Hello :)


Mar 20 2012, 5h23

First time writing a journal entry, hahah, even though I had this account for a quite amount of time~ Hmm, What I realized I am no longer passionately in love J-ROCK, VISUAL KEI, or OSHARE KEI anymore as I was in my teenage days' instead I am slowly falling out of love for J-ROCK ( ; . ; ) It's quite a sad feeling, as if I am losing a part of myself, but I would say it is similar to how a snake shed it's skin and onto an new layer. LOL weird..I am not sure if you understand me or not but there are some bands that I can't just let go but I wouldn't say I am crazy obsessed with them as I was when I was 13 or 16. Such as Plastic Tree, Ryutaro Arimura the lead singer, I can't forget his angelic voice, his music and voice just touches me right into my soul, few rare music artist can actually make me feel this way. Have you ever felt that way about a particular band or artist? I hope I can find my new flavor of music heheh because it's quite strange to not be obsessed anymore. LOL, maybe that's a good thing. Do you guys have any recommendations? Lately I been listening to Louis Armstrong, Deathcab for Cutie, Paramore, The Beatles, Three Days Grace, Radiohead, X-Japan and any cute accoustic songs eg Chase Coy, My Genuine Find (Bobby Mares) etc.

Currently Listening to: One Headlight - The Wallflowers ~
Love this song to pieces, first time I heard was in middle school, laying comfortably on my bed listen to the radio with the afternoon sun ushering soft kisses at my skin. And now? I am in the final year of high school, haha so much have change since then. I think I grew up alot, JROCK/VISUAL KEI made me a better person and I thank them for that especially LM.C, SuG, the GazettE, Plastic Tree and others. If it weren't for these bands, I am not quite sure if I would still be here.


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