Death Walks Behind You


Jun 13 2006, 21h50

Indeed it does. And despite such a morbid title, Atomic Rooster's sophomore album is surprisingly clear and lively despite the departure of drummer Carl Palmer to form the supergroup Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

For those who are not familiar with the album, Death Walks Behind You combines the liveliness of King Crimson with practically equivalent musical talent and ingenuity.

Most of the pieces are a mixture of distinct songs (including the odd single Tomorrow Night) and pure instrumental works. The piano has a strong presence, more so than organs found in most other early progressive acts. Very good piano tracks include Nobody Else and Gershatzer. Dynamics also play a strong role especially in the experimental "break-out" sessions of "Gershatzer".

Anyway, for those who want to listen to a harder-rocking but equally experimental album, do check out "Death Walks Behind You". Fans of Pink Floyd's sonic explorations, Can's being Can or Yes sans the unnecessary twee from Jon Anderson will definitely enjoy this upbeat album.


  • henkdo

    I prefer In hearing off

    Jun 13 2006, 22h17
  • KarnEvil9

    Just got this the other day, based on your recommendation. First impression is very positive, though I need to listen to it a few more times before I'll have a solid opinion.

    Jun 16 2006, 21h36
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