• What a week!

    Abr 15 2012, 13h50

    Do you ever have one of those weeks? I certainly did. Probably not as interesting, however, as our Secret Service men in Colombia……

    Fuller Entertainment has booked us some very cool regional shows including Rams Head Live in Baltimore and Blues Alley in Washington, DC this summer. This Saturday, we are also appearing on a regional TV show –Musically Hot! In the DMV

    I also began a side adventure-teaching some very cool kids at the School of Rock. Yes, the original School (you know, the one where Jack Black saved rock-n-roll by creating a school to jam?) contacted me and I fell in love with the folks there. Last night, I attended Children’s Inn gala which raised $825,000 for the inn! I was happy to see people opening up their wallets.

    Thank goodness the Nats won on Friday night. It took 13 innings, but they pulled it through. We gave them a little support

    Today, here in the National Capitol, it will be 80 degrees….boy am I lovin’ it. Have a great week!
  • Happy Easter!

    Abr 8 2012, 13h20

    It’s a Sunday morning, and I have been up now for hours. One of my most favorite rituals – attending sunrise service on the National Mall.

    Honestly, there is nothing like it in the world. Something majestic about the sun rising over the Washington Monument and the Capitol in its wings.

    The city is quiet and still that time of the morning, and you have an opportunity to watch the ducks hunting for fish in the Potomac.

    Now, I was not alone. I suspect there were close to 6,000 people watching the sunrise with me – all looking to begin tomorrow different than yesterday. Even though the weather was only 45 degrees, there was a warmth that is always certain on this day.

    I guess it is time for homemade blueberry buttermilk pancakes and then off to a traditional Italian diner with dear friends. (for those who do not know, I am half Italian—so this part is important) I love doing the over stuffed Italian meal to match my soul on Easter.

    Thanks to those who have been passing around the National Anthem video. I see we passed 100,000 views! Hopefully, it will inspire people to give a little to organizations like that one.

    Happy Easter everyone. Blessings and love to you all.
  • It's a good thing

    Abr 3 2012, 12h40

    Sometimes, things just take time. Now, not being the patient type, this is always a hard concept for me. BUT, we finally finished the video from February and the live recording of the kids.

    Whew! I wish I could explain how many turns this small project took, but I would run out of Internet blog space. To give you a few highlights, the idea to record with a bunch of kids was formed by a man out of Baltimore, who quickly disappeared by the time the event was set up. (Still don’t know why?) Then, the ABA basketball team came to recue the project – so it had new life – but then the morning of the event, the players were called away. (What?!) Ok, so the show must go on, and it did. It was a blast!

    What happened next was a matter of logistics. We needed to find the right producer (who would mix our live tracks for the kids), the right video editor, and hopefully a promoter who would shed some light on the little league team—because they need money to keep the program going. The promotion portion seemed to be harder than I would have thought. Organizations that I thought would jump at the chance to help out a small town, backed away. So after a couple of months, it was time to do the right thing. Take a look at the video.

    I think you will feel the same way I did – this town is special. These kids are special.

    National Anthem Video
  • It is just funny

    Mar 25 2012, 13h05

    This weekend, I finally made it to 21 Jump Street. Let me tell you, I have not laughed that hard in a long time. I had tears flowing all over my face and my cheeks actually hurt after.

    I started thinking about the role of a comedic writer or actor. It certainly has to be harder than any other. What is funny to one person, captures no reaction in another. Humor is highly subjective and yet, when we laugh, our whole being changes.

    I have heard women talk about the most important male attribute is their ability to make them laugh. You know, I agree. A good looking man who is not funny, well, let’s face it, that does not make for longer than an hour date. The best nights I can recall were always filled with laughter. I think, however, you have to be open to that emotion.

    So, give yourself a break from life every once in awhile and think of nothing or think of everything at once until to forces you to just breath.

    Sometimes, a good laugh is only seconds away….if you let it.

