solipsistic NATION No. 99: Terrorist Fist Jab


Jul 18 2008, 23h50

I try not too talk too much on solipsistic NATION because I’ve only got an hour to cram as much music and interviews into each edition of the show. I don’t want to waste your time with my banter. Besides, anything I can’t fit in the show I can always say in the show notes.

We’re just months away from a presidential election here in the U.S. and after the longest political campaign in our country’s history things are really heating up. It’s been said that politics are a full contact sport and this campaign has been particularly ugly and for good reason: one of the former candidates, Hillary Clinton, is a woman and Barack Obama, is a black man. Despite the changing face of America our country has yet to fully come to terms with the much needed equality of women and race in our nation. Simply by being in the campaign Clinton and Obama has forced America to think about the issues of sex and race.

While that is a good thing it also means that a lot of people can express their bigotry. Sometimes it came across in an obscure manner such as when pundits observed Clinton’s tactics as being a form of “muscular” politics (none of the other male candidates politics were identified as “muscular”). Sometimes it was more egregious. For example, there were many times when Clinto was told that her place was in the kitchen, often by other women.

The campaign has narrowed down to McCain and Obama so now America’s discomfort with the possibility of having a black man as a president has become more pronounced. Recently there were a batch of pins that read “If Obama is President…will we still call it The White House?” When Obama gently banged fists with his wife, Michelle, a FOXNews anchor asked if the fist-bump might actually be “a terrorist fist jab.” It goes on and on.

When I’m optimistic I see all this as a good thing because it means my country is addressing it’s collective fears and hopefully we can move on. If Obama is elected president racism will still exist in our country but it’s a step in the right direction. Even if Obama is not elected president it still is a victory. The U.S. is finally moving past an antiquated mindset. When I’m not so optimistic I get really pissed off. Can we please move into the fucking 21st century. But rather than rant about all this on solipsistic NATION I figure it would be more productive and just play some music that kicks ass and today’s show does just that. Turn it up and get your rage on!

Photo Credit: Chad Davis

01. The ProdigySmack My Bitch Up
02. DJ Danger Mouse99 Problems
03. Rob SonicBrand New Vandals
04. Aesop Rock feat. Rob SonicDark Heart News
05. Dark MachinesRituals
06. KlaxonsInterzone to Golden Skans So Me (Remix)
07. Neon Stereo Vs MarcieF*ck Me Baby
08. CorneliusGum
09. JusticeStress
10. Time Promises PowerRope of Gloves
11. Rabbit JunkVote Bolshevik Lite
12. CTRLerFlesh
13. Bong-RaSuicide Speed Machine Girl
14. SabrepulseDot Matrix Hero
15. RaüberhöhleMy Heart Bleeps Noisy Beeps



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