you. Strongly reminds me of my old (past?) favorite singer Lenny Kravitz in his best days.

5.Enslaved – Axioma Ethica Odini
-If I would have found this album earlier it could be number three in my list. Now it probably suffered from too few times of listening and just lost to those two above. A full flawless album that grows with time.

6.Soulfly – Omen
-This album does good when you want to release some pressure. Full sounds, strong bass and quite a tempo throughout the album, does not require anything from you except maybe some headbanging.

7.In Mourning – Monolith
-This should start that the album was not as good as the first one, but it would not make justice for this album. The first album is soooo good that even not as good can earn its place in top ten. Great melodic death metal that is not and tries not to be too cute.

8.Throes of Dawn - The Great Fleet Of Echoes
-Dark metal perfectly describes the music in this album. I have no experience with their previous music, but this album alone makes sure that I will familiarize myself to it, even if it will not be as good as this. Melancholic, dark music without a hint of depression (which I do not like e.g. in Katatonia’s music).

9.The Sword – Warp Riders
-Again the album that I have listened too little to say anything clever. Keeps getting better every time I listen it. A solid top ten album without a doubt though, ended up to be ninth since I had a more profound knowledge to put other above it.

10.Nevermore - The Obsidian Conspiracy
-A total surprise even to myself that this album is in my list. I tried some of the bands music when they were signed to Tuska metal festival in Helsinki in July. The gig did not impress me much, but since there is so much to follow in this festival I might have not paid too much attention to this “unknown” band for me. For some reason I kept returning to their new release and again to my surprise started liking the complicated and yet thoroughly controlled style of progressive metal that they play. It remains to be seen if my interest spreads to the older albums I have not yet dared to break this honeymoon by introducing a third wheel into a relationship.


  • -phage-

    7/10 ei hassumpaa. Myös Soulfly ja In Mourning olisivat hyvin voineet olla omallakin listalla. Nevermoresta en osaa sanoa juuta taikka jaata, kun ei paljon tullut sitä kuunneltua.

    Jan 22 2011, 17h28
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