• The Vampire Diaries

    Set 12 2010, 13h58

    The Vampire Diaries
    I watched the first season in a day, and I'm crazy about the second season, too. It's like a drug, this whole vampire stuff is so seductive, darkly luring and attractive that I cannot seem to get enough. The music of doesn't help much in that department, either. The soundtrack is perfect. My favorite is "Cut" by Plumb, with the second runner up being "Running Up That Hill" by Placebo and the third - "Bloodstream" by Stateless.
  • Gossip Girl

    Jun 8 2009, 8h27

    No comments except that I'm obessed with this TV series :P And the soundtrack doesn't help with loosening this helpless feeling, I think it's DEAD ON with the mood and context. For example, With Me by Sum 41, Secret by The Pierces, Stripper by Sohodolls... Mmmm... Still exploring Season 1 music, hope Season 2 is compiled soon :)
  • Depeche Mode

    Mai 7 2009, 18h42

    I've decided to take a look into Depeche Mode's music. After all, they are coming to Riga on May 25th. What if I really like what I hear? :) I liked quite a lot of Exciter's singles, and in general their music sounds nice on the radio. I'm sampling their latest album, Sounds of the Universe, at the moment.
  • Kidneythieves

    Abr 22 2009, 10h04

    Not much to say, actually... Kidneythieves rock ;) Not only their Before I'm Dead from the Queen Of The Damned [2002] OST, which is their most popular song, but the rest is also very much.. uhm... uplifting, as much as industrial rock can be :D
  • Lily Allen

    Abr 21 2009, 15h24

    I almost forgot! I've discovered Lily Allen less than a week ago! I mean, sure, she's been around for quite a while, and I knew and loved her participation on Mark Ronson's track Oh My God (the video is worth watching), but still... I've always thought her to be more of the Europop division artists whom I mildly despised. Turns out she is gorgeous and damn witty, too! Of course, The Fear is the covertrack for her new album, but my best friend and I, we love Not Fair deeply. It's so innocently evil and deliciously direct that I sometimes get a tingle :) Oh, and then there's Fuck You! I mean, come on! The line "f*** you very, very much" is genius! :D
  • Essential

    Abr 19 2009, 13h41

    I used to think that I'd never go to Essential again, not willingly anyway (the packed R&B, the DJs on the main floor and all), but I guess the "never say never" principle still works ;) I had totally missed out on the Retro floor, which is cool, and the main floor is quite okay as well... I'd really like to try staying there all night :D
  • The Saturdays

    Abr 19 2009, 13h33

    I've heard the song Up before, and I really liked it, but had no idea who sang it. Now I've got their album, Chasing Lights, and I also like the first track, If This Is Love. The group is interesting, girls and all, but maybe too many of them? :D
  • The Tudors by Trevor Morris

    Abr 13 2009, 9h38

    Last week I discovered Trevor Morris, who composed the soundtrack for the TV series The Tudors. I got the music to Season 1, but Season 2 OST is out tomorrow! Can't wait, there was some pretty awesome music there :) The score definitely contributes to the amazing atmosphere and quality of the series, lush and sensual :)