• For anyone having trouble scrobbling iPod

    Jun 16 2009, 6h55

    I finally found a scrobbler that will work with iTunes 8 the way it is - QTscrobbler.
    QTscrobbler works by reading the iTunesDB straight from your iPod before you sync. Plus, it's available for Windows and Mac.
    Link to my forum post on using QTscrobbler
    So, I'm pissed that I lost my scrobbles, but it will never happen again (unless I'm offline for more than two weeks - unlikely), so that's okay. Wooo!!!! Finally!

  • iTunes 8.1 Whinge

    Abr 4 2009, 8h21

    I am somewhat of a playlist addict. I started by doing something sort of like this, but I have tweaked my iTunes playlists so that they're dependent on other playlists to about 50 playlists deep. The details of this are fodder for another blog post (or 10) entirely, but suffice it to say, iTunes runs VERY, VERY slowly thanks to my efforts.

    (Aside: I've told Apple that all I would need to fix this is a "Turn on/off all smartlist live updating" switch - then I could turn them all off, make changes and turn them all on again when I'm done).

    But that's okay. I learned to deal with iTunes by only playing music on the iPod. Every day or so, I sync with iTunes and it grabs me some new tunes (according to the mega playlist rules) and (mostly) scrobbles to

    Well, considering my issues with iTunes, I was very excited to hear about iTunes 8.1 and the drastic changes in database speeds. But I was cautious. I searched for problems (and sadly didn't find anything alarming), I backed up the library and I tested things before I decided it was okay. My 2nd Gen iPod Nano synced fine and scrobbled nicely (which is usually a big test of a version change).

    iTunes 8.1 was a phenomenal database change. My library size dropped from about 300KB to 30KB and iTunes 8.1 was LOTS faster. Things that used to take half an hour to do (like changing the rules to one of the more heavily depended-upon smart playlists) now took a couple of minutes. It was awesome.

    And, since the iPod had synced and scrobbled several times I was very happy. had even found some tracks I thought it had forgotten. It was great. I decided to stick with iTunes 8.1 and began to make serious playlist updates. I tweaked lots of things. I added more music. I played a lot of music. There's no going back to the old library - it would just take too long.

    Then I screwed it all up. I synced Bruce's 3rd Gen iPod Nano. iTunes hangs and dies. Interestingly, scrobbler now thinks Bruce has an iPod Nano and an iPhone with the same serial number. But that's not the end of it. Now, when I sync my iPod it hangs too. Damn Damn Damn. It still works beautifully before you sync.

    Anyway, I start hunting around for fixes. iTunes 8.1 seems to be a problem for all 4th Gen Nano. I'm the first to mention a 3rd Gen Nano, but maybe that's because all the people who just bought their 4th Gen and got the newest version of iTunes are both more pissed off and more likely to be using iTunes 8.1 than their 3rd Gen counterparts who have probably not upgraded to iTunes 8.1 yet. Incidentally, this only seems to be a windows problem. Yay us for using a Windows machine for our music serving - maybe not for long.

    So, if you're using Windows and have an iPod Nano 3rd or 4th Gen DON'T UPGRADE to iTunes 8.1 - wait until they've fixed the problem.


    I synced my iPod yesterday (slowly). iTunes hung, but scrobbled some tracks. Later I realised that my awesome playlist rules (which ensure things I just recently heard aren't on the iPod anymore) worked perfectly in removing the tracks from my iPod ready to get new stuff. But, it didn't grab any new tracks to replace them. And it's completely hung while the iPod is plugged in, so I can't manually pick new playlists. Grr! Plus, only scrobbled 40 of the 400 or so tracks I'd actually listened to. Hopefully it will find the rest later.

    So, in order to scrobble now, I can sync the iPod and hope. But I can't get any new tracks on to the iPod and I'll need to turn live updating off on the playlists I have just so I can keep the tracks I have - need to have something to listen to!

    I can see I'm going to get very sick of the 5 albums I randomly chose to put on my iPod just before this started.

    Anyway, just think of the ridiculousness of all this. Apple have managed to release iTunes without testing that it works for their latest iPods under one of the world's most widely-used operating systems. You. Complete. Idiots.

