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SwervedriverBring Me the Head of the Fortune Teller ontem à noite
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TortoiseEden 2 ontem à noite
Lenola[Hidden Track] ontem à noite
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  • hummucide

    he's baaaaack! miss you, buddy.

    3 Ago 2012 Responder
  • floatmybed

    I really like your rarities blog. I collect some of the same music.

    22 Jan 2012 Responder
  • foodos

    Thanks for the link. I will hope for Tugboat albums.

    15 Set 2011 Responder
  • CCSummers

    I would be more than willing to slip you some cash to convince you to part with one of those Life Rocks! CDs ;-)

    1 Ago 2011 Responder
  • General_Tso

    sonikmike I'm finally getting around to listening to Waterworld by Diskothi-Q and it's pretty great stuff, thanks for the rec! (Also, is Tugboat 3001ad related to Further as in Sometimes Chimes Further?)

    1 Jun 2011 Responder
  • foodos

    Are you bussy??I just want ask you about your new blog with that rare 7 inch.

    21 Mai 2011 Responder
  • foodos

    Woow. Thanks. I am very exciting about your new blog. It is going to be in my fav. I am waiting for your generous contribution to indie music lover. by the way, do you have My Shame Your Shame by Lowercase too??It was in (compilation) (WIN Records, 1995).

    11 Mai 2011 Responder
  • foodos

    Hi. My collector fiend. Do you remember me??I am guy who recieved some Further stuffs month ago. I am looking for digital songs. They are on "Brass Tacks 7"" By Lowercase. It's very rare. Do you have it??

    10 Mai 2011 Responder
  • hummucide

    better yet, why don't you just come over and drink the beer i have in my fridge with me so i feel less pathetic.

    30 Abr 2011 Responder
  • hummucide

    aww, i was just kidding. awesome. i have that 7 inch, just not in mp3 format. always looking forward to your writings. what are you doing now? it's nice out. can i buy you a beer?

    30 Abr 2011 Responder
  • hummucide

    i don't see that lync lp on your 7 day charts, young man.

    30 Abr 2011 Responder
  • oldcrow666

    ah. i missed blaise pascal so so much. thank you!!

    11 Mar 2011 Responder
  • hummucide

    i'm sure you've heard about this by now but WHAT THE HELL?!?! supposedly there's speculation on a tour and even a record but we shall see. i would lose my mind if i saw this live:

    17 Jan 2011 Responder
  • hummucide

    oh, and what's the story with the DJ full length and label stuff? i'm not sure why i haven't asked you about it. been listening to it like crazy lately. hit me up on the PM if you'd like.

    21 Dez 2010 Responder
  • hummucide

    love your blog, by the way. i didn't even realize you started this project until last weekend. really cool stuff, mike. i'm actually gonna download that scent of human history record right now! very curious about it. i've only seen them once before and have the split with memory as perfection but i remember being floored by their set.

    21 Dez 2010 Responder
  • emodius

    hey mike, i'm listening to the dude japan album now and it's pretty solid. i didn't realize you were in dude japan! i'm sure i'd be down for doing a split release unless the cost was super huge or something. sounding good!

    18 Dez 2010 Responder
  • evags

    Hehe, that's good to hear. Well, although these bands may not nesseceraly be lo-fi/indie, you may find some of them interesting: Motorpsycho (very varied catalog, but the 94-00 is the best imo), Serena Maneesh, Ungdomskulen, JR Ewing, Årabrot, , Kvelertak, I Was A King, Hanne Hukkelberg, Lukestar, Jaga Jazzist... Dungen and Bob Hund are two very good swedish bands.. This is all that comes to mind right now, but I'll let you know if something better comes to mind :) I'm looking forward to check out the bands I haven't heard in your top artist list!

    2 Nov 2010 Responder
  • evags

    i saw that you were one of the few listeners who have listened to sleepeyhead - cb, and i am writing something here so your username will be on my "recent activity", and then i may be able to check out some of the bands you are listening to that i have not heard of, but i think i will love, beacause of you musical preferences of wich i have heard of and love. regards, eirik from norway. ps. this message may seem wierd, but i am somewhat drunk. i'm sorry

    29 Out 2010 Responder
  • General_Tso

    Awesome, I had no idea they were sharing their stuff for free... I'll be checking out Waterworld in short order

    27 Ago 2010 Responder
  • General_Tso

    Say, if someone such as myself were to listen to DiskothiQ, what of their stuff would be top priority?

