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Abr 3 2012, 12h40

Sometimes, things just take time. Now, not being the patient type, this is always a hard concept for me. BUT, we finally finished the video from February and the live recording of the kids.

Whew! I wish I could explain how many turns this small project took, but I would run out of Internet blog space. To give you a few highlights, the idea to record with a bunch of kids was formed by a man out of Baltimore, who quickly disappeared by the time the event was set up. (Still don’t know why?) Then, the ABA basketball team came to recue the project – so it had new life – but then the morning of the event, the players were called away. (What?!) Ok, so the show must go on, and it did. It was a blast!

What happened next was a matter of logistics. We needed to find the right producer (who would mix our live tracks for the kids), the right video editor, and hopefully a promoter who would shed some light on the little league team—because they need money to keep the program going. The promotion portion seemed to be harder than I would have thought. Organizations that I thought would jump at the chance to help out a small town, backed away. So after a couple of months, it was time to do the right thing. Take a look at the video.

I think you will feel the same way I did – this town is special. These kids are special.

National Anthem Video


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