A Thousand Fiery Sun Songs


Mar 1 2008, 15h38

OK, OK. Maybe just a dozen

Another weather related list…February is supposed to be the dry season, but it’s been the wettest dry season I’ve experienced since living in Thailand. Could be global warming:-) I thought I’d break out the sun list and maybe coax the weather back on the right path.

These are just a few favorite sun songs from my iTunes library.

The Beatles – Here Comes the Sun
The Beatles – Good Day Sunshine
The Apples in Stereo – Sun Is Out
Ednaswap – Back on the Sun
Hoodoo Gurus – Place in the Sun
The Kinks – Love Me Till The Sun Shines
Matthew Sweet – Looking at the Sun
Poi Dog Pondering – Circle Around the Sun
Prince – Play in the Sunshine
Semisonic – Sunshine And Chocolate
Vanessa Daou – Waiting for the Sun to Rise
Violent Femmes – Blister In The Sun

There’s tons more sun songs out there. Let me know some of your favorites…


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