• Meet The Young Socrates

    Fev 7 2012, 23h39

    Tue 31 Jan – Listening Event for Inhale Pt 4 "Horai"

    Honestly, I haven’t heard a record like this in a long time. The ad-libs just hug your ears in such a soulful way. Hailing from Chi-Town The Boy Illinois is a recent transplant to New York City and as means to introduce himself, he held a special listening event at a super chill spot called Dominion NY. The audience was floored with what can only be described as total audiogasm.

    His name and his flow prove that he will truly be an artist that will bring nothing but great music to our ears. All I can say is keep your ears and brains open for this dude.

    And to show how much we dig him, we’re giving you a double treat:

    Peep the track, “January 4th” featuring Courtni J below, and check the link to download his latest effort. The Boy is also featured in a documentary for his mixtape, Inhale Pt. 4: Horai, so click the link for more into the mind of this Young Socrates.
  • Listening Event in Boston

    Nov 22 2010, 23h32

    Sat 20 Nov – Inhale 3 Promotional Tour (Free Admission)

    Illi loved Bosten and Boston loved Inhale # "After School Program" . He got some photos shoots in , met some special people at the AWOL facility and all the places he visited. The Boy Illinois was shown luv by everybody that he came into contact with. Illi says that he was pleasantly surprised by the city and the positive he met. Shoutout to NT fam that came out. Illi says that he can't wait to go back there ASAP. Ya'll make it happen.
  • Stop 2 on the Inhale 3 Promotional Tour

    Nov 10 2010, 4h57

    Mon 8 Nov – TheBoyIllinois Official New York City Listening Party
    NYC is the media center of the USA. Fitting that Illi's listening event was held in Harlem, and accepted for his fresh new approach to "Hip Hop". Illi had a chance to do several interviews for blogs, and radio.

    While writing this, I know that the music world is now ready for "The Boy Illinois". One of the attendees there even said that , "He is even better than Wiz". True or not, reality points to a new approach as to whats out there. Drake, for all that he has brought to the game, is still one dimentional. Illi brings diversity from bangers to slick jazzy joints, to R&B, to thoughtful, and to fun songs, with layers of slick wordplay with meaning. Emotionally head and shoulders beyond what is out there.

    The Boy Illinois loved New York (the people), and expects to be back there soon. Thank you New York!! F. A. is the Squad!!

    Atlanta is next Nov. 15th. Shoutout to Goliath RF, Indy of, and all the many blogs that have featured him and artists that have supported Illi. To them YER!!!

    Download Inhale 3 at so you can hear just what I'm talking about.
  • Inhale Part 3 "After School Program" Preview Show

    Ago 18 2010, 13h12

    Tue 17 Aug – The Boy Illinois Live @ Abbeys Pub

    Illi Killt it yall. With more energy than the everready bunny and wordplay that would make Kanye proud, The Boy Illinois debuted a few tracks from his fanale of his Inhale series. Audience was def into Illi last night. If you ever get a chance to peep this dude you won't regret it. Had a great time. Lot's of fine women there too.
  • "Iliinois" is the New State of Things to Come

    Ago 13 2010, 0h20

    Hip Hop has been in flux since Kanye delivered a different kind of flow with music and clever wordplay that dared to reach out to the college and affluent community. There is a new "State of the Art" also out of the Chi (Chicago). His name embraces the pride that he takes in his home and the state where he's from. "The Boy Illinois" works at his craft with a passion and sense of humor and fun not known before, he lives, breathes, eats, and sleeps it, literaly.

    Illi has been a student of artists like Lupe, Nas, Kanye, Pac, etc. Illi's goal is not to sound like they do or to copy their flow. No, not at all. He is a fan of all these great artists and holds them in high esteem. Illi knows that he has his own flow, and wordplay. If you've listened to him any, you will quickly realize that nobody sounds like Illi.

    Like all artists there is a natural progression to the developement of their talent. Guess what? This dude just keeps reaching higher and stronger, with a special gift to layer his wordplay to actually let you think. Illi respects the listeners intellegence without losing the pop in his hip hop. Loyalty Before the Love, title song from the Pt 2 of his Inhale Series, comes with a rythym and blues flavor and a hook that is something never attempted in hip hop. Another song from the same mixtape James Dean offers Illi's listeners something totally different and fresh with great wordplay and music that is not the ordinary. Time and again this dude surprises us with innovation beyond the rubber stamp of what we have been used to.

