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  • LadySheDevil

    I think pretty much all of my musical taste, whether mainstream or not, is of the "easy to digest" variety, which damages my "metal cred", or so I've been told. What'll be extra damaging to any cred I may have is that I'm seeing Iced Earth AND Backstreet Boys in the same week (and I'm SO stoked for both, you have no idea lol). I may never recover. Lawd help me. I really don't care what people listen to though. Whether it's Ramleh (which is REALLY grating to me, but I have a friend who loves 'em) or Megadeth or even the Biebs... If it moves you in some way, makes you happy... Who the hell cares if it's on the radio 20x a day or if nobody's heard of it at all? Personally, I'm a sucker for symphonic and power metal with pop elements. I'm adoring the fuck out of [http://www.last.fm/music/Amaranthe]Amaranthe right now. And thanks for the add. I've got a couple friends with very similar taste to you :)

    ontem à tarde Responder
  • samarasz

    Correct, I'll PM you the complete demo. :)

    14 Abr 13h14 Responder
  • Visutox

    Man, I listened to Summoning's album 'Oath Bound' (I decided to begin my listening with them) and yeah, I can't find the words to describe it. It's an amazing album in any case. Masterpiece. Thank you ! I'll continue with the other bands. \m/

    8 Abr 17h12 Responder
  • Visutox

    Sure. In any case, they're so talented. I'm pretty sure that the next release won't be disappointing. Anyway, thanks a lot for those recommendations, I'll try 'em and I'll give you my thoughts. See ya !

    6 Abr 13h07 Responder
  • Visutox

    I agree ! After some listens, I can say that they did an amazing job. Me too, hope that they will release something next year, but naturally, they have to take their time to make something great, as the two last. Anyway, nice music taste that I see there ! I wonder if you can suggest me some death/black metal bands to listen to. I want to discover more about those two amazing music genres. \m/

    5 Abr 15h59 Responder
  • Visutox

    Man, dat avatar. What do you think about Shogunate Macabre ?

    4 Abr 20h06 Responder
  • jesterhead1

    Yea it does ! Depends with society from society, like if one's understands jokes, than we pull off these with them. Any ways, give it there a break man That's a lot of scrobbles you got there!

    3 Abr 21h50 Responder
  • jesterhead1

    April fool..motha fucka xD

    2 Abr 9h49 Responder
  • jesterhead1

    Oh well you seem to have a varied taste ! Glad to see that :) And Whispered doing a collaboration with Petri Lindroos

    1 Abr 10h23 Responder
  • Adriano_Avello

    Thanks for accepting my invitation. Your answer in COF page was very interesting because this is the point on the COF. You proved to be someone who understands music (metal) and can direct me to good bands. Awesome your library.

    31 Mar 13h23 Responder
  • Razetd

    Likewise! Quite a great variety of taste you have here! :D

    24 Mar 2h58 Responder
  • Ice_Wizard

    Yeah I don't mind as long as it is not a direct copy to the point of stupidity. Having some influences here and there is nice, especially in the case of whispered who have their own unique oriental sounds :)

    2 Mar 23h14 Responder
  • Ice_Wizard

    Yeah haha, it is just really random because you don't expect it :P Whispered are probably Kalmah fans themselves. You can hear in their music most of the bands they cherish. I just love their folk influences :)

    2 Mar 5h34 Responder
  • Ice_Wizard

    Does the melodic bit in the middle of Jikininki remind you of Kalmah at all?

    2 Mar 0h54 Responder
  • ketamineface

    its a really great tour by the looks of it. i heard chimera also played but i was never a huge fan of them but it was great to watch spineshank play live, i was surprised how good the live renditions of their tracks were. you were lucky to see them live, i think they played download a few times but i wouldn't have gone. i haven't heard of scar symmetry no. i;ll add them to my library to check out later. cheers dude. always like to hear new artists.

    22 Fev 6h13 Responder
  • ketamineface

    I reallyu tried to get into it, but just kept cringing. i waited for so long like most for a new album but massively disapointed. btw have you seen this? i never got to see em live in the UK so this as good as im gonna get seeing the other 3 albums live. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QSb2KgKG3A

    21 Fev 14h24 Responder
  • ketamineface

    I may have to listen to ADA again, just to be certain. But I thought it sucked. Did you like it?

    21 Fev 7h51 Responder
  • ToxicGriever

    Ugh, I despise streaming online. I have cable but I've been thinking of scaling it back and switching to Netflix on my PS3 for at least movies though. About the only stuff I watch on TV anymore is the local news, science related stuff and Adult Swim/Toonami anyway. I haven't had the urge to watch anything live action for years. It all ends up being way too predictable and up its own ass most of the time (e.g. Lost, the new Battlestar Galactica, anything C.S.I. derived). I think the last live action show I kept up with was Stargate Universe and that stopped airing almost 3 years ago. :/

    13 Fev 4h46 Responder
  • hammerstrikebg

    So, the album is good but not great as the first one. I can't really find anything grabbing. Some cheesy stuff here and there and some good old things but nothing comes close to the masterpiece Thousand Swords is.

    12 Fev 13h44 Responder
  • ToxicGriever

    I should mention that I have downloaded a few albums myself but only if the band themselves offer it for free like Demilich or through Scion A/V.

    11 Fev 19h35 Responder
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