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Here, dear friends, is the link that is the inspiration behind my handle. It is Frank Zappa in his first televised appearance, on The Steve Allen Show in 1963. Enjoy!--RW from SF

Last.FM Milestones5000th track: (02 Feb 2008)

I have an Internet radio show on Radio 23 (you can find it on called the 360 Sound Show on Wednesday night at 11:00 until Thursday morning at 3:00 (all times are PDT). Give it a listen whenever you get a chance.

I am also an optimist. You can tell by the quotes I offer.--RW

I'm such a negative person, and always have been. Was I born that way? I don't know. I am constantly disgusted by reality, horrified and afraid. I cling desperately to the few things that give me some solace, that make me feel good.--R. Crumb

I'm only in it for the beer.--Bert Jansch

People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for freedom of thought which they seldom use.--Soren Kierkagaard

The reward for conformity is that everyone liked you except yourself.--Rita Mae Brown

In the fight between you and the world, back the world.--Frank Zappa

When you are down and out something will always turn up--and it's usually the noses of your friends.--Orson Welles

When a man tells you that he got rich through hard work, always ask him: "Whose?"--don marquis

If something is boring after two minutes, try it for four. If it's still boring, try eight. Then sixteen. Then thirty-two. Eventually one discovers that it is not boring at all.--John Cage

Democracy means government by the uneducated. Aristocracy means government by the badly educated.--G.K. Chesterton

Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.--P.J. O'Rourke

In California, you buy enlightenment the way you buy peas at the supermarket, by size and by weight. I'd like to buy four pounds of enlightenment, I said to myself.--Phillip K. Dick

‎(The revolutionaries) want something other than what they have. They don't know what they want. But if they went out and conducted a revolution like they envision it, a little extravaganza in the street, and let's suppose they had a little confrontation with the heat, and they win, then what do they do? They have no better plan, and I don't think they have enough intelligence to see that there are a lot of people who need to be thought of in terms of a revolution. I think about the revolution in the United States where the youth thinks about taking over, what are you going to do about your mother and father or the rest of the old schmucks who've been lousing everything up, are you going to kill them? Things like that they haven't come to grips yet. They aren't ready to make a better society and not only that, their methodology is so primitive that fortunately I don't think it's going to succeed. --Frank Zappa, February 1970 (This sums up my feelings in re Occupy Whatever.)

Somebody has to do something, and it's incredibly pathetic that it has to be us.--Jerry Garcia

The first thing I ask myself when something doesn't seem to be beautiful is why do I not think it's beautiful. And very shortly you discover that there is no reason.--John Cage

It is characteristic of the mentally ill to hate those who love them and love those who connive against them.--Phillip K. Dick

There ought to be behind the door of every happy, contented man someone standing with a hammer continually reminding him with a tap that there are unhappy people; that however happy he may be, life will show him her laws sooner or later, trouble will come for him--disease, poverty, losses, and no one will see or hear, just as now he sees nor hear others.--Chekhov

When I do a show, the whole show revolves around me, and if I don't show up, they can just forget it.--Ethel Merman

I sort of gave up on this whole human adventure a long time ago. Divorced myself emotionally. I think the human race has squandered its promise. I think people in America sold out very cheaply for sneakers and cheeseburgers. And I don't think it's fixable.--George Carlin

Every now and then I am impressed with the thinking of the non-Indian. I was in Cleveland last year and got to talking with a non-Indian about American history. He said that he was really sorry about what happened to Indians, but that there was good reason for it. The continent had to be developed and he felt that Indians had stood in the way, and thus had to be removed. "After all," he remarked,"what did you do with the land when you had it?" I didn't understand him until later when I discovered that the Cuyahoga River running through Cleveland is inflammable. So many combustible pollutants are dumped into the river that the inhabitants have to take special precautions during the summer to avoid setting it on fire. After reviewing the argument of my non-Indian friend I decided he was probably correct. Whites had made better use of the land. How many Indians could have thought of creating an inflammable river?--Vine Deloria, Jr. (1969)

There was something alike terrifying and piteous in the spectacle of these frail old morsels of humanity consecrating their last flickering energies to the task of making each other wretched. Hatred seemed to be the one faculty which had survived in undiminished vigor and intensity where all else was falling into ordered and symmetrical decay. And the uneasy part of it was that some horrid unwholesome power seemed to be distilled from their spite and their cursing. --Saki, "The Peace of Mowsle Barton" (sounds a wee bit like "Shut Up, Little Man", don't it?)