    Thankfully, in order to sell more 4th Gen Nanos, they'll need to sort this out pretty quickly. And then I will be able to properly enjoy the awesomeness that came with the database access changes in iTunes 8.1. *drools*

    I'll be upgrading iTunes almost every day hoping for a fix.
  • iPod Errors

    Mar 20 2008, 20h06

    I have decided in a fit of guilt that I should post my findings regarding my ipod errors (nano 2nd generation) for the greater good. I mean, I spent most of yesterday (on and off) trying to find a solution. It might help someone, hey?

    Okay, so my problem was that when I synced it would sync any tracks from playlists that had changed (which all of mine do), but if I tried to change which playlists were on the ipod it would throw up an "Unknown ipod error (-50)" and then tell me I couldn't read or write to the drive. Annoying. Also, because it was having problems reading and writing to the drive it wasn't able to do a restore, was it? Yay - not.

    So, I embarked on a day of reading help forums and attempting dumb hacks. As the day progressed, I embarked on more and more far-fetched hacks until what I had was a newly-formatted ipod with no music and still no way of getting music back on it. It got pretty dire.

    So, let's go through the list of what it wasn't (I can't find all the links anymore):
    - I didn't need to restore the ipod (not that that was possible)
    - It wasn't problems with the registry being messed with by other programs
    - It wasn't the photo cache
    - I didn't need a new cable or a change of usb port.
    - I didn't need to re-install iTunes.
    - I didn't need to uninstall
    - De-authorising and re-authorising with apple store didn't help.
    - I didn't need to delete registry keys
    - I really didn't need to reformat my ipod. :(

    What I had to find was this thread regarding enabling disk use.

    You see, Windoze XP needs to have "Enable disk use" checked otherwise it can't see the drive and basically stops letting you write to it after a short while. Unfortunately, this means you have to be really quick checking "enable disk use" and clicking "apply" so that it updates before XP rejects the ipod. Yay! A fix! But not that easy to actually DO.

    Well, I also had the added problem of having installed a few new drives since I unchecked that box. I thought I might have to change around a few drive letters so that XP didn't assign my ipod the same letter as another drive. Nope, that wasn't it either. Still not letting me do it.

    It turns out that what you have to do is click "enable disk use" and "apply" then really quickly do something which forces XP to acknowledge the drive. The best suggestion is to click on "add new hardware".

    All of this has to be done REALLY quickly and you are then treated with a flash of white from the ipod as it finally all comes back to life.

    Hope this helps someone. :)
  • Extra Flamey

    Mar 2 2008, 2h47

    Celebrating 10 years of knowing about Flamma Flamma - All thanks to the Adelaide Festival.
  • Medieval Madness

    Fev 10 2008, 8h32

    While I was looking for Free MP3s and midis of stuff I needed to practise for Lumina Vocal Ensemble, I came across some very interesting stuff by Raphael Maffei. In particular, the album Medievalia (all of which you can legally download for free here). It's got a few tracks we're singing in our upcoming mediaeval concerts plus some really interesting choices from Carmina Burana, the Montserrat Codex and some old favourites like Saltarello. I think it's quite quirky and interesting. Well, I guess, only if you're into medieval stuff. :)

    I'm also very excited about finding out about Qntal. They seem to be , , - (or ) from Germany. They look awesome - I must get hold of some.

    Also, if this is your thing, then you should seriously check out Dead Can Dance from Australia.
  • Hottest 100

    Jan 20 2008, 12h50

  • Sudden Eclecticism

    Out 8 2007, 21h54

    So, I suddenly have my whole collection back after nearly four months. What do I listen to?

    Well, aside from the rating playlists and funky things to automagically drag up things I haven't listened to in a while.. It's a mix of stuff I really missed and stuff I was just getting into when the computer died.

    The tracks I'm getting excited about are all a little obscure but I definitely recommend getting hold of them:

    Goran Gora - Fight!
    The Lovekevins - Anorak and Other Complicated Words Starting With an A
    Damien Rice - Rootless Tree
    The Mountain Goats - Dilaudid
    The Cat Empire - The Wine Song
    nërf - bad mo fo

    They're mostly light, downtempo indie and sort of fun. Quite a few have strings. The Cat Empire track is so very, very funny when you think about Australia's water problems at the moment. They're going on about how we need to save water anyway so we'll just stick to drinking wine. :)

    A few albums also fell into the mix mainly because it had been so long since I'd heard them:

    Leonard Bernstein - Mass
    Wendy Carlos - A Clockwork Orange: Wendy Carlos's Complete Original Score
    La bottine souriante - Anthologie
    Dead Can Dance - Aion
    Arctic Monkeys - Favourite Worst Nightmare
    Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand
    Mika - Life in Cartoon Motion
    Jeff Wayne - The War Of The Worlds
    Final Fantasy - He Poos Clouds
    Eels - With Strings: Live at Town Hall
    Stereolab - Mars Audiac Quartet
    The Beta Band - The Best of the Beta Band
    The Dresden Dolls - The Dresden Dolls
    Emilie Simon - The Flower Book
    The Mountain Goats - The Sunset Tree
    The Dresden Dolls - Yes, Virginia
    Neil Gaiman - Where's Neil When You Need Him?

