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Mai 16 2007, 8h25

I saw this quiz on nesscoffee's page.

Put iTunes (or preferred music player) on random - do NOT skip when the embarrassing song pops up.
Write down the first line or so down and the artist.
Sort artists in abc order.
Post and see if others can guess them (resist urge to delete embarrassing songs)

Googling the lyrics is cheating - you should be ashamed of yourself for even thinking of that.

Artists may be used more than once.
Post the song title as well as the artist in a reply.
Have fun.

Christian Walz
Eric Clapton
Happy Mondays
Kings of Leon
Le Sport
PJ Harvey
Saturday Looks Good To Me
The Killers
The Soundtrack of Our Lives
The Used

Sunday Morning Breakup – Christian Walz
Lonely Stranger – Eric Clapton
Ink – Finch
Stinkin’ Thinkin’ – Happy Mondays
Theme from Netto – Happy Mondays
McFearless – Kings of Leon
Shaking a Lot – Le Sport
Hook – PJ Harvey
Keep Walking – Saturday Looks Good to Me
Statuesque – Sleeper
Bling (Confessions of a King) – The Killers
Borderline – The Soundtrack of Our Lives
Bulimic – The Used
Close your eyes – Thermostatic

1. I must be invisible; no one notice me
I have crawled down dead end streets on my hands and knees

(2. Shakespeare's Sister – by brmcgeneration)
(3. Wandering Star – by cenuijza)
(4. Never Had No One Ever – by brmcgeneration)
(5. The Killing Moon - by juepucta)
(6. London - by scotthome)

7. From the way that you acted to the way that I felt it, it wasn't worth my time
Now it's sad cause all I missed wasn't that good to begin with

8. I reach in my pocket, a number, a name
It seems so familiar, a 'lose'-ual game

9. Netto... Netto... Netto!

(10. Time Won't Wait – by Hooked-up)
(11. Leif Erikson – by juepucta)
(12. Grace – by Erye)
(13. Wasting My Hate – by narmi)

14. Looking all around me, dreams are all I see
They're coming closer, waiting to be a part of me

(15. Something Rotten – by tollpatschigemo)
(16. Thorn In My Side – by Erye)
(17. If Everybody Looked the Same – by matzoe)
(18. Unintended - by nesscoffee)

19. Across the borderline, no place to hide
In another time across the borderline

20. I climb the mountaintop, I saw the bottom drop
I cling to driftwood, I swim in the deep world

(21. Naked in the City Again – by blindbadger)
(22. All or None – by Riun)
(23. Megalomania - by xfdasfads)
(24. Touch Me - by ashtray_boy)
(25. Chinaberry Tree – by Erye)
(26. I'm A Terrible Person – by martiedawn)
(27. Aerials – by narmi)
(28. Revenga – by tollpatschigemo)
(29. Caramel – by leikoalaula)
(30. On Top - by kalsonberry)
(31. Jackie – by martiedawn)
(32. Forever Young – by cenuijza)

33. Just keep walking because it won't be worth your time tonight
I'm not listening, it seems like you only ever want to say goodbye, goodbye

(34. Witchcraft – by JoJo-McLeod)
(35. Running Out of Turbo – by blindbadger)
(36. Everything's Gone Green – by brmcgeneration)

37. I was blind, I was lame, I was nothing till you came
You said: Babe, make you sing, make you feel like some queen

38. Stray living with a name, they get the best of me
But I won't walk away, I don't complain

(39. ACT OF THE APOSTLE II – by brmcgeneration)

40. When I offer you survival you say it's hard enough to live
It's not so bad, it's not so bad, how do you know that you're right?

41. Kiss me for old times' sake
Kiss me for making me wait

(42. Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down - by juepucta)
(43. Love Will Tear Us Apart - by brmcgeneration)

44. Breaking a lot, taking a lot
Making a lot, shaking a lot

(45. Love Don't Let Me Go (Walking Away) – by leikoalaula)
(46. Mint Car - by Riun & blindbadger)
(47. Kid Gloves – by martiedawn)

48. We should spend the night in a small hotel
Like this, drinking champagne in it

(49. Bugman – by leikoalaula)
(50. Albino Apparel – by guitargrrl722)


  • kalsonberry

    30. The Killers - On Top

    Mai 16 2007, 8h59
  • juepucta

    5 is easy; Echo & The Bunnymen - The Killing Moon -G.