I feel that this do-or-die, my-country-right-or-wrong kind of patriotism is not merely out of place in a nuclear armed world, it is criminal egotism on a monstrous scale. The world won't be safe until people in all countries recognize it for what it is and, instead of cheering the leader who talks that way, impeach him.--Dr. Benjamin Spock

"America today is a far less civilized land, and even more neurotic, than the Germany of the 1930's. We live in places so extreme in ugliness, squalor, and dysfunction that just going to the store leaves a sentient American reeling in angst and anomie. Our popular culture would embarrass a race of hebephrenics. We think that neck tattoos are cool. A lot of our pop music is overtly homicidal. Our richest citizens have managed to define a new banality of evil. Our middle classes are subject to humiliations so baroque that sadomasochism even fails to encompass the finer points. And we don't even need help from other nations to run our own economic affairs into the ground--we're digging our national grave with a kind of antic glee, complete with all the lurid stagecraft that Las Vegas, Hollywood, and Madison Avenue can muster."--Jim Kunstler

Either man is obsolete or war is.--R. Buckminster Fuller

The symbols of the divine show up in our world initially at the trash stratum.--Phillip K. Dick

Every society gets the criminal it deserves. What is equally true is that every community gets the kind of law enforcement it insists on.--Robert F. Kennedy

We will find neither national purpose nor personal satisfaction in a mere continuation of economic progress, in an endless amassing of worldly goods.--also RFK

expression is the need of my soul
i was once a vers libre bard
but i died and my soul went into the body of a cockroach
it has given me a new outlook upon life
i see things from the under side now--don marquis, "the annotated archy and mehitabel"

I am not eccentric. It's just that I am more alive than most people. I suppose I am an unpopular electric eel set in a pond of catfish.--Edith Sitwell, 1963

We forfeit three-quarters of ourselves, in order to be like other people.--Arthur Schopenhauer

Don't be afraid of death so much as an inadequate life.--Bertolt Brecht

Art is not a mirror that reflects reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.--Bertolt Brecht

I was a dope smokin', beer drinkin' sex fiend until I met Mel Lyman. Now I'm a record collector.--Jim Kweskin

For every complex problem, there is an answer that is clear, simple--and wrong.--H.L. Mencken

I've put in so many enigmas and puzzles that it will keep the professors busy for centuries arguing over what I meant, and that's the way of ensuring one's own immortality.--James Joyce

Stupidity is not easy to diagnose. The simplest form of stupidity--the mumbling, nose-picking, stolid incomprehension--can be detected by anyone. But the stupidity which disguises itself as thought, and which talks so glibly and eloquently, indeed never stops talking, in every walk of life is not so easy to identify, because it marches under a formidable name, which few dare attack. It is called Popular Opinion.--Robertson Davies

