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  • music-offshore

    A swim in a cupe of Thee he I think ? haha or is it Coffee hihi , very funny. Greethings from Herman (city Gent , Belgium)

    10 Abr 16h51 Responder
  • Genesis-girl

    Thank you for the tip, I will check that out. Saw Riverside on Sunday night, excellent show : ))

    10 Abr 7h18 Responder
  • leburnhealeyman

    Still filling with water, and not much else, we was out today, and still the same when we got back. He's washing one of his cars just now, so they are going shopping t'moz, so may be a wet day here! lol I'll see if I can sneak a pic or two as things progress. Still waiting for mu oppo's opinion on EZ, but might give it a go anyway.

    9 Abr 18h07 Responder
  • leburnhealeyman

    Kin 'ell he went out yesterday, but as it pee'd all day didn't need the hose, sunny all day today so he stayed in!!!!! You sure you've got your mind on the job this week? :))

    8 Abr 18h28 Responder
  • HippyDave

    Guilty as charged. Hey :-).

    7 Abr 20h21 Responder
  • leburnhealeyman

    Dobbed in! Nah, they'd wish they'd thought of it,lol. Right, I've read all the pdf, be nice to be able to try a few dummy runs, but looks like we'll have to learn the hard way, it really had got to be worth risking 200 innit! Though I'll have a chat with my old workmate Rod, he's pretty cute on this kind of thing. Don't over do it this week, may need your energy for better things. :))

    7 Abr 6h17 Responder
  • leburnhealeyman

    Right, skips, I bet like me, you just toss the crap in , and give it a whack or two to make it fit if space is getting tight. WRONG!!!!! Imagine a wardrobe of new clothes and nice new suitcase on the baed, you'd do your best to pack everything nice and neat to avoid creasing and so , you know the score. Well this is how my neighbours fills a skip, seen him do two a couple of years back, they were solid top to bottom, took hours, sorry I mean days to do! He now has another one, been here a week now, first layer is almost complete, trouble is the skip is water tight, and it all keeps floating around, must take some pics when he's out. Personally I'd drill a hole in the bottom , with our weather just now he'll be full of water before it's full of crap! Now there's a thought, when he's out I'll get the hose and wash the car, and maybe slip a bit, oh yes defo!!! :))

    6 Abr 18h31 Responder
  • leburnhealeyman

    That's the way to do it, no trouble no strife, that's my route anyway,I got a crap cold, first for a couple of years or more, but did manage to de-head half an acre of dandelions just now,do the other half tomorrow, and if we get a dry patch, I'll weed kill just t'other side of fences both sides! Should charge for that really I think, and if anyone says owt, it will be mentioned. Question , how do you fill a skip, should you have one that is, I ask first, then I'll tell you a story! :))

    6 Abr 13h14 Responder
  • leburnhealeyman

    Ok, I'll take a closer look this week sometime, and let you know, definitely have to be a race, on a % age basis I think! :))

    6 Abr 9h52 Responder
  • leburnhealeyman

    Good news then, I reckon you just wanted to skive off early meself! :)

    5 Abr 11h50 Responder
  • leburnhealeyman

    No no no, not moving, just don't see why we shouldn't be able to change councils, it's all tax innit, so whats the problem! :)

    5 Abr 11h38 Responder
  • leburnhealeyman

    Sent you a short PM !

    5 Abr 11h31 Responder
  • leburnhealeyman

    I see you gave me a better week this week, even left with a high of a Friday, you must be double knackered, so am I, bank all up and running, and first bunch of ISA's on the way to Skipton, got more to do this week, and that's it for now, unless you know a council with a better deal on Council Tax! Have a good one,:))

    5 Abr 10h48 Responder
  • leburnhealeyman

    Sorry, I missed that one, so best have a rest on the train now! :)

    1 Abr 6h22 Responder
  • leburnhealeyman

    Ah the price to pay for a sunny weekend! lol :))

    31 Mar 18h43 Responder
  • leburnhealeyman

    Have you started yet? :))

    31 Mar 6h30 Responder
  • Genesis-girl

    Happy week : )))

    30 Mar 21h02 Responder
  • leburnhealeyman

    I'll just have a bit of a lie in then, knowing that everything is under control, coffee in bed, get up for my fried breakfast, can't be too late with that or I'll never fit elevenses in! :))

    30 Mar 19h44 Responder
  • leburnhealeyman

    Just so you can see that it's not all good me time, today was actually crapier weather wise than yesterday! So I need some good news, best you get that whip cracked tomorrow! :))

    30 Mar 19h17 Responder
  • leburnhealeyman

    Just checked up, just over 5 years to go, that'll rattle by, don't forget bed early tonight, or you'll be late up! :))

    29 Mar 19h54 Responder
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