Best of the Blink 182-related bands?


Jan 9 2009, 19h07

I know they're all different styles but I wanted to make a journal on here lol.

So yeah, your favourite out of:
Angels & Airwaves
Boxcar Racer

..and no, you can't choose Blink, 'cause we all love them ;):P


  • Hadouken4Life

    Box Car Racer & +44 OWN !!!! =D

    Jan 11 2009, 15h51
  • skatenotwar

    :) thanks for commenting <3

    Jan 11 2009, 15h52
  • Imaginarie

    AVA =)

    Jan 11 2009, 19h16
  • skatenotwar

    haha my favourite atm :)

    Jan 11 2009, 20h08
  • niagriff I am an angels & airwaves and transplants virgin. I have one Box Car Racer song, so it doesn't really count XD

    Jan 27 2009, 18h16
  • skatenotwar

    Damn I need to send you some! You might like the Transplants and I'm going to convert you to like AVA because they are in fact amazing.!

    Jan 27 2009, 18h25
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