Last.FM Milestones2000th track: (29 Nov 2007)
Iron & Wine - Such Great Heights
3000th track: (19 Dec 2007)
Lothar & The Hand People - That's Another Story
4000th track: (13 Jan 2008)
Rich "Goose" Gossage - Rich "Goose" Gossage
5000th track: (02 Feb 2008)
Sir Millard Mulch - James Pitts In Bondage IV: Moving Target
6000th track: (14 Mar 2008)
Devendra Banhart - suitcase
7000th track: (18 Apr 2008)
Jonathan & Leigh - Changes
8000th track: (02 May 2008)
Lucid Nation - Punkophony
9000th track: (03 Jun 2008)
Kaki King - Night After Sidewalk
10000th track: (23 Jun 2008)
Briminham Bill - Brimingham Tickle
11000th track: (11 Jul 2008)
Robbie Basho - Cathedrals Et Fleur de Lis
12000th track: (23 Jul 2008)
Judee Sill - Down Where the Valleys Are Low
13000th track: (06 Aug 2008)
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Safe As Milk
14000th track: (21 Aug 2008)
Matt Baldwin - Sean Cycle
15000th track: (02 Sep 2008)
Thelonious Monk - Carolina Moon
16000th track: (22 Sep 2008)
Kuupuu - Lentokalojen hautuumaa
17000th track: (01 Oct 2008)
Boards of Canada - Gyroscope
18000th track: (12 Oct 2008)
John Fahey - Commemorative Transfiguration And Communion At Magruder Park
19000th track: (20 Oct 2008)
Kaleidoscope - Please
20000th track: (30 Oct 2008)
Pop Maynard - Colin & Phoebe
21000th track: (07 Nov 2008)
Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra & Wilhelm Furtwängler - Symphony No. 8 in F Major, Op. 93: III. Tempo di menuetto
22000th track: (16 Nov 2008)
Alfred Deller & Desmond Dupre - The Three ravens
23000th track: (24 Nov 2008)
Davie Stewart - McGinty's Meal and Ale
24000th track: (04 Dec 2008)
June Tabor - Bonny May
25000th track: (16 Dec 2008)
Joseph Spence - Out on the Rolling Sea
26000th track: (30 Dec 2008)
John Fahey - Requiem for Molly (Part 1)
27000th track: (09 Jan 2009)
John Renbourn - Song
28000th track: (21 Jan 2009)
John Fahey - What the Sun Said
29000th track: (02 Feb 2009)
Fats Navarro & Tadd Dameron - Lady Bird (Alternate Take)
30000th track: (12 Feb 2009)
John Renbourn - Goat Island
31000th track: (22 Feb 2009)
The Residents - In Between Dreams
32000th track: (03 Mar 2009)
Grateful Dead - Casey Jones
33000th track: (10 Mar 2009)
Joanna Newsom - "En Gallop"
34000th track: (17 Mar 2009)
Shirley & Dolly Collins - The Gallant Hussar-Ashley Hutchings And Chums
35000th track: (25 Mar 2009)
Rio En Medio - The Visitor
36000th track: (04 Apr 2009)
Marissa Nadler - Thinking Of You
37000th track: (12 Apr 2009)
Rasputina - You Don't Own Me
38000th track: (19 Apr 2009)
Dave Rogerson - Untitled Hornpipe/The Swallow's Tail - Reel
39000th track: (01 May 2009)
Ed Askew - May Blossoms Be Praised
40000th track: (08 May 2009)
Fairport Convention - Meet On The Ledge
41000th track: (17 May 2009)
Quicksilver Messenger Service - The Fool
42000th track: (26 May 2009)
Miles Davis - Billy Preston
43000th track: (31 May 2009)
Roy Harper - Committed
44000th track: (05 Jun 2009)
Richard Crandell - Diagonal
45000th track: (12 Jun 2009)
Luke Temple - You Could Be Anywhere
46000th track: (18 Jun 2009)
Philharmonia Hungarica - Symphony in F, H.I No.58 - 1. Allegro
47000th track: (24 Jun 2009)
Weeds - Don't Close The Door On Me
48000th track: (01 Jul 2009)
Eden Ahbez - the Old Boat
49000th track: (08 Jul 2009)
Barbara Strozzi - Lamento del Marchese Cinq-Mars
50000th track: (15 Jul 2009)
Vashti Bunyan - Same But Different
51000th track: (21 Jul 2009)
The Skygreen Leopards - A Child Adrift
52000th track: (27 Jul 2009)
Davy Graham - Jenra
53000th track: (03 Aug 2009)
Bert Jansch - Sweet Little Sunshine
54000th track: (09 Aug 2009)
Devendra Banhart - Sister
55000th track: (15 Aug 2009)
Bert Jansch - Chambertin
56000th track: (22 Aug 2009)
Greg Davis & Sebastien roux - Sea Grasses And Blue Sea
57000th track: (29 Aug 2009)
Lowell George - Find A River
58000th track: (06 Sep 2009)
Eclection - Still I Can See (LP Version)
59000th track: (14 Sep 2009)
Tim Buckley - Down in the Street
60000th track: (22 Sep 2009)
The Lickets - Magnificent New Terminal Building
