My life in song titles


Mar 20 2007, 21h46

you know how it goes.

band- Air

male or female: Cherry Blossom Girl
describe yourself: New Star in the Sky
how do others think about you: La femme d'argent
how do you think about yourself: Bathroom Girl
describe your ex: Empty House
describe your girl-/boyfriend: Ghost Song
where would you like to be: Alone in Kyoto
who would you like to be: Venus
describe your lifestyle: Dirty Trip
describe the way you love: Playground Love
and last, a few wise words: Run
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  • apsj002

    male or female: Breaking the girl (red hot chili peppers) describe yourself: Fluorescent adolescent (arctic monkeys) how do others think about you: she moves in her own way (the kooks) how do you think about yourself: Go! Go! Go! (glasvegas) your ex: Now who's the fool (paolo nutini) boyfriend: empty spaces (pink floyd) like to be: free (reverend and the makers) who: plastic jesus (billy idol) lifestyle: maybe tomorrow (stereophonics) /the way we get by (spoon) way I love: The district sleeps alone tonight (postal service) wise words: what about next time

    Dez 2 2007, 5h20
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