360 Sound Show for 11/08/10


Nov 8 2010, 13h24

Total time is 280 minutes.

All the music on this set is strictly from the last ten years with quite a liberal helping of new and recent stuff. Let's start off with the new releases.

Three tracks from Fern Knight's brand new release, Castings: "From Zero To Infinity", "Pentacles", and "Epitaph"

Two tracks from Jozef van Wissem's latest, Ex Patris: "The Day Is Coming" & "Our Hearts Condemn Us"

Three from Animal Collective's Avey Tare's latest, Down There: "Laughing Hieroglyphic", "Ghost Of Books", & "Cemeteries"

Five from Deerhunter's latest, Halcyon Digest: "Don't Cry", "Revival", "Memory Boy", "Fountain Stairs", & "Sailing"

Agent Ribbons "The Boy With The Wooden Lips" (2006)
Tiny Vipers "Campfire Resemblance" (2007)
Diane Cluck "Telepathic Desert" (2007)
Jana Hunter "Have You Got My Money" (2005)
Larkin Grimm "Little Weeper" (2008)
Emily Jane White "The Ravens" (2010)
Laura Gibson "Shadows On Parade" (2009)
Joanna Newsom "In California" (2010)
Mariee Sioux "Bundles" (2007)
Marissa Nadler "Bird On Your Grave" (2006)
Sharron Kraus "The Frozen Lake" (2004)
Vashti Bunyan "Here Before" (2005)

The Microphones "The Mansion", "(something)", "(something) continued", & "I Will Not Contain You" (2001)
Vetiver "Down At El Rio" (2006)
Devendra Banhart "Pumpkin Seeds" (2002)
Skygreen Leopards "The Supplication Of Fireflies" (2005)
Bird By Snow "Across The Water" (2010)
June Madrona "Arcata" (2005)
Tower Recordings "Empress Of I-91" (2004)
Castledoor "Hidden Treasure" (2009)
Portland Cello Project "Seeds May Fall" (feat. Justin Power)(2009)
The Builders And The Butchers "Find Me In The Air" (2008)
Loch Lomond "Bird And A Bear (I Am The Bird)" (2007)
Leopard Meat "A Taller Tale" (2008)
Sam Amidon "Wedding Dress" (2008)
Iron & Wine "Resurrection Fern" (2007)
Citay "Mirror Kisses" (2010)
Rykarda Parasol "No Sir (Ain't No Man Gonna)" (2009)

Songs Of Green Pheasant "Alex Drifting Alone" (2007)
Voice Of The Seven Woods "The Journey" (2008)
Brethren Of The Free Spirit "I Am The Flower Of Sharon And A Rose In The Valley" (2008)
Jack Rose "Black Pearls From The River" (2004)
Six Organs Of Admittance "Journey Through Sankuan Pass" (2000)
Sir Richard Bishop "Saraswati" (2007)
Steffen Basho-Junghans "A North Thuringian Raga" (2003)





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