61000th track: (29 Sep 2009)
Steve Miller Band - Gangster Of Love
62000th track: (09 Oct 2009)
Linda Perhacs - Dolphin
63000th track: (16 Oct 2009)
Thelonious Monk - Carolina Moon
64000th track: (23 Oct 2009)
John Fahey - Red Rocking Chair
65000th track: (31 Oct 2009)
Crosby, Stills & Nash - Lady of the Island
66000th track: (08 Nov 2009)
Joni Mitchell - Blue (Live LP Version)
67000th track: (16 Nov 2009)
William S. Burroughs - I was traveling with The Intolerable Kid on The Nova Lark
68000th track: (23 Nov 2009)
First Rhapsody For Knives, Forks & Spoons parts 1 & 2 - The Central High School Cafeteria Band (05/05)
69000th track: (01 Dec 2009)
The Firesign Theatre - The Mantras and the Shakras
70000th track: (07 Dec 2009)
Charlie Schmidt - Firebird
71000th track: (15 Dec 2009)
The Crooked Jades - So Many People (So Far From Their Hearts)
72000th track: (25 Dec 2009)
Lord Invader - Me One Alone
73000th track: (02 Jan 2010)
The Godz - Give A Dream
74000th track: (11 Jan 2010)
Glenn Jones - A Geranium for Mano-a-Mano
75000th track: (20 Jan 2010)
Gunter Hampel Group - Make Love Not War to Everybody
76000th track: (01 Feb 2010)
Freddie Hubbard - The Intrepid Fox
77000th track: (08 Feb 2010)
Blue Cheer - Heart Full of Soul
78000th track: (17 Feb 2010)
Moondog - Oboe Round
79000th track: (26 Feb 2010)
den konkreta kunden - Ni tror att ni är roliga!
80000th track: (06 Mar 2010)
Ars Nova - And How Am I To Know
81000th track: (12 Mar 2010)
Moondog - Each Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow
82000th track: (20 Mar 2010)
The Box Tops - Come On Honey
83000th track: (28 Mar 2010)
Erin K & Tash - Jiggy Miggy
84000th track: (11 Apr 2010)
Patti Smith - Citizen Ship (Digitally Remastered 1996)
85000th track: (20 Apr 2010)
Stan Getz - Tabu
86000th track: (28 Apr 2010)
Albert Ayler - Bells
87000th track: (04 May 2010)
Meg Baird - There Was A Boy
88000th track: (11 May 2010)
John Renbourn - The Hermit
89000th track: (22 May 2010)
Dick Fariña & Eric Von Schmidt - Jumping Judy
90000th track: (29 May 2010)
Absent Without Leave - The First Rain
91000th track: (06 Jun 2010)
Neu! - Lieber Honig
92000th track: (11 Jun 2010)
John Fahey - Variations on the Coocoo
93000th track: (18 Jun 2010)
Tetuzi Akiyama - reinforcement
94000th track: (26 Jun 2010)
Windy & Carl - Seiche
95000th track: (04 Jul 2010)
Tim Buckley - The Earth is Broken
96000th track: (11 Jul 2010)
The Box Tops - I See Only Sunshine (Remastered)
97000th track: (18 Jul 2010)
Buffalo Springfield - Uno Mundo
98000th track: (27 Jul 2010)
Cecil Taylor - With (Exit)
99000th track: (06 Aug 2010)
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Red Right Hand
100000th track: (16 Aug 2010)
Frank Zappa - Harmonica Fun
101000th track: (25 Aug 2010)
Forest - Don't Want To Go
102000th track: (31 Aug 2010)
Janis Ian - Mistaken Identity
103000th track: (08 Sep 2010)
Miles Davis - The Maids of Cadiz
104000th track: (18 Sep 2010)
Bert Jansch - Birthday Blues
105000th track: (30 Sep 2010)
Fraternity of Man - In the Morning
106000th track: (07 Oct 2010)
MV & EE & The Golden Road - Susquehanna (Sole Art Trample)
107000th track: (20 Oct 2010)
Solomon Burke - Got To Get You Off My Mind
108000th track: (31 Oct 2010)
Geoff Mullen - Great Auk, Part III
109000th track: (12 Nov 2010)
Franz Xaver Gruber - 7 Aftensange (7 Evening Songs): No. 4. I fjerne kirketarne hist
110000th track: (02 Dec 2010)
Frank Zappa - What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body? (Reprise)
111000th track: (15 Dec 2010)
Pearls Before Swine - There Was a Man
112000th track: (04 Jan 2011)
Mahavishnu Orchestra - On The Way Home To Earth
113000th track: (26 Jan 2011)
Bert Jansch - Needle of Death
114000th track: (16 Feb 2011)
June Madrona - Tinnitus
115000th track: (06 Mar 2011)
Sebastian Cabot - Like a Rolling Stone
116000th track: (19 Mar 2011)
Strawberry Alarm Clock - Incense And Peppermints
117000th track: (07 Apr 2011)
The Fuck-Ups - 12-I Think You're Shit
118000th track: (18 Apr 2011)
Bill Hicks - Mandatory Marijuana
