JT - FutureSex/LoveSounds. Question: Is it really THAT good?


Jan 11 2007, 5h06

This is a review I wrote on another site for FutureSex/LoveSounds. I'm sorry but listening to the record now is a test. I don't think it's as strong as people are saying it is. I now feel 1st record, though much less daring, is a much better listen. What do you think?

* Justin Timberlake keeps the experiments with electronic and new wave elements that were all over the place this year going. Timbaland's on-the-mark production primarily provide the foundation for this great, if somewhat meaningless album. My main problem with this album is that Justin has great songs that don't SAY a damn thing. While the music itself has always been the #1 thing that draws me into a song, the lyrics help to keep me interested. None of that is present here, for the most part. Listening to FS/LS, as album, is even...boring...to me. It starts on a very high note and fizzles out. Plus, there are more than a few songs that I feel are mediocre. Still, "Sexy Ladies", "I Think She Knows" (Prelude), "Set The Mood" (Prelude)/"Until the End of Time" and "(Another Song) All Over Again" are particularly excellent and keep the album afloat. I can't deny it a place in my Top 10 for 2006.

BTW (and I might get cursed out for some of these) here are the tracks that almost always get the skip button:
1. LoveStoned [Good song musically but it gets tiring...It's not interesting enough to last 5 minutes...Best thing about it? The quasi-sexual lyrics are somewhat Prince-esque.]
2. What Goes Around.../...Comes Around Interlude [One of the weakest. What's so good about this track? I haven't listened through it since the first time through FS/LS. Boring and bland with two capital Bs...the lyrics are some of the best on here, though. It will soon be #1. Go figure. The following interlude is great, though.]
3. Summer Love [...Awful...]
4. Losing My Way [I like what he was trying to do but it just doesn't "sound" good.]


  • __KAPOW

    wow, all the songs you dont like are the ones i ended up loving. (except summer love, i havnt listened to that one yet)

    Fev 1 2007, 6h05
  • __KAPOW

    summer love is awesome! what is wrong with you?

    Fev 1 2007, 23h54
  • soulelectric

    It sounds really messy to me...like noise...and it's repetitive. Then, to make it worse, the lyrics that turn me off of that song...they're SO dumb. Especially the chorus. He doesn't have to be a poet or anything but...c'mon! It's just not good, IMO.

    Fev 10 2007, 3h24
  • mikedahike

    There seems to be a contradiction in your review.. (although i think you are right on most points). You mention Sexy Ladies being particularly excellent, but then you say that LoveStoned isn't interesting enough to last 5 minutes. Well, Sexy Ladies lasts just under 4 minutes and it is extremely repetitive as well; plus it doesn't have an uptempo beat that keeps it going a little. I agree with you that LoveStoned gets boring, but i think SexyLadies gets far more boring after just 4 mins and even the chorus doesnt vary even a little (in lovestoned the chorus has the violins coming in). Curious to see what u say about that.. maybe its just the personal taste. Would be cool if u post back

    Mai 26 2007, 20h40
  • soulelectric

    It's probably more of a personal preference. I'm a big fan of the Minneapolis keyboard/drum machine sound (Prince is one of my heroes) so that one caught my ear really quickly. As the track keeps going, it keeps pulling me in. Plus, out of all the tracks on FS/LS, that's one of few tracks that's not overproduced or even complex. In fact, I think one of the reasons people find it so boring is because of that. To me, though, that simpleness (mixed in w/the 80s sound) actually sets it apart from the others on the records. Justin tries to do too much in LoveStoned. The melody is weak. The arrangement and instruments are too much. It clashes and gets tiring, IMO. It's cool to know you were feeling my review to, by the way...

    Mai 29 2007, 0h11
  • mikedahike

    I see.. But what exactly do you mean by overproduced? Its a quite smart idea that people dont like that one much because of its simplicity, but then again SexyBack and My Love are probably the most simple songs, but also the singles and quite strong songs. I agree with you on what you say about LoveStoned, but I cant deny liking it. Speaking of Prince; you didnt even mention Damn Girl in your review! Although the style is identical to Prince stuff and the keyboard riff is the same as in Tom Jones' Sex Bomb (I believe), the song just funks. Will.i.am's rap is especially great and saves the song for good.. And last but NOT least I believe Until The End Of Time and (Another Song) All Over Again are great songs. JT's voice amazes (and touches) me so much especially in (Another Song)..., [which was produced by Rick Rubin] and it just doesnt get out of my head. And Until The End.. is nice and souly and RnB and is a song that doesnt burn out like the others. Sorry for the long comment... love discussing music and finally found someone to discuss it with

