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Julma HenriKauppaan kauppaan 2 Jun 8h20
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Julma HenriSRJTNT Vol. 2 2 Jun 8h14
Rage Against the MachineTestify 28 Mai 16h21
Rage Against the MachineMicrophone Fiend 28 Mai 16h17
BopOne Way To Mars 27 Mai 8h42
Electric YouthWithout You 24 Mai 8h02
Electric YouthRunaway Faixa preferida 24 Mai 7h57
HuskyFats Domino 24 Mai 7h52
My Morning JacketCompound Fracture 23 Mai 7h33
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  • bloody72

    pozdrowienia z Polski

    25 Nov 2014 Responder
  • carebearbubbles


    1 Jan 2013 Responder
  • Goojir

    järkyttävä kuva, arvasin, ei wepillä voi koskaan onnistua

    23 Jul 2012 Responder
  • AristideFM

    hey! chek it out - meybe its interesting for ya)

    6 Mai 2011 Responder
  • rumamies

    Tervehdys! RML:n uusin kiveäkin kovempi tuotos Raivovaara EP on nähnyt päivänvalon uudistuneilla sivustoillamme osoitteessa ja myös täällä lastfm:ssä. Myöhemmin myös konkreettiseksi lätyksi muokkautuva omakustanne on mahdollista tilata kotoisien sivujemme kautta omaan käyttöön kovaan. Ole siis hyvä ja tutustu viehkeisiin melodioihin ja tanssi vaikka valssi!! ..

    11 Ago 2009 Responder
  • Ouwinstein

    Kaikkihan täällä on!

    16 Jul 2009 Responder
  • ArousedNinja

    Ok disregard the part about, most brutal film. I watched Martyrs. Wow, just wow. I can't stop thinking about it. It was really heavy. It had just about all elements I go crazy for. Thank you.

    25 Abr 2009 Responder
  • ArousedNinja

    Holy shit. I didn't even know Saul Willams was in it! I saw this film a while ago, back when I didn't know of Saul. Damn. You're right, I'm the best. Haha, no but I appreciate it. I try. I wish I could have seen Let The Right One In at the cinema also. But now I really need to get me the book. It should be good. And thanks, Martyrs sounds dope. Yeah I can stomach just about anything. Just recently I have seen the most brutal film in my entire life. (maybe minus the film Salo). It's called Eden Lake, %100 intensity. Gore and meaning and all. Anyway, I'll see if I can get Martyrs. I knew it was a good idea to talk about movies.

    24 Abr 2009 Responder
  • ArousedNinja

    Ah those are all classics. I was hoping you'd expose me to some indie wonder films. Only one of those was surprising - Solaris. Fantastic. I don't know anyone who has seen that film. Yes, the ending in Pi is flawless. Well, I like anything with zombies, samurai, western, Angelina Jolie or deep philosophies. The last impressive film I have seen was Let The Right One In. And I can tell from your list, that you would like K-Pax. In case you haven't seen it.

    17 Abr 2009 Responder
  • ArousedNinja

    Mm lyrical content, exactly what I'm looking for. And I definitely need to listen to more neo-soulish stuff. Yeah thank you as well, I'll get to it as soon as possible. I'll tell you what I think after I have listened to them. So what other movies do you like. I think we're on the same wave length.

    10 Abr 2009 Responder
  • ArousedNinja

    Hey I'm sorry I'm replying so late. Unfortunately I have never managed to finish The Fountain though from what you said, I should do that soon. So recommending you stuff seems really hard. Your musics are all over the place, I'm not sure if I can tell what you would like. One major quality band that's missing for sure is TV on The Radio. Their album "Return to Cookie Mountain" is spectacular. And you know Mike Patton? If you don't, that one could be for you also. His album Peeping Tom under the same pseudonym is amazingly good. And the album California he made with his band called Mr.Bungle is ace as well. Besides these, you've got it all! What would you say is missing from my charts?

    6 Abr 2009 Responder
  • ArousedNinja

    Thank you :) Though I have already seen it! Such an amazing film. It was part of the reason, why I fell in love with numbers. So you liked it also? And your charts are flawless.

    28 Fev 2009 Responder
  • Raappu


    10 Dez 2007 Responder
  • Raappu

    Jaahas, että tollain kevyesti löytyy. Kyselin, vaan kun oon ite kiinnostunut tutustumaan gonemuzziiggiin. Voisit olla joskus irkissä, niin pystyisit sendiin jotain.

    15 Nov 2007 Responder
  • Raappu

    Moro Sambelziini! Kuunteletko yhtään housee, trancee tai muuta rave-musaa?

    8 Nov 2007 Responder
  • m0uzie

    Sehän on Reflection Eternal - Chaos. Laitoin tracklistin tonne samaa paikkaa. Mun numark TTX on kyl kova peli, suosittelen. Tai sitten tt500, joka on käytännössä sama laite mut halvempi. Teknarii ny ei kannata ostaa kun ne on ylihintasii ja kehityksestä jäljessä.

    20 Mai 2007 Responder
  • m0uzie

    Sup! Mite mixi edistyy? Tsekkaan mun: Sain levarinki vihdoin, ja osaan jo melkee biittimiksata :P

    19 Mai 2007 Responder
  • Mipsu

    Tottakai :D

    28 Set 2006 Responder
  • ProFeel

    11 Jul 2006 Responder
  • plaingirl

    hehe.. Why people listen to the music they do.. or the combinations is hard to figure out.. I listen to pretty much everything. Depends on my mood (as so many say).

    20 Jun 2006 Responder
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