    This week, we do have smiles on our faces. First, I found out that three of my songs, last fall, were on several networks including The Learning Channel, Bravo and New York City’s local network. Always nice to hear!

    AND, we are FINALLY releasing (fingers and toes crossed) our video and free MP3 of the National Anthem that we recorded live with about 100 kids. We recorded it around the 1st of February, but it’s taken sometime to pull all the pieces together. Thanks to Fuller Entertainment for pulling this over the finish line!

    Look for our Twitter announcement when it goes live!
  • I Survived SxSW!

    Mar 18 2012, 13h07

    It was my first, most likely not my last, but what a week of experiences it was in Austin, Texas at SxSW. The shortest way to describe the conference: the good, the bad and the super ugly.

    First, let’s start with the good: everyone in the music industry is attending. You have an opportunity to talk shop with all of your colleagues and no one gets bored with the conversation. Music, music and more music were the topics of not only the day, but the week. My highlight was hearing the keynote address by Bruce Springsteen. He clearly had a great speechwriter, but he was also very prepared and just plain entertaining, and inspiring, at the same time.

    The bad: trash everywhere you looked. For some reason, people forgot how to use trashcans when they arrived in the pretty city of Austin. The city is completely destroyed from the idiots who left their manners home. And while the people from Austin did not seem to mind, it really bothered me.

    The super ugly: unfortunately, because the scene has grown, really to over capacity, the bars are forced to allow anyone to perform, and most of those I heard, were not ready to be on stage. Then, you have the sound engineers in the clubs who attempted to drown out the badly playing bands with volumes that made your ears bleed. To top things off, the lines were longer than then the Mississippi river and were filled with day drinkers who started their beer runs at 10 AM.

    Did I see some great bands….well, a few. Music was everywhere, all day and all nightlong. There is so much offered, you have to pick and choose, and it is not easy. One thing is very clear about Austin, given all of the live music venues, it is an incubus for raising bands. I wish all cities gave musicians those same opportunities. One of my favorite moments was when a local said ‘oh a cover band….yuck!.’ Loved it!

    So, will I do it again? Somewhere between perhaps and most likely.

    Will I bring better walking shoes? For sure!
  • Off to Texas

    Mar 12 2012, 10h54

    Florida was a hoot. Now I have really seen the Florida Strawberry festival, I can say, they were not kidding…. A ton of people….everywhere. It is known as the 10th largest and longest running festivals in the country. And, I, for one, believe it!

    This weekend was a crazy one, but so much fun. We decided at the last minute to shoot a music video, thanks to our friends at Agile Partners who sponsored the video! It was, let’s say, HOT. But, we filmed everything before the rain arrived---which actually came during our performance. Thank goodness for tents!

    Watching Matt and Anthony at the festival was a treat by itself. It was like they had turned 10, again. The people were the nicest I had ever met and then, the folks from Focus Magazine who interviewed us were fantastic. Yes, all great things to say.

    Tuesday, I am off to SxSW. It will be my first time, so I have no idea what to expect. I know I have RSVP’d to at least 5 parties, so hmmmmm, how to fit it all in?!

    Pictures from this past weekend are posted to our Facebook page and website—some are pretty fun! I will keep you all in the loop as I travel down to Texas! Xoxoxoxox
  • Super Friday

    Mar 4 2012, 14h20

    Oh, I know, everyone is talking about the elections on Tuesday, but I would rather talk about the Strawberry Festival. So excited about my first time performing for the Festival. The line up before we arrive includes The Band Perry, Lee Greenwood, Vince Gill, Hank Williams and a host of others.

    I saw, on the schedule, which I am a bit disappointed in missing, is the Adult Strawberry Stemming Contest. What could that be? That has to be fun….not sure why, but being surrounded by a bunch of strawberries has to be hoot.

    Back to the other news, Mitt Romney is smiling a lot more these days, while Newt continues to be the most pissed off candidate I have ever seen. Mr. Paul, while happy, you gotta wonder…..as a doctor..is he self medicating? That leaves good ole’ Rick. Rick looks good in a suit. Yeah, that pretty much sums up our Super Duper Tuesday.

