solipsistic NATION No. 109: Echo and Reverberation


Set 26 2008, 18h50

It sometimes comes up in conversation what my criteria is for the electronic music that is featured on solipsistic NATION. You might think my answer would be fairtly straight forward. “Why, electronic music, of course!” But what are we talking about when we’re talking about electronic music?

Take music made with synths and a drum machine. That’s clearly electronic music. But what happens when you add vocals? Is it still electronic music? See? Things immediately become murky. Take Depeche Mode. They used a lot of electronic gear so did they make electronic music? I would say no. They were a pop band that happened to make songs with electronic instruments. The Normal, on the other hand, were clearly an electronic music band.

What happens when you start adding guitars, bass and drums into the mix? Again, it depends. Kid Rock is a rock act that utilizes electronic equipment while Ministry is an electronic band that plays rock.

Ah, you say, but all music these days is played with instruments that are electronically amplified, and recorded digitally. And you are right. But I ultimately take the position that electronic music is whatever I point to and say “That’s electronic music.” It’s my show, after all, and I can make my own rules. I just try and make the rules consistent.

And that brings us to today’s show, which is all about .

Dub is one of those grey areas because even in the earliest days of dub all the instruments were traditional instruments like guitars, bass and drums. And being reggae influenced that hardly qualifies as dub, right? But the difference is how a dub producer manipulates those instruments in a recording studio by dropping track in and out and adding reverb and echo. The studio itself becomes an instrument and, to my mind, makes it electronic music.

On this week’s show we’re joined by Bruno Natal, the director of the Dub Echoes. Dub Echoes is a documentary on the history of dub and its effect on music, from pop to punk and, of course, electronic music. Dub Echoes is full of great interviews and features legendary greats such as Lee “Scratch” Perry, Mad Professor and Sly & Robbie and many, many, many more!

If Dub Echoes is screening in your area, I highly recommend that you see it. If not, no worries, you soon will be able to purchase it on DVD from soul jazz records.

Photo Credit: Federico Bebber

01. Dub Echoes (Trailer)
02. DubmatixAin’t Got No Love Dub
03. Interview with Bruno Natal, director of Dub Echoes
04. Nucleus RootsMeditation Dub
05. BloikLazy Dub
06. Interview with Bruno Natal, director of Dub Echoes
07. RandomDubmage
08. Spiral SystemDifferent Light
09. BluetechDiaspora Dub
10. Interview with Bruno Natal, director of Dub Echoes
11. Suns Of ArqaAll You Need is Dub
12. SympathZero Sum
13. Interview with Bruno Natal, director of Dub Echoes
14. DubosmiumAll You Need is Dub
15. Adham ShaikhMicro Dreams



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