    Yes, the mix is a little eclectic. I've got lots of indie, some world music, folky strings, 70s synth, choral music and britpop. Anyway it's going to keep me busy for a while :)
  • Whee!

    Set 27 2007, 2h24

    I gots my iTunes back.. and am setting up my iPod. Mmm. Music fun :)
  • Music of my life

    Set 25 2007, 14h14

    I'm thinking it's time for another music update. It's been a while since I told the world about my musical habits of late. Actually, of late they've been very strange. While studying too many hours a day I clocked up a huge amount of Michael Nyman, Philip Glass and Yann Tiersen. While these artists are fantastic, it has rather skewed the charts towards the easy-listening/classical side of things.

    I've also been without iTunes and my huge library of music. It makes me sad. :( I bought an iPod weeks ago (purely for scrobbling awesomeness and to entice myself to walk to work more often) and have been unable to put music on it yet. On the occasion I've walked to work it has been with my trusty MDman and a pile of old music I very rarely listen to anymore. I've also been listening to CDs in the kitchen like La bottine souriante and more Michael Nyman.

    So, nothing's getting scrobbled except what I listen to at work and the handful of things I threw into Songbird. These are mainly happy-indie bouncy artists like Kaiser Chiefs, Arctic Monkeys and royksopp. They go down a treat next to the studying music and make it very hard for anyone else to be super with me anymore!

    Concerts I should have gone to
    I've been a little over Tori Amos lately, but her recent concert in Adelaide has made me jealous of all the attendees, regardless.

    I'm very pissed that I decided not to see The Shins at the last minute. They sang Pink Floyd and I missed it! And all reports I heard said that they were one of the tightest acts to come to Adelaide in years. Missing that concert could prove to be one of my worst decisions ever. Who needs money when you can have tickets? Huh?

    I'm devastated at not going to Daft Punk even though that would mean going to Melbourne or Sydney.

    I should have gone to see The Cure. What was I thinking?

    Concerts I should go to
    I really want to see Architecture in Helsinki at the Gov and Muse (even though they are playing in The Entertainment Centre)

    The Klaxons should also be a lot of fun, even though they're playing at HQ - ew!

    Sarah Blasko is also coming to Adelaide soon, as are The Cat Empire. The latter is not such an important concert for me as I saw them last time they were here.

    Nick Cave is also coming to town. Not as regular a fan as I used to be.. but it's Nick Cave! I should just go.

    I just don't have the money for all these tickets! I need someone to pay me to be there, somehow. Anyone want reviews, maybe? :)

    Things I've found recently that rock!
    Ah, I was going to write a long spiel here, but I am running out of steam for this post. I found today. It looks awesome. Now to investigate a little hack with Foobar2000 which supposedly lets you scrobble the tracks to If it works I'll be trying Triple J next. I don't really know how it works. This may be wishful thinking :)

    I might also direct you to my playlist. It's basically all the stuff I can still stand to hear over and over again at work when tag radio isn't to my liking. Speaking of.. here are my current favourite tag radio stations.

    Personal Tag Radio/Lists
    Current Faves Favourite Albums Loved or Loved Tracks
    Party! or Upbeat or Happy Checking Out
    Listen to More Buy More CDs Karaoke
    Seen Live Loved on first listen Super Like Us! Radio Tag Radio
    or or
    or or
    or or
    or or
    or or or

    Triple J Group or
    or or

    Group radio!
    If you've read this far then you're probably into very similar stuff to me. I'm trying to create a kick-arse group radio station, Super like us! If you are super with me (or one of the other group leaders - please say which leader you are super with) then we'd love to have you!
  • Scrobbling broken.

    Jun 25 2007, 5h48

    Damn! I've been listening to all day and scrobbling isn't working. It's scrobbled 1 track!! Arse.