Nerdcore FTW


Out 29 2008, 15h17

For the record, I regularly seek out new nerdcore, and the only artists with tracks that got a 4 star or higher rating on my iTunes are:

Beefy (too many to mention)
Devo Spice (formerly known as Sudden Death)
Drown radio therapy (for lolcats and skype lyfe)
Futuristic Sex Robotz (self-explanatory, they're FSR)
The Grammar Club (ENTIRE Bremelanotide album, if they don't charge for their next album, I'm going to track down email addresses for each member and personally paypal them each $5)
MC Chris (take a wild guess - yes - the star wars song)
MC Router FTW
MECHP - LoFi Allstars (despite crappy production, love the track)
Monzy - lyrical awesomeness makes up for craptastic beats and overall production. praying he puts some new stuff out, er, eventually.
Nursehella - WTB new traxxxxx
Shael Riley - almost every track I've heard
Super 8-Bit Brothers - not exactly nerdcore, but wth, i figure i'll list them too
Rai - found her on the RT comps, and frankly, if more good stuff doesn't show up on the RT comps, I might stop downloading them
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Nerdcore / Laptop Rap
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  • RedSK

    For the record, I can't stand MC Router one bit.

    Dez 2 2008, 15h50
  • spazure

    That's what's wonderful about the world of music. There's something for everybody, even people who don't like whitegirl rap. =^_^=

    Dez 2 2008, 19h02
  • heeheeshabutie

    i like whitegirl rap. K.Flay is fantastic, and I dig on some nursehella for sure, but MC Router is just, eh. Bill Gates Revolution is funny, but I cant deal with her voice. Im sort of blown away to not see YTCracker, MC Frontalot or Schaffer the Darklord not on this list.

    Mar 22 2009, 6h52
  • spazure

    This post is exceptionally outdated. I might get bored and do a new one eventually.

    Mai 23 2009, 22h49
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