• motherfuckin' highlarious!

    Set 16 2007, 3h19

    so, if i wasn't a spacemen3/spectrum/sonic boom fan, i would've stayed home, but i had to see him again, since it had been about 10 years since i saw spectrum last.
    sonic had apparently hired fuxa, or one of the lead guys from that outfit as his backup help. he seemed at unease the whole time and was just waiting for sonic to say jump the whole fuckin' time. you 'd think that they'd gone over some of the songs prior, seemed like a master/slave thing to me.
    anyway, it was great. knob twistin and classic programmed bliss sounds and one spacemen 3 tune to boot... near the end i saw that sonic had his button down shirt tucked neatly into his underwear! that right there pulled it all together for me.
    afterwards, we saw him in the alley smoking weed with a bunch of young girls... ah, to be a legend. -g
  • kinski at easy street....

    Ago 25 2007, 6h35

    you gotta love in store performances... well i do. kinda. this one at easy street records on lower queen anne in seattle has a nice stage in the back part of the store, so yer standing in their little maze of cd's and stuff. i got lucky and was smack dab in front of some avant garde jazz.
    kinski kicked in with some new shit that kinda had the that same spirit as the sonics but more grungy... then the rest of their set was on point with their signature rockadelic instrumentals invaded by times of lyrics and and some badass basslines.... i dig 'em.

    later that night we went to see members of master musicians of bukkake play as the spoils at the jewelbox theatre in the rendezvous. someone told me it was a benefit for wall of sound records, who knows. but i was happy to see a few members of kinski show their support... reminded me of the earlier years in this town.
  • jesu made my friend cry

    Abr 7 2007, 18h28

    for real. jesu fuckin' threw down like noting else existed. i could've walked out of there after justin played completely satisfied. isis was good as they are good at what they do. but i'm never totaly into them when i see them, not enough heavy parts for me.... call me picky. but they stood there ground and sounded great. lots of fans in the crowd. a curious bunch. all in all in was great to see jesu and see justin 18 years after i saw him play as godflesh at the ok hotel...
    good times
  • no show

    Mar 27 2007, 21h57

    Sat 24 Mar – Dead Meadow, Spindrift, Hypatia Lake, Huge Spacebird

    so dead meadow didn't show up. weak. we were looking forward to that one for a couple of weeks. we still went to see spindrift. they were decent garagy/psychedelic/spaghetti westerns on acid. with yodeling.