    26 Ago 2010 Responder
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I run a record label and distro called Rok Lok Records. Check us out on Last Fm:

and here:

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Follow my blog for Long Island music from year's past:

Check out my blog where I share rare 90s indie rock, indie pop, lo fi, shoegaze, post punk and folk:

I played guitar and sing in a post punk band called Yes Sensei and a indie rock/pop band called Dude Japan. I do a shoegaze/acoustic/ambient project called Stars Are Insane. Sell/trade me your 90s lo fi/ indie pop/indie rock records here is my want list:

-Summer Hits "Thin" 7 inch (Christmas Records)
-Summer Hits "Live" tape (Party Girl Records)
-DiskothiQ/Massengil "split" 7 inch (Sonic Enemy)
-DiskothiQ "Delicious Homemade" tape (Sonic Enemy)
-DiskothiQ "Harmless But Ultimately Unloveable/Loveless But Ultimately Unharmable" tape (Sonic Enemy)
-DiskothiQ "Dummy" tape (Sonic Enemy)
-Tiger Trap/Henry's Dress "split" 7 inch (Slumberland)
-Rose Melberg "Cast Away the Clouds" LP (Double Agent)
-Refrigerator "Lonesome Surprize" cassette (Shrimper)
-Refrigerator "Rael" cassette (Shrimper)
-Refrigerator "Rocking Horse Loser" 7 inch (Jupa Records)
-Refrigerator "Suck & Run" 7 inch (Paperplane)
-Beck "Golden Feelings" CD or cassette (Sonic Enemy)
-Beck "One Foot in the Grave" LP (K Records)
-Beck "A Western Harvest Field by Moonlight" LP (Fingerpaint)
-Beck "Mellow Gold" LP (Bong Load)
-Beck "Beercan" 7 inch/CD (both formats) (Bong Load & DGC)
-Beck/Bean "split" 7 inch ( Flipside)
-Beck "Pay No Mind (Snoozer)" 7 inch/ LP or CD ( Bong Load/DGC)
-Beck "Loser" LP/7 inch/ CD (Bong Load/DGC)
-Beck "Steve Threw Up" 7 inch (Bong Load)
-Eric's Trip "Peter" LP (Murderecords)
-Eric's Trip "Songs About Chris" 7 inch (Sub Pop)
-Eric's Trip "Warm Girl" 7 inch (Deriviative)
-Eric's Trip "Julie and the Porthole to Dimentia" 7 inch (Sappy Records)
-Eric's Trip "Trapped in New York" 7 inch (Summershine)
-Eric's Trip "The Gordon Street Haunting" 7 inch (Sub Pop)
-Eric's Trip "Belong" 7 inch (NIM)
-Eric's Trip "Drowning" cassette (self released)
-Eric's Trip "Caterpillars" cassette (self released)
-Eric's Trip "Eric's Trip" cassette (self released)
-Dump "Superpowerless" LP
-Dump "I Can Hear Music" CD or 2x CD version
-Dump "s/t" (18 Wheeler)
-Dump "s/t" (covers record) (18 Wheeler)
-Archers of Loaf "Vocal Shrapnel w/ Density" 7 inch (Alias Records)
-Kicking Giant "Secret Teenage Summer" cassette (self released)
-Kicking Giant "Boyfriend Girlfriend" cassette (self released)
-Henry's Dress "Bust em Green" LP (Slumberland)
-Henry's Dress "Henry's Dress" 10 inch (Slumberland)
-Henry's Dress "1620" 7 inch (Slumberland)
-Versus "Glitter of Love" 7 inch (Caroline)
-Versus "Let's Electrify!" CD (Remora Records)
-Versus/Scrawl "split" 7 inch (Simple Machines)
-North of America "Dancefloor Numerology" CD (Progeria Records)
-North of America "Elements of a Incomplete Map" LP or CD (Matlock Records)
-North of America "These Songs Are Cursed" LP or CD (Matlock- US pressing, Rewika Records- euro pressing)
-North of America "Bayonet Point" 7 inch (Montesano Records)
-Helium "Hole in the Ground/Lucy" 7 inch (Pop Narcotic Records)
-Lowercase "Cadence b/w No. 6 Arc" 7 inch (Amphetamine Reptile)
-Lowercase "Imbedded in Ice" 7 inch (Punk in My Vitamins)
-Lowercase "All Destructive Urges...Seem So Perfect" LP (Amphetamine Reptile)
