12 tracks from neighbors not currently in the playlist


Fev 24 2007, 7h30

Hi, this is Levi, the guy who runs this account.

Part of the reason I'm doing this whole project is to improve the playlists of various Sirius stations. I figure that requests from one SPERM can be easily ignored, but requests backed up by research into listener's habits is harder to ignore.

Basically the methodology is to use Neighbors radio. I love any song that's been played on Octane in the current calendar month; songs that fit better on other channels are banned.

The goal is to get a dozen tracks that aren't in the regular playlist but should be played at least occasionally.

1. 107
2. Tomorrow I'll Be You
3. Raw
4. Dead Inside
5. Do It Again
6. Streamline
7. Korea
8. Only One
9. Township Rebellion
10. A Stranger
11. Yesterday Don't Mean Shit
12. Do It For The Kids
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