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  • dratliff66

    Hey, Spike! I just found you on here. How's things going?

    22 Ago 14h24 Responder
  • Matthewof1979

    Hey man sorry for the long reply.

    28 Jul 1h46 Responder
  • InSearchOfTruth

    sorry my brother...i`m always on a way to reply but for some unexpected reason i forget about that...your second message remind about that now :) It`s good...i actually don`t belive in that new years expectations and whatever...living simpy is just a way and beyond words miraclse are everyday gifts for a day spent in some kind of thankfullness for everything in every pore all along to the core of our being...I will take a look over your journal and comment as well. - God`s grace! : )

    16 Jan 18h59 Responder
  • friskysman

    Thanks for the tip about Lindforest! I will definitely check them out.

    12 Jan 20h02 Responder
  • friskysman

    Thanks for sharing your list! I haven't heard most of that stuff so I'll have to explore it a bit. I saw you mentioned Blindside's Christian Lindskog being on EiSM's record; is he in the band or is it just a guest appearance? He has always been one of my favorite vocalists, and it's a bummer I don't get to hear more of him since Blindside doesn't do much these days. It would be cool to see him get involved in some other projects, so I'll have to check that out.

    11 Jan 2h52 Responder
  • iik95

    До Нила я бы настоятельно порекомендовал добраться, талантище, с 2006 альбом а хорошо начать ознакомление, правда сразу не въедешь, стиль специфический. Сам сейчас понял что такое нормальная музыка , а то что метал то уже короче переболел можно сказать всякими деткорами блеком и прочим металлом , конечно есть несколько групп которые по прежнему нравятся ...

    10 Jan 20h34 Responder
  • mrmichel0927

    I left a comment on your journal. Unfortunately I don't use last.fm much anymore. A lot of the music that I listen to is in my car, as I drive an hour to work. So my last.fm listening isn't really indicative of my listening habits (although it does help some). Some bands that I've been playing extensively recently but don't appear on my last.fm include Everything in Slow Motion, Solamors, and My Epic.

    9 Jan 1h03 Responder
  • iik95

    Привет и тебя также с Рождеством ,списочек мощный

    7 Jan 19h55 Responder
  • Gaetush

    hi dude, we are an italian hardcore band and we are proud to introduce you our very first release. hope you like it and share it with your friends! http://youtu.be/nqreUq95lmg

    30 Dez 2013 Responder
  • friskysman

    By the way, curious to know your favorite records of the year. Here's my top 10: 1. "Pelagial" by The Ocean Collective 2. "Heartthrob" by Tegan and Sara 3. "The Migration" by Scale the Summit 4. "Sunbather" by deafheaven 5. "MGMT" by MGMT 6. "Habitual Levitations" by Intronaut 7. "Random Access Memories" by Daft Punk 8. "Subsume" by Cloudkicker 9. "Forever Becoming" by Pelican 10. "Heart of Oak" by ANCIIENTS

    19 Dez 2013 Responder
  • friskysman

    Hey, good to hear from you! It's been a pretty great year! One of the best in my life to this point, I'd say. How about you? I too have not been listening to a lot of the SP lately. They have been so quiet this year, they've sort of fallen off my radar. My winter listening has revolved around Fleet Foxes, mainly. It just fits my mood this time of year. However, my record of the year is "Pelagial" by The Ocean. Heard it? As far as Corgan's solo record, I guess that is probably my least favorite of his work, but I still enjoy it. He has always inspired me with everything he does, and that record got me into an electronic phase. Though the album itself has probably faded from my mind a bit, the electronic elements have still remained, both as an influence in my own work, and as something I have grown to enjoy listening to (whereas I used to be a "all guitar all the time" kinda guy). Where do you stand on his solo album? Thanks again for checking in. Happy Holidays!

    19 Dez 2013 Responder
  • friskysman

    Oh yeah. I'm more a Billy Corgan fan than I am strictly an SP fan, and I've always felt that Billy's best songwriting occurred when Zwan was together. Unfortunately, the only official Zwan release we got doesn't quite live up to how great those songs were, in my opinion. But at least we have the bootlegs.

    13 Out 2013 Responder
  • friskysman

    Favorite SP...I've been saying Adore for a long time, but Machina contains my favorite Pumpkins SONG (SIYL). It's a tossup between those two. Of course, it's hard to argue with the classics that are SD and MCIS, but hardcore SP fans oughtn't be that obvious. :) How about you?

    13 Out 2013 Responder
  • Matthewof1979

    Hey long time no see !

    25 Set 2013 Responder
  • mrmichel0927

    Thanks, I am excited that I got a teaching job. Yes, a new AHTDU album will be out soon. They are doing a kickstarter for the project. I'm not quite as big a fan of their first album, but it's still good. I particularly like In Vain's newest album. The music is dark, complex, varied, and highly contagious :D They even use a sax on a few of the songs! I think you would like it.

    15 Set 2013 Responder
  • mrmichel0927

    I'm glad to hear your trip went so well, as I gathered from reading the updates. It sounds like you got a lot done and were able to meet with people that you knew in the past and keep up those relationships. Yeah I was just in the mood to listen to BTA yesterday :D Actually, I've been listening to a lot of A Hill to Die Upon and In Vain lately. Can't wait for the new AHTDU album.

    13 Set 2013 Responder
  • SvinomaT

    мэй, ту! как поживаешь? пропал вообще из поля зрения

    27 Mai 2013 Responder
  • mrmichel0927

    Not sure if you've heard them yet, but here are some good new releases: Hope for the Dying, Benea Reach, Grave Declaration. You can also check my blog, although I don't always have time to write reviews for everything: http://matthewsmetal.blogspot.com/

    15 Abr 2013 Responder
  • mrmichel0927

    Yeah, I'm kind of sad I didn't go through with the kickstarter. But details and release date were so nebulous that I decided to pass on this one. I'll get the album when it eventually comes out, of course. That's good to hear that it's a good record. Bruce always has great guest vocals (Demon Hunter's "Sixteen" and P86's "SOTS" come to mind). On the other hand, I backed the Solamors kickstarter so I'm pretty excited for that one. But really, I'm most excited for Pantokrator's upcoming album. I think it's going to be a ridiculous album, and I just learned that they are going to have a few choir segments on it, too. Epic!!!

    15 Abr 2013 Responder
  • InSearchOfTruth

    Hey!I am fine, scrobbling as much is possible while studying : ) Yes, i update my profile with some musicians i really admire and respect a lot.But your journal entry remind me of guys i use to listen a lot when i was like 14/15 yeras...P.O.D !!!That was among others a first band i discover 10 years ago...i remember that "Brown" and especially that "Satellite" album which make my days in highschool : ) later i enjoy "Payable on Death" as well...but after that i forget about them and now i see in your journal...maybe i wll give them i try :D Also i will looking for new Tourniquet album...and exept them and "The Smashing Pumpkins", rest of list is unknown to me. God` grace!

    9 Mar 2013 Responder
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i just love music. music is God's gift to mankind, and i'm gonna enjoy it until the day i die.

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