2011: More Free Download Experimental Albums from Speculativism


Jul 4 2011, 0h00

Envios aceitos
Science Fiction Music, Beatnik, Avant Garde Experimentalists, Jazz Folk and Folk Jazz, Buddhist, Rhythmbox, Extensive Musical Taste, i'm not anti-social, i just enjoy my music., For those who don't sleep enough due to staying up late at night for no apparent…, Pink Floyd, radiohead, electro-indie, People with inconsistent musical taste - who yet prove a certain indy-attitude, Shoegaze, IDM, DubStep, Banshee, G-A-Y, Alternative Invaders, Dark Ambient, Noise and Drone, Destroy Racism!, Gay Indie Lovers, John Peel, Jazz Club, Minimal and Ambient Electronic, anti-nazi, Peace and Love, People who believe that they can beat a MILLION plays before life beats them, We Love Weird Voices!, Open Minded Music Freaks, The Mighty Boosh, Geek Music, Space Music, Mindfuck, Tea Drinkers, netlabels, Abstract and instrumental hip-hop, DRONE, People who believe in magic rainbows because theyre optimists, Beautiful Noise, -Dark Music-, People who can't stop listening to music, We join groups for no good reason, Chocolate, OK Computer, People who strongly believe that they were penguins in another life, New Romantics, FreeMusic, Unsigned Artists, I discovered dubstep, and now I can't sleep, The Old Masters Of Electronic Music, People who appreciate brilliant music in all genres., What the hell's the point of Last.fm groups?, We Like Playlists With Special Meaning, Progressive Music, Gilles Peterson, Creative Commons, Darkstep, NO boundaries Music, Free Jazz - Avant Jazz - Noise - etcetera, under 2000 listeners, I Love Legally free downloaded music!, Broken Beats - Nu Jazz, Nietzsche, Group Owners


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