• Hmm...okayah... ;-)

    Jun 2 2006, 23h13

    So now I'm getting a bit of a sense of all it's been a real long time since I've been excited about something this way (something off the internet that is), can't wait to find all the "new" music out there through similar music tastes!

    Hmm seems like my "play list" (or whatever it is they call it here) will be a bit short since I'm not used to listening music on my comp and don't have lot of mp3's...I'm sooo against piracy of any kind that I've never downloaded anything from the web, so now it seems I have to learn how to turn my cd's (and vinyls!) to mp3's...quite a job right there! *heh*

    Well you there, if you're reading this - I urge you to check out my group and the band Too Sophisticated : you can get their music from the site, legally. Raw real life Rock N' Roll - if you´re into stuff like Dogs D'Amour, Quireboys and the likes - that should hit you right into the spot where it hurts! ;)

    Peace Love Light good people.
  • Hmmm...just got myself registered today

    Jun 2 2006, 22h00

    I'm usually REALLY paranoid 'bout installing this kind of programs to my computer as AudioScrobbler but since I found all these people here listening all this REAL music, I had to. Wow, somebody listens to bands like Dogs D'Amour, Quireboys, Fishfaces etc. etc. - I thought I was the only one on the planes anymore ! *heh* Peace, Love & Light dear people.