    Mai 29 2007, 17h42
  • soulelectric

    Just like you, I don't have many people that I can do that with, so this is good for me too. I consider overproduced to be when a producer chooses to add elements to a song just for the sake of doing so. In the end, that individual drowns the track, making it sound messy, unfocused and self-indulgent (almost like listening to an ego trip). When tracks have too many layers of sounds, for example, that are all competing to be heard, are not mixed properly, or are just plain unnecessary, it becomes difficult to concentrate and gets boring. Listen to any song: Most times, there's only a few elements that are REALLY driving it, and a little subtlety is not a bad thing. Producers should know how to walk the fine line between too much and too little, and that didn't always happen on FS/LS. About the two singles you mentioned: On SexyBack, you're correct. That track is very simple and does it's job well. It's a mindless, catchy club song, which, in this instance, works. Like most songs of this nature, the lyrics are not the focus AT ALL, and you can tell. It is also one of the few tracks that, like Sexy Ladies (to me, at least), doesn't collapse under the weight of its own indulgence, lyrically or musically. For My Love, I'm going to have to disagree. I believe that song is quite complex and heavy, musically. But, at the same time, it's very clean and remains interesting because it doesn't try TOO hard to get your attention. The lyrics are sensible too, for once. It's definitely a highlight (even if it has been overplayed to the point where I don't listen to it that much anymore). Damn Girl is just OK. I noticed some Prince similarities but they, unfortunately, don't make me like the track better for me. I like the chorus and some of Justin's ad-libs but the song, as a whole, is really tedious (the verses are...) and his singing is, noticeably, a little strained on this one. There those dumb-ass lyrics are again, too! I absolutely LOVE Until The End Of Time and (Another Song) All Over Again...like I mentioned, those two, along with Sexy Ladies, are wonderful. It's funny how 3 of the least listened to tracks off of FS/LS, according to last.fm, are the best to me...maybe that says something? BTW: Summer Love is such a piece of overblown crap, with some of the worst lyrics I've ever heard. Nothing comes together in this song, and they should both be ashamed for this one, IMO. I really can't believe he released it. 3 guesses why he chose that track...

    Mai 30 2007, 4h46
  • mikedahike

    First of all, the list of most listened-to tracks on last.fm has no singnificance.. just the masses who listen to a single or any catchy song a lot.. Anyway, I see what you mean, its important to weave in the elements of a song subtly, like it is done in My Love. Im listening to it right now.. You are right, there is a lot of stuff going on subtly in the song (beat box, some scratching, percussions, some weird keyboard sounds etc), although we could say almost the same for sexyback too. Regarding Summer Love.. well, I must say, I was caught by the beat and melody quite hard when I got the album. Never thinking it's a musical specialty or something, it just caught my ear: it's fast to pick up, makes you bob your head (at least mine) and of course has justins voice on top. I know exactly what you mean when you say its a mess and all, but try to listen to it with a superficial ear.. maybe it works. Its just a macho-song. FS/LS is, of course, not an album you wanna listen to if you want the meaningfull lyrics. But to be honest, I need to learn to be more critical of lyrics. Still I believe that the music has the power; lyrics have always been a type of accesory to me (in rap of course its different). But thats a personal matter... FOr the sake of completeness, lets take a look at the other songs: Chop me Up -- another macho-song, nothing great i think. Pose (ft Snoop) --started good and got worse with every listen. But like in Damn Girl has a nice bass and keyboard riff. FutureSex/Lovesound -- dont know what to say about this.. boring and bland with two capital B's?

    Mai 30 2007, 20h15
  • BritneyFanFeva

    I was obssessed with this album when it came out and I still think it's pretty good, but over time I've released I'm not into like, half the tracks, Sexy Ladies, Damn Girl, Losing My Way, Another Song, all don't really get my attention and are kind of unwanted for the album, and have not grown on me... but songs like FSLS, SexyBack, My Love, What Goes Around, Chop Me Up, Summer Love, Until The End Of Time, all fit well in the album as a cohesive album, I think all the interludes are good except for Set The Mood, that I didn't like at all.... LoveStoned is the best song on the album, as far as I'm concerned, to me I can hear the growth and the evolution to I Think That She Knows and it flows perfectly, and makes it the best song off the album....it's kind of beautiful how it changes and evolves. FutureSex/LoveSound is also a solid song, which I think is just exciting to listen to, it has a great rhythm in it, which I think is Justin's strong point, he makes amazing rhythms in his songs, from Like I Love You all the way to LOVESEXMAGIC, they all have amazing rhythms

    Mai 23 2009, 7h46
  • BritneyFanFeva

    oh and I hate Summer Love's lyrics, but I love the music, the music is just simply pop and fun

    Mai 23 2009, 7h47
  • BritneyFanFeva

    Chop Me Up is powerful and a nice change and he does himself well in this song, it's a nice change in the album, and Until The End Of The Time is just one of the sweetest love songs ever

    Mai 23 2009, 7h48
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