    Mai 16 2007, 10h14
  • nesscoffee

    Well, for the moment, I only have 18: Unintended I'll try later for the others, maybe I can find the System of a down, Placebo and Cure songs! ;)

    Mai 16 2007, 10h43
  • Riun

    22. All or None - Pearl Jam

    Mai 16 2007, 13h36
  • Riun

    (i think 46 could be the cure but can't think of the song .. just a guess ..)

    Mai 16 2007, 13h37
  • sofiasniper

    this All or None is actually live, hence the altered lyrics. good guess with The Cure.

    Mai 16 2007, 17h51
  • leikoalaula

    29. Blur - Caramel 49. Blur - Bugman 45. David Guetta vs The Egg - Love Don`t Let Me Go

    Mai 16 2007, 19h27
  • martiedawn

    47 Voxtrot - kids gloves 31 Sinead Oconnor - Jackie 26 Rooney - Terrible Person 33 is the headpins, i think, but I don't know who would've covered them. I am VERY curious as to what #9 is.

    Mai 16 2007, 21h12
  • sofiasniper

    hmm no, 33. is not a cover, not that i know of at least. so, not The Headpins, i'm afraid. the 9. lyric is the whole damn lyrics to that song. very annoying but you can't skip so...what can you do.

    Mai 16 2007, 21h49
  • brmcgeneration

    43 loooooooooooooooove, love will tear us aparrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt

    Mai 17 2007, 0h29
  • sofiasniper

    * brmcgeneration said: * 17 May 2007, 12:29am 43 loooooooooooooooove, love will tear us aparrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt DUDE, what about the Belle & Sebastian and The Smiths ones!? you know them! you have to!

    Mai 17 2007, 0h40
  • blindbadger

    46. The Cure - Mint Car 21. Hot Hot Heat - Naked In The City Again 35. The Sounds - Uh. Running out of Turbo?

    Mai 17 2007, 1h08
  • juepucta

    11 - Interpol - Leif Erickson

    Mai 17 2007, 8h56
  • cenuijza

    3. Portishead - Wandering Star

    Mai 18 2007, 10h04
  • cenuijza

    And 32 must be a cover of Alphaville's Forever Young? Don't know who did it.

    Mai 18 2007, 10h13
  • brmcgeneration

    oh, sry. the smiths - never had no one ever is #4, and #2 is shakespeare's sister! 39 is act of the apostle by b&s [you need more tigermilk and bwtas, bb] oh and 36 is new order obvzlyz!!!!11one!!!!!! =)

    Mai 19 2007, 3h03
  • sofiasniper

    You STILL didn't get all The Smiths out of there. so shhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

    Mai 19 2007, 3h29
  • matzoe

    #17 Groove Armada - If Everybody Looked The Same

    Mai 19 2007, 19h07
  • narmi

    13) Metallica - Wasting My Hate 27) System of a Down - Aerials

    Mai 20 2007, 14h31
  • sofiasniper

    Aaaaaaand we're half way through, people! Come on, you can make it, I know you can! This does NOT sound pathetic at ALL.

    Mai 23 2007, 7h10
  • tollpatschigemo

    28. Poisoning a drink, bleeding in a sink Choking with a link, killing with a stink that's of course System Of A Down, Revenga;] 15. It seems we're here, I miss you something rotten The stinks are here, it's guaranteed all is forgotten and Placebo - Something Rotten ;] (I've got a similar quiz on my journal, feel free to try if you want;])

    Mai 23 2007, 11h43
  • Hooked-up

    10. Jamiroquai: Time Won't Wait.

    Mai 23 2007, 16h54
  • sofiasniper

    hahaa, kiitos ;D

    Mai 26 2007, 9h26
  • ashtray_boy

    24. Weeping Willows - Touch me

    Jul 10 2007, 21h26
  • sofiasniper

    wowz, i can't believe someone - other than me - is actually trying to revive this. thank you kindly, ashtray boy.

    Jul 10 2007, 22h54
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