• Sloooooooan!

    Mai 3 2007, 1h17

    Tue 1 May – Sloan

    All in all, this was an incredible night. A band that I'd never even heard of before yesterday evening, Sea Wolf, opened the night with a bang. Having never heard of them, I have no idea which songs they played, nor do I even really have an idea as to how many songs were played (my excuse is that I was refreshing my cellphone for the Mavs-Warriors score, stupid Mavs!). Sea Wolf was kind of neat to me because they not only had a cellist, but a super cute keyboard girl as well. Conversely, I think the keyboardist was wearing a ring-- so much for that brilliant plan. Sea Wolf played for roughly 45 minutes, and the highlight was definitely their last song, which introduced something I can only describe as being an audio version of Guile's Sonic Boom attack from Street Fighter II; it was a bass note so deep that it felt like it was physically reaching into my brain and slapping it around a little; I probably deserved it. It was a fantastic set, and I picked up their EP before I left (although it was a bit pricey at 8 USD).

    Sloan played a few more songs from Never Hear The End Of It than I had anticipated (or wished for), but it seemed like they actually enjoyed playing the new songs than the old ones. Their obvious enjoyment makes me anxious to re-listen to the recent LP to see if maybe I've missed something. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great disc, but it's no Between the Bridges.

    The other good news: they played Don't You Believe A Word, Coax Me and Penpals. Chris was at his energetic best, and Andrew was an effing MACHINE on both the drums AND guitar.

    The bad news: I'm not sure if this is simply a case of me being too close to the stage to get the best sound quality or not, but it seemed like Jay and Andrew's microphone was muted. Perhaps it was better for the crowd at the back of the Troubadour? Some more bad news: They didn't play Waiting For Slow Songs or I Can Feel It, but they DID play Ill-Placed Trust (ugh). Overall, it was a fantastic show from which everyone left with a smile on their face.

    If you missed it, you missed out! Here's a video of The Good In Everyone from yesterday that I posted earlier this afternoon. Enjoy!

  • You're a fan, you just don't know it yet.

    Abr 10 2007, 16h34

    So this band Voxtrot... all I can say is "wow" (both forwards AND backwards). These guys are effing amazing in every conceivable way-- so amazing that I can't for the life of me discern why they aren't more popular than they are; why haven't they suffered through the "Pitchfork Media hype-bomb" as of yet? I realize they've gotten more than their fair amount of coverage over there, but I'm still shocked that I've yet to see "Interview: Voxtrot discuss their favorite cake recipes" and "Guest List: Voxtrot list their favorite cake recipes" on the front page.

    This is the first band in just about forever that I've decided to unilaterally force on all of my friends regardless of their taste. Yes, even the metalheads are going to get a heaping helping of the mighty Voxtrot. One listen to Trouble or Rise Up In The Dirt should be enough to convert even the most jaded music listener from any genre into a believer.

    You know what the most amazing thing about all of this is though? The fact that I get mad when I think about the disparity between their music quality and their level of recognition. Kind of like when I first heard Tapes N' Tapes last year, but even worse this time. Brad angry! Brad smash!

    I simply cannot WAIT for the May 29th show at the El Rey with Au Revoir Simone. The new Voxtrot LP will obviously be turbo-tits, and even though it's still super early to speculate what the future may hold for them... I can't help but feel that these guys are future contenders.

    Agree? Disagree? Etc.?