solipsistic NATION No. 69: Gunning For The Buddha


Dez 21 2007, 17h53

This week week we’ll be listening to a mix of breath taking music from the Boards of Canada, Nalepa, Vector Lovers and much, much more.

This mix was originally released on Praketh’s Blue Orb podcast and, sadly, is no longer available for download. But the music is so beautiful that I asked Praketh, the record labels and artists if I could share the mix with you on this week’s solipsistic NATION. Happily, they all said yes.

As I said, the original mix is no longer available and that’s got me thinking about the shows I release on solipsistic NATION. Each podcast is, ultimately, disposable media.

Let me explain what I’m talking about.

I spend hours putting these shows together and each week you download the latest edition of solipsistic NATION, listen to it, and then delete from your computer or MP3 player. I’m not complaining. I do the same thing.

But when I downloaded Praketh’s podcast I was so enchanted with his mix that I never deleted it. In fact, I’ve set the alarm clock on my computer to wake me up to this mix each morning.

A good DJ will take you on a journey when they put together a mix of music and this show has everything: it’s gentle, sweet, melancholy, joyful and spiritual. Enjoy!

Photo credit: .kaishin.

01. SchulmanStaring at the Abyss
02. One Second BridgeEverywhere
03. TychoPast Is Prologue
04. Vector LoversNeon Sky Rain
05. Ganucheaustillness
06. Boards of CanadaDayvan Cowboy
07. Felix LabandWhistling In Tongues
08. International Peoples GangAC Harmonics”
09. NalepaFresh
10. Studio PankowHeidelberger Platz
11. I’m Not A GunMove
12. International Peoples GangThis One
13. The Gentlemen LosersLaureline


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