• My Top 16 Albums of 2007

    Jan 25 2008, 8h46

    1. Lupe Fiasco's The Cool
    I've been waiting for this album ever since I heard the concept. Lupe is the best all-around rapper out right now. If you disagree, you probably don't listen to any of these albums on this list. The anticipation I had for this album kept growing. As it grew my expectations grew with them and I started reasoning with them. I figured it would never meet my standards. When the album finally came out I couldn't put it down. I still can't stop listening to it. Everyday going to and from work I bumped the cd. Now he's just got one more to go... L-U-P-End.
    +Paris, Tokyo
    +Put You On Game

    2. Kanye West Graduation
    Kanye is a genius for this one. Switching the theme once again for his third album. Soul samples to dark Jazz samples to the sound of the future. Much inspiration from one of the best current producers, DJ Toomp, created an album that in my mind was unexpected. I didn't expect Kanye to follow up two amazing albums with the same quality music because I figured it would be another heavily-sampled classic but instead got a surprise when he actually messed with the samples a little more.
    +Good Life (ft. T-Pain)
    +Can't Tell Me Nothing (co-prod by DJ Toomp)

    3. Bobby Valentino Special Occasion
    His self-titled debut was the reason I got into R&B for the most part. So naturally, I couldn't wait for his sophomore drop. This time he went a little more commercial with some Timbaland production. It didn't really work too well on the charts but my charts had Anonymous at number 1. The rest of the album got me back into the mood for some soulful R&B.
    +Only Human
    +Over & Over

    4. Common Finding Forever
    Sure it had a lot of old tracks thrown on there. My favorite track happened to be that old Dilla (rip) production featuring D'Angelo. This song along with a bunch of Kanye-producted fillers makes this album what it is. Only Common gets this much production from Kanye other than Kanye himself. This album was my summer.
    +So Far To Go (ft. D'Angelo)
    +Forever Begins

    5. Timbaland Shock Value
    These beats are off the hook. When this cd dropped, Timbaland was the hottest producer out. This cd only helped build his current rep along with other up and coming artists he used on the album. Some of the collaborations are the usual that he had on his past albums but the reasons this album is so amazing is all the future talent he has on there.
    +Way I Are (ft. Keri Hilson, D.O.E.)
    +Come & Get Me (ft. 50 Cent, Tony Yayo)

    6. Lil' Wayne The Drought Is Over (mixtape)
    Got tired of listening to Weezy rap over other people's beats and dropping new "freestyles" every day. I wanted to bump some weezy on some original beats. This was supposed to be the Carter III until it leaked so the world was given a taste of what Weezy F. is cooking for his third installment.
    +Something You Forgot
    +I'm A Beast

    7. Musiq Luvanmusiq
    Musiq has always used the same formula for all of his albums. That same acoustic sound that only Musiq could sing over and give it soul. This is why I continuously listen to his music and it was no different with this album. His best so far.

    8. Panacea The Scenic Route
    I picked up this album because I wanted the song Raheem DeVaughn was on and it turned out to be an underground classic and I'm not just saying that because they're DC artists. The music is so different from everything you hear on the radio and the beats are so smooth that you sink into the poetic lyrics with ease.
    +Blue Ice
    +Pops Said

    9. Consequence Don't Quit Your Day Job
    Kanye's ghostwri- *cough*, I mean right hand man! You gotta love his lyricism and the whole direction he went in with this album. Mix that with some Kanye production and you got an album on Kanye's level, right? Wait. It gets slept on because it doesn't have Kanye's name on it.
    +Don't Forget Em
    +Feel This Way (ft. John Legend)

    10. Chamillionaire Ultimate Victory
    Cham said he was going to censor himself for this album so I immediately called him a sellout for changing his original style. Then I heard the quality of the album and realized that it's on the same level as The Sound of Revenge. Cham still coming with those killer hooks and verses. This album deserved to sell more than Curtis but there was very little hype. Tsk Tsk record label.
    +Industry Groupie
    +Ultimate Vacation

    11. Jay-Z American Gangster
    Jay-Z is pretty big in the rap game. Of course, this guy used a movie to promote his album but it still went under the radar compared to his other classics. Whoops, I said classic too soon. But the beats used for the theme of this album takes me back to the days of early gangsters. All we can do is Pray, Jay comes out with something even better next time.
    +Say Hello
    +Hello Brooklyn 2.0 (ft. Lil' Wayne)

    12. Talib Kweli Ear Drum
    I was waiting for this cd back in early 2006 when I heard "Listen". It finally leaks on the internet in June and I bump it all summer. Talib Kweli has an original sound that, kanye west, and hi-tek mold on this album. Something along the lines of Big Band music meets hip-hop.
    +Country Cousins (ft. UGK, Raheem DeVaughn)
    +More or Less (ft. Dion)

    13. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Strength & Loyalty
    I'm a huge fan of the unique sounds of Eternal 99. I'm now a doubter that they can ever make a better cd especially since they lost Bizzy. I talked so much shit about this cd before it came out. It turned out to be the cd I listened to for the whole month of May.
    +Streets (ft. The Game,
    +Wind Blow

    14. OneRepublic Dreaming Out Loud
    First off, Rock is not dead but nothing dropped this year that I liked. This is about the closest thing to Rock that I could appreciate. A little softer than what I usually like but it was good to listen to around finals when I needed some tunes to get my emotions out.
    +Stop And Stare
    +Say (All I Need)

    15. J. Holiday Back of My Lac
    More DC love. When I first heard Bed I couldn't get the song out of my head. I downloaded the advance which had a song called "Pusher" that didn't make the final cut. Download that song if you can. He's got a good voice and I'll be looking forward to his next album.

    16. Cassidy B.A.R.S.
    A lot of people didn't like this release compared to old Cassidy stuff. I gotta admit that it was a lot softer than his previous stuff but with everything Cass went through in the past year I can see where he got all the emotion from. He used that emotion and created a cd that just barely makes my list.
    +Innocent Man (ft. Mark Morrison)
    +Celebrate (ft. John Legend)

    4 Honorable Mentions:

    Wu-Tang Clan 8 Diagrams
    Wu-Tang is not a group made for the majority of hip-hop listeners today and so a lot of people didn't appreciate what RZA did with this one. To me this album was nowhere near their best work but still a lot better than other albums put out today. Method Man, Ghostface, GZA, and company still got it. Fuck what Raekwon thinks about the album.
    +Stick Me For My Riches

    Styles P Super Gangster, Extraordinary Gentleman
    I think Styles rushed this one a bit but he still had me listening in between album releases.
    +Got My Eyes On You (ft. Akon)
    +Holiday (ft. Max B)

    Evidence The Weatherman LP
    I always heard that Evidence of Dilated Peoples co-produced some tracks on the College Dropout. So I listened to his album and that shit went hard from the beginning to the end.
    +Mr. Slow Flow
    +NC to CA

    Young Buck Buck The World
    The best album G-Unit put out all year. It featured some old songs on it but just about every track could have been a single.
    +Buck The World (ft. Lyfe Jennings)
    +Puff Puff Pass (ft. Ky-Mani Marley)

    Biggest Letdowns:

    50 Cent Curtis
    Fifty always gets great production. That's about all you can say about this album. The only reason why it sold was because of the hype surrounding it. I couldn't listen to this album more than 3 times without getting sick of it.

    T.I. vs T.I.P.
    Both personalities had some good songs but they both had some bad fillers, too. The thing he did differently is he lost his signature sound. Toomp and him got heated and he went with unoriginal beats that everybody else has from Just Blaze to Danja to The Runners. yawn.