-Lowercase "Kill The Lights" LP (Amphetamine Reptile)
-Lowercase "The Going Away Present" LP (Punk in My Vitamins)
-Emily's Sassy Lime "Right is Here" CD (Christmas Records)
-Emily's Sassy Lime "Desperate, Scared But Social" LP(Kill Rock Stars)
-Heartworms "If Everything Goes as Planned" 7 inch (Popfactory)
-Heartworms "Fire Engine Red" 7 inch (Brittle Star Recordings)
-Polvo "Can I Ride?" 2x 7 inch (Kitchen Puff)
-Polvo "Vibracobra" 7 inch (Rockville Records)
-Crayon "Matchbox" 7 inch (Harriet)
-Crayon "Moominland" 7 inch (Harriet)
-Crayon "The Snap-Tight Wars" 7 inch (Harriet)
-Crayon / Grover "split" 7 inch (Gritty Kitty)
-Crayon "Phantom Third Channel" split 7 inch (Cher Doll)-Six Cents & Natalie "Boyfriends" 7 inch (Harriet Records)
-Cause Co-Motion! "Which Way is Up" 7 inch (What's Your Rupture?)
-Cause Co-Motion! "This Just Won't Last" 7 inch (What's Your Rupture?)
-Six Cents & Natlalie "When Punk Fell to the Earth" 7 inch (Rubber Gold Fish)
-Six Cents & Natalie "Summers Gone But a Lot Goes On" 7 inch (Burden of Joy)
-Six Cents & Natalie "split with Phlegm" 7 inch (Black Bean & Placenta Tape Club)
-Six Cents & Natalie "Learning to Share" 7 inch (Sudden Shame)
-Allen Clapp & His Orchestra "Mystery Lawn" 7 inch (Bus Stop Label)
-Allen Clapp "Brown Formica Table' 7 inch (Elefant Records)
-Ruby Falls "Angels Two" 7 inch (Spartadisc)
-The Castaway Stones "Leave No Stone Unturned" 7 inch (Shelflife Records)
-Wolf Colonel "s/t" 7 inch (Jonson Family Records)
-Libraness "Yesterday..and Tomorrow's Shells" LP (Tiger Style)
-The Holy Shroud/Hot Cross "split" 7 inch (Level Plane)
-Life at These Speeds/End on End "split" 7 inch
-Sebadoh "Wade Through the Boggs" CD (self released tour cd)
-v/a "Pop American Style" 2xlp (Flavour Records)
-v/a "The Yugo" (Clunker Records) w/ DiskothiQ, New Bad Things, Girl Afraid, and Slow Playing Children)
-v/a "Present This" 7 inch (Union Pole) (w/ Refrigerator,, Mountain Goats, New Bad Things, Bugskull, Good Horsey, more)
-Tugboat 3001ad "Beyond The Solar System, Beyond The Stars" tape (Ecto Tapes)
-Tugboat 3001ad "Pacific Splashdown" tape (Flannel Banjo)
-Rusty Troller/Fighter Jet"split" 7 inch (Small Fi)
-Deluxx "Eskimo Lover" 7 inch (18 Wheeler)
-Deluxx "The Tidy Boy And The Crazy Bastard" LP (100% Breakfast)
-Franklin Bruno "Hermetic Geometry" 7 inch (Baby Huey)
-Franklin Bruno "La Radia" 7 inch (Little Teddy Records)
-Franklin Bruno "Participant" 7 inch (Dark Beloved Cloud)
-Franklin Bruno "Zero Return" 7 inch (Fayettenam Records)

various misc wants:
-anything with Pam Berry involved
-Charlie Mcalister vinyl/lathes/tapes/cd-rs
-Sebadoh 7 inches
-Mountain Goats 7 inches
-Bingo Trappers tapes/cd-r\
-Simon Joyner vinyl/tapes
-M83 vinyl
-Lenola vinyl
-Some Velvet Sidewalk 7 inches
-godheadsilo vinyl
-Karp vinyl
-Tristan Psionic (any format)
-Swirlies vinyl
-various Sonic Youth or related projects vinyl/cds/tapes
-Velocity Girl 7 inches
-Spare Snare (any format)
-Moonsocket (any format)
-Tullycraft vinyl
-Bratmobile 7 inches
-misc 90's lo fi indie rock and shoegaze
-misc vinyl/tape releases on K Records, Slumberland, Punk in My Vitamins, Christmas Records, Shrimper,Sonic Enemy, Car in Car Disco Product, Catsup Plate, Cactus Gum, Fingerpaint, Pop Narcotic, Darla, Candy Floss, Four Letter Words, Silvergirl, Sarah Records, Volvolo Records, Small Fi, Harriet, Cher Doll, etc.

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