119000th track: (01 May 2011)
The Blues Project - Cheryl's Going Home
120000th track: (23 May 2011)
Robbie Basho - Apres Midi American
121000th track: (12 Jun 2011)
Burton Greene Quintet - Untitled
122000th track: (04 Jul 2011)
Tribal Music On Location - Solo For The Seron (Music of the Malinke)
123000th track: (24 Jul 2011)
Wild Nothing - Our Composition Book
124000th track: (22 Aug 2011)
Michael Hurley - Tea
125000th track: (05 Sep 2011)
ES - Pianokaari
126000th track: (24 Sep 2011)
Moondog - Autumn
127000th track: (15 Oct 2011)
Matana Roberts - Kersaia
128000th track: (09 Nov 2011)
Cold Blood - Funky On My Back (LP Version)
129000th track: (19 Nov 2011)
The Bayou Croakers - Bayou Pon Pon
130000th track: (28 Nov 2011)
Victoria Domalgoski - A Famous Myth
131000th track: (08 Dec 2011)
Jonathan & Leigh - Song For Shelley
132000th track: (20 Dec 2011)
Michael Jackson - Little Christmas Tree
133000th track: (07 Jan 2012)
Celebrities at Their Worst - Elvis Presley
134000th track: (20 Jan 2012)
Amon Düül - Blech & Alfbau
135000th track: (30 Jan 2012)
Buffy Sainte-Marie - God Is Alive, Magic Is Afoot
136000th track: (03 Feb 2012)
Robbie Basho - Pavan Hindustan
137000th track: (07 Feb 2012)
Beaver Patrol - E.S.P.
138000th track: (11 Feb 2012)
Charlie Parker - Bebop
139000th track: (17 Feb 2012)
Joni Mitchell - Urge For Going (LP Version)
140000th track: (25 Feb 2012)
Aardvarks - I'm Higher Than I'm Down
141000th track: (12 Mar 2012)
Elyse - Houses (feat. Neil Young on Guitar)
142000th track: (18 Mar 2012)
The Lickets - Eye of Horus Computer Repair Shop
143000th track: (26 Mar 2012)
Danny Kalb & Stefan Grossman - Woman Dear
144000th track: (03 Apr 2012)
ES - Harmonia, Rakkautta
145000th track: (08 Apr 2012)
Randy California - Day Tripper
146000th track: (16 Apr 2012)
Frank Zappa - The Dog Breath Variations
147000th track: (20 Apr 2012)
Silver Apples - Program
148000th track: (27 Apr 2012)
Notes from the Underground - What Am I Doing Here
149000th track: (28 Apr 2012)
Trollslanda - Kling Klang
150000th track: (03 May 2012)
Victoria Domalgoski - Sweet Baby Man
151000th track: (09 May 2012)
152000th track: (17 May 2012)
Spirit - Clear
153000th track: (21 May 2012)
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Pachuco Cadaver
154000th track: (25 May 2012)
Espers - Trollslända
155000th track: (31 May 2012)
Nick Jonah Davis - Fred And Evelyn
156000th track: (18 Jun 2012)
Victoria Domalgoski - Sweet Baby Man
157000th track: (02 Jul 2012)
Mahavishnu Orchestra - Thousand Island Park
158000th track: (09 Jul 2012)
Gryphon - The Unquiet Grave
159000th track: (15 Jul 2012)
Flipper - Sacrifice
160000th track: (30 Jul 2012)
Fraser & DeBolt - Stoney Day
161000th track: (05 Aug 2012)
KUSF-X Production - CMC
162000th track: (12 Aug 2012)
Ezza Rose - Blue Sheets
163000th track: (15 Aug 2012)
Mad River - Merciful Monks
164000th track: (18 Aug 2012)
Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart - Bossa Nova Pervertamento
165000th track: (18 Aug 2012)
Jacques Zoon - Density 21.5
166000th track: (22 Aug 2012)
Devendra Banhart - Sligo River Blues
167000th track: (27 Aug 2012)
Country Joe & The Fish - Thought Dream
168000th track: (31 Aug 2012)
Alexander "Skip" Spence - You Know
169000th track: (12 Sep 2012)
Brian Eno - Over Fire Island
170000th track: (16 Sep 2012)
New York Rifles - Spectacular Catches
171000th track: (23 Sep 2012)
Weird Herald - Just Yesterday
172000th track: (30 Sep 2012)
Peter Fonda - Catch The Wind
173000th track: (06 Oct 2012)
Alexander Turnquist - Amongst A Swarm Of Hummingbirds
174000th track: (09 Oct 2012)
Spirit - Give A Life, Take A Life
175000th track: (12 Oct 2012)
Davy Graham - Sunshine Raga
176000th track: (21 Oct 2012)
Paul Kantner & Jefferson Starship - Let's Go Together
177000th track: (23 Oct 2012)
Isan - Slurs And Slowly
178000th track: (27 Oct 2012)
Shockabilly - Party House Part Iii In 3-D
179000th track: (31 Oct 2012)
Eclection - betty brown (lp version)
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