    Hip Hop is rising to a new level thoughout the world. The Boy Illinois goes hard at giving his listeners something fresh with an innovative approach not used before. The United States is the creator of rap/hip hop, so it's not surprising that out of the center of the country comes an artist with the sensitivity and style that makes you listen for more. Content is his middle name. You can listen time after time and hear something new.

    For Illi"s fans there has been great anticipation for the Part 3 of the Inhale Series "After School Program". Well the good news is, it will be released sometime this fall (2010). The better news is the content has reached a higher level of wordplay and the music is outstanding with the production touch of "The Baron Boys" out of Atlanta. Again Illi is breaking new ground for the benefit of his fans. I have heard 2 of the offerings and this is the mixtape that will put The Boy Illinois out front where he belongs. Get "After School Program" when it is released. You'll be playing this for days, I know I will.
  • Phil Adé & The Boy Illinois: the New Hip-Hop Generation

    Jul 1 2010, 22h40

    Journal Originally submitted by majulahchelsea
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    Phil Adé & The Boy Illinois: the New Hip-Hop Generation
    13 May 2010, 15:30

    So all of you bitches know that I support local DMV artists and I've just started listening to Phil Adé, whose mixtape, Starting On JV has a lot of creative wordplay, reminiscent a little of Wale. His flow interests me, but I would like to see what he can do beyond this mixtape. Mixtapes can usually be hit or miss and there's several gems on this one, including Never Let U Go, Try Out, Flyer Than The Rest, and Always There. This is definitely a solid introduction to his music and it definitely has the DMV element in it with some unique instrumentals blended in.

    The only thing that concerns me is whether or not Phil Adé can receive commercial repute mostly because his flow and style of rapping is so similar to Wale. He is filled with excellent punchlines and his raps contain definitive substance, but could he break into the mainstream? Interestingly, other DMV emcees like Tabi Bonney have a slightly different flavor of rhyming - I can distinguish between Tab mostly because he brings in a style that is original and untouchable.

    DMV emcees represent a different perspective on hip-hop, some of which is slightly political, slightly fashionable, and extremely enthusiastic of a new hip-hop generation. There's a sensitivity, meaning, and depth behind rhymes that diverges from some of the terrible hip-hop of the late 1990's/early 2000's. Y'all know what I'm talking about: Master P, 50 Cent, etc. That shit. But this DMV hip-hop is not quite dead prez or Rage Against the Machine either - an accomplished hip-hop duo and influential rap/rock band respectively.

    There's an interesting thread running through hip-hop right now in which mixtapes contain more import than LPs and DMV represents a major pillar in the mixtape movement. As I've mentioned in previous entries, the underground has an interesting influence upon the mainstream - many people who listen to J Dilla, Little Brother, Murs, and other underground hip-hop artists are aware of this connection.

    Ultimately, I feel relatively ambivalent about this mixtape because the topic that Phil Adé discusses the most is actually love - some of it reminds me of The Foreign Exchange and Little Brother but with more punchlines. Phil Adé represents a very emotionally invested hip-hop, which is a refreshing divergence from Mystikal's Shake Ya Ass and all of that shit from the late 1990's.

    Some of this new hip-hop reminds me of college hip-hop à la Kanye West, who perfected the college hip-hop genre. Let me give you an example of what I'm talking about: My College Chick is a solid single and it's very well done. There's a lot of lyrical complexity going on here and there's this expectation that women be more than just attractive but well-educated, an excellent message. The Boy Illinois also does the hip-hop right when he rhymes on James Dean, an excellent concept track that really forces the listener to consider the message. This track itself has a very unique beat in the background too, which provides the listener with a contemplative feeling to match excellent lyricism. Another great The Boy Illinois track? Bye Bye Lil Lady, which basically says that he only likes women who respect themselves. His work is incredibly solid and unlike much of what is out there right now.

    There's a great message behind The Boy Illinois, who doesn't degrade women in his lyrics, something that I can definitely appreciate. Although Phil Adé and The Boy Illinois have very unique and differing styles, their work brings complexity and emotion back into the hip-hop genre.
  • Watch out for the "Boy Illi"

    Abr 21 2010, 12h51

    Fri 16 Apr – The Boy Illinois Performance The Boy was remarkable, and balanced with his flow. In one word dope. Room wasn't big enuf for this kid. College Chick was str8, Loyalty b4 the luv was the shit. gr8 word play live. would I go again. Yer