What was number 1 on my birthday ?


Mar 1 2009, 19h52

My birthday: 20th August 1994

On that day number 1 was -

U.K - Love Is All Around Us - Wet Wet Wet

Number 1 on my first birthday was -

U.K - Never Forget - Take That

Number 1 on my second birthday was -

U.K - Wannabe - Spice Girls

Number 1 on my third birthday was -

U.K - Men in Black - Will Smith

Number 1 on my fourth birthday was -

U.K - No Matter What - Boyzone

Number 1 on my fith birthday was -

U.K - When You Say Nothing At All - Ronan Keating

Number 1 on my sixth birthday was -

U.K - I Turn To You - Melaine C

Number 1 on my seventh birthday was -

U.K - 21 Seconds - So Solid Crew

Number 1 on my eighth birthday was -

U.K Colourblind - Darius

Number 1 on my ninth birthday was -

U.K Breathe - Blu Cantrell feat Sean Paul

Number 1 on my tenth birthday was -

U.K Thunderbirds - Busted

Number 1 on my eleventh birthday was -

U.K You're Beautiful - James Blunt

Number 1 on my twelveth birthday was -

U.K Hips Don't Lie - Shakira

Number 1 on my thirteenth birthday was -

U.K With Every Heartbeat - Robyn

Number 1 on my fourteenth birthday was -

U.K I Kissed a Girl - Katy Perry


  • hanamiyaka

    HOLY SHIT, GIRL!!!!! were you only two years old when wannabe was number one?! ahmahgad i feel so ooooold -_-

    Mar 21 2009, 14h37
  • sidandnancylove

    haha i was sure i was older than 2 but obviously not i still no all the words haha :D

    Mar 21 2009, 21h34
  • hanamiyaka

    yeah i know the words by heart too despite the fact that i hated their guts.. hahahaha but i was a tad bit older than you and i still remember the glorious days prior to the spice girls mania :P august '96, huh? lemme see i was uhh kinda exactly two months shy of eight years old :D yeah that seems about right, but thats still scary cuz i remember the video and the spice girls cards and the spice girls movie and the mania like it was yesterday or a week ago :O

    Abr 9 2009, 20h39
  • sidandnancylove

    Even i remember the spice girls movie it was amazing :D i still have it on video haha i remember them braking up even though i must of been young :)

    Abr 10 2009, 19h21
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