• Philly Folk Fest

    Jun 30 2008, 23h46

    I've been planning on going to the Philadelphia Folk Festival for a couple of months now. Unfortunately, I don't know a lot of the artists that will be there, but Great Big Sea is going to be playing. I'm stoked - it's been so hard to find stuff by them, and now I get to see them live. And Kimya Dawson, who did most of the music for Juno is going to be performing also!

    August can't come fast enough. I've always wanted to be a dirty hippie for a couple of days on an old farm, sprawling out in my campsite and relaxing to some good tunes.
  • crashes

    Fev 20 2007, 19h07

    Have given up on for now. All it's been doing for the past month is crash. Maybe it my new firewall/anti virus stuff. Maybe it's the program. Whichever is at fault, I uninstalled it.

    Maybe I'll redownload it someday. :)
  • scrobbling errors

    Nov 20 2006, 2h41

    well, this is strange. I've been listening to music, but it's not being scrobbled. I check out the scrobbling enablement thing, and it's on.

  • hello!

    Nov 7 2006, 2h37

    joined because has always intrigued me.

    and that's pretty much all I have to say for now.