• Metal rant in E minor

    Abr 17 2014, 11h17

    Metal, one of the loudest, dirtiest, aggressive forms of music, a genre which exceeds the boundaries of comprehension for a vast number of people. Not many people understand why anyone would listen to such a cacophonic sound for pleasure. While I understand the sentiment, I must disagree. Those people who don’t understand metal can’t see the beauty in brutality. While this may sound like an oxymoron, It really isn’t, metal is a culture fueled by alcohol, hatred and satanic fire. It has a no bullshit, balls to the walls, in your face attitude which is somewhat of an acquired taste and is less harmful then stereotypes will have you believe. Most people believe that metal is “nothing but noise” and here comes the comparison to society’s knight and shining armor. Alcohol (look at how our society worships that). Every Teenager who takes a swig of alcohol will always contort his face to deal with the fucked up taste of alcohol but after the first couple of drinks, it begins to taste almost euphoric and combined with a swirl of cigarette smoke becomes an experience reserved for the devil himself.

    Now why is it that the beautiful feelings in the world such as getting drunk or getting used to the beautiful intake of nicotine takes time? That’s because the most honest things in life are the most painful, Am I misanthrope? No. I’m just a guy looking for some honesty. And there’s only one place I seem to find it in spades, and that’s in metal.

    How do I describe a feeling so great, it’s worth can’t be calculated, quantified or brought down to a humane understanding of nature, a complete euphoria plagued by fumes of whisky and smoke, a feeling so great, you would take a free punch at the head to reignite, a rush of blood to the head. Complete mayhem and destruction, a lamb of god, Accept the brutality in the beauty of a slayer who owns the hatchet that you swing at the devoid misfit, the corrosion of conformity, the lovely disconcerting feeling of freedom no one understands but everyone years for, this is metal. An honest to Satan outlet of the inner mind that controls us all. Call it the devils music, call it noise, call it disgusting filth but this very brutality is what brings millions of people together, this “noise” is what takes people through the day and gives them a reason to soldier on in this senseless array of event s people have the audacity to call life. Fuck the world and embrace the warped nature of reality, give it a name, call it the present for all I give a fuck, but accept it for what it is, don’t ignore the ugly nature if it all. Make it a part of you. You can’t understand life till you understand its dark nooks and crannies. It’s a holistic approach you got to take. Call it out for what it is. That’s what metal does for me. It calls out the bullshit, accepts the unacceptable, confronts what we rather ignore, celebrates what we often deny, it indulges in what we fear most and applauds it in the face of evil, it’s a feeling that I will refuse to compromise, it’s something I yearn for, it’s in my DNA, and if you can’t see it, maybe you never will, but that’s the brilliance of it, you don’t have to see it. It’s just there. And regardless of your acceptance towards it, it will always be there. That’s fucking metal!

    P.S: I wrote this while I was drunk out of my arse, sorry for any grammatical mistakes. Don't expect it to make sense to you. I Enjoyed writing this rant, hope you enjoy reading it.
  • Eluveitie – Spirit Review

    Ago 26 2010, 16h16


    Genre :
    Year : 2006
    Total Playing Time : 50.7 minutes

    When I first heard the term “Folk Metal”, I was highly amused. I genuinely believed that "folk" and "metal" were possibly the worst combination of two words in the history of the English language, but after having heard Eluveitie perform within this freakish, out-of the blue genre, I now stand corrected. I was almost immediately addicted to this band and its sound, it was love at first strum.

    Influenced by the melodic death scene, this group of people added their own sound to it and succeeded in creating some of the most epic material.They use both traditional Swiss and Celtic instruments alongside electric guitars and drums and their lyrics are written in a mix of English, Gaulish and Swiss dialects.

    Spirit was the first LP they released and, in my opinion, possibly their best. A perfect blend of folk and metal; this album will keep you listening for hours.It has some heavy songs like Uis Elveti, Your Gaulish War and Tegernako which are primarily metal yet, at the same time, maintaining the folk element within the songs creating a perfect balance. The albums they released after Spirit are good as well but this one deserves a special mention because of its brilliance. Small things like the rustling of leaves or the gushing water make this album all the more enjoyable. While the main vocals are done by Chrigel Glanzmann growling his swiss heart out, the vocals added by Meri Tadic and Anna Murphy help the music immensely, lending their amazing voices to the cause. This Album is definitely in my top 5 of 2006 and deserves to be heard by all metal fans...