    I had an unbelievable time in New York. Met some great people and we are looking at putting together amazing projects (I love it when a plan comes together!).

    We have a ton of things happening and announcements coming along, but until the gods of publicity are ready to bless the release…my lips are, unfortunately, sealed.

    See you all in Florida!
  • It's the Italian in me

    Fev 26 2012, 13h25

    This past weekend, I, for some reason, have been on this cooking marathon. It began with an asparagus, pea, shallot and Gruyere cheese pizza. The next night, steamed bronzini with green beans, coconut rice and a red chili pepper sauce. Last night, grilled salmon with a pinot noir sauce, a winter harvest salad and homemade buttermilk biscuits (which tasted better than they looked). This morning, thinking, poached eggs over sautéed walnuts, spinach and mushrooms.

    I am not totally sure what has inspired me, but perhaps it is the fact that restaurants are starting to bore me. While I do love going out to eat, you just do not get the same satisfaction like you do when you make it yourself. When I think about the restaurant meals that have been truly memorable, they have always involved activity. For example, when touring last year in Chicago, I cooked my own meal! and loved it! In Nantucket, my favorite place ‘Black eyed Susans’ is like eating in the kitchen – you watch every step of your meal being made.

    This week, I am off to New York City, home of the best restaurants in the world. I will be dining in some having some pretty exciting meetings and…well, I will tell you the rest soon! Eat and sleep well this week, my friends.
  • Spring Ahead

    Fev 19 2012, 14h25

    I know is going to snow today, but spring is in my head right now. We just got word [yesterday]! that we will be laying down our 4th – (can you believe it?) – yes 4th album this spring.

    We have been asked to sign with an agency out of Minnesota who is a strong believer in our musical mission! I love it when great partnerships form. I believe a press release with the announcement will arrive in the next month…so for now, I can only (sort of) talk about ……! The songs for the new album are already written, so it’s a matter of going into studio and workin’ it. The goal: release the album this summer.

    So, I know this is big news, but since I cannot make it official---yet—I am just hinting at the news.

    This week, I figure, I need to see a ton of movies before the Oscar’s on Sunday or I won’t be very credible in my picks. And, for some reason, I am in the sappiest mood – thinking of going to see The Vow. Not sure you can get any mushier than that movie. I will provide my full review this week on Twitter!
  • Happy Hearts Day!

    Fev 14 2012, 20h34

    I have recovered from the weekend in LA – and am feeling the musical love. The news of Whitney was disturbing – and I found out on the way to our gig. It was one of those times when you have to ignore what you just heard and let your heart speak out loud. I mean, what a voice she had. But, as the President of the Recording Academy said, the show will go on. So, we sang our hearts out to all the musicians out there trying to be heard.

    Clips from the show are now on our Youtube channel and pictures from the event are posted on our Facebook page. It was fun and sorrowful at the same time. On the way back, we got a major flat tire. Thank goodness JT from Carpe Diem Protective Services was with us. In his suit, on the freeway, he changed my tire. Bless him!!!!

    We made it back to the bar at the Biltmore, which was now crawling with all the people who just left one of the Grammy pre parties. And, proceeded to stay up way to late listening to a local musician in the bar – fantastic.

    The next morning - up early – coffee, hair fixed, makeup – the whole enchilada. We made it to the Pre telecast and stood next to the Foo Fighters, watched Taylor receive an award and her acceptance speech along with so many others. After a couple of hours, we headed next door to the Telecast event. Words can never explain how great of a show the Grammy’s deliver. TV only captures a small portion of the experience. My favorite parts: Adele, Jennifer Hudson, Cold Play, Taylor Swift and Chris Brown – in that order, but in reality, I loved every single minute. We took a few pictures at the after party – which was FANTASTIC – saw Kenny Logan and then OneRepublic perform.

    Have a happy Valentine’s Day – I hope it is filled with love, kissies and MUSIC!