1990s Rewind


Fev 2 2011, 9h15

50 Sonic Adventures through the 1990s

Fear of a Black Planet, Public Enemy
Goo, Sonic Youth
Ragged Glory, Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Step Across The Border, Fred Frith
The River, Ali Farka Toure

Ask The Ages, Sonny Sharrock
Blue Lines, Massive Attack
Fat Man And The Hard Blues, Julius Hemphill
Love's Secret Domain, Coil
Plague Mass (1984 End of the Epidemic), Diamanda Galas

Bone Machine, Tom Waits
Code: Selfish, The Fall
Newfoundland, AMM
Possession, God
Weaving My Ancestor's Voices, Sheila Chandra

Allegorical Misunderstanding, Fushitsusha
Earth 2, Earth
Obsidian Shaking Codex, Skullflower
Pop Tatari, Boredoms
Rid of Me, P J Harvey

Carry the Day, Henry Threadgill
Dressing for Pleasure, Jon Hassell
Dummy, Portishead
Evanescence, Scorn
Venereology, Merzbow

Apart, Paul Schutze
Black Secret Technology, A Guy Called Gerald
Iaora Tahiti, Mouse on Mars
Maxinquaye, Tricky
White House, The Dead C

Bar Kokhba, John Zorn/Masada Chamber Ensembles
Emperor Tomato Ketchup, Stereolab
Millions Now Living, Tortoise
Mouthfull of Ecstasy, Phil Minton Quartet
Vade Mecum II, Bill Dixon

Hard Normal Daddy, Squarepusher
Homogenic, Bjork
Hotel Parallel, Fennesz
The Quest, Drexciya
Wisdom Of Uncertainty, David S Ware

1, Pole
Camofleur, Gastr del Sol
Mummy and Daddy, Whitehouse
Music Has the Right to Children, Boards of Canada
Noon Chill, Arto Lindsay

I see a darkness, Bonnie Prince Billy
Light's View, John Butcher & Georg Graewe
Monsters & Robots, Buckethead
Second, Kevin Drumm
surf, Phil Jeck


  • malonemuert

    very good list, but it misses The Downward Spiral - I know it's mainstream and well known, but anyway awesome record and certainly a "sonic adventure"

    Mai 29 2011, 16h49
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