• o F F & GR†LLGR†LL

    Mai 4 2011, 7h37

    Sat 16 Apr – RESET NIGHT: †† );( †‡ ▲▲\\

    o F F & GR†LLGR†LL @ Cross Club / Prague > Check it out!
  • >>Crocodiles<<

    Mar 20 2011, 19h05

    Great show in Prague! >>Crocodiles<<
  • CocoRosie ~

    Jul 27 2010, 20h27

    for those who couldn't make it last week

  • Anna Ternheim's Acoustic Concert

    Jul 27 2008, 6h56

    Anna Ternheim

    Anna's show was one of those I was very excited to go to. First of all Anna and Joseph Arthur performed in the most luxurious Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. The venue colored and framed the whole experience into a beautiful painting full of delicate embroidery created by Anna's voice. She was just like a bird singing its tune in its most natural way. Anna's self-presentation was very modest and real and I absorbed every single fragile 'descant' she made for us that night.

    I felt very poetic afterwards and kept her songs&lyrics going in my head (and in my car) for another week and a half straight!

    Tereza Long

    Anna Ternheim
  • Lightening Lighspeed Champion aka I got struck straight into my heart !

    Jun 21 2008, 18h21

    Fri 20 Jun – Lightspeed Champion

    I can't wait to write this review, it's about 11 hours after the show and I need to express and let everybody know how stoked I was. Lightspeed Champion as a new type of ~Indie~ blew my mind. Dev kicks butts of all these caucasian skinny mini boys dressed up in tight jeans, boots, hats & vests thinking white and black are the only cool colors, being cocky and pretentious and loosing the point of making music in false ideals of making money and spending them on Christian Dior whatever.

    Lightspeed Champion despite of being signed to a major record label (Domino Records) keep their attitude healthy and musically orientated. That's the trick, 'Love Your audience and they will love You back!' They are truly genuine, with no poses and that makes them extraordinary and special in nowadays music world.

    The Show was just AWESOME!
    (The Independent venue provided excellent sound, design & environment)

    I didn't want them to stop, ever! Every single bit of their music rocked! Every single tune was tuned just perfect! Dev's lyrics and musical compositions including violin and piano altogether were a cocktail of beauty, sort of poetry, energy, inspiration, colors, attraction, astonishment and fervidness.

    Taken the fact I had a chance to meet them in person afterwards makes my attitude towards them complexly outstanding and exceptional.

    Lightspeed Champion represents a new Indie wave in my perspective and I very much appreciate somebody finally coming up with something different and uniquely dandy!

    So guys, are You playing San Francisco tonight again? I'm in!

    Tereza Long
  • 'half-ass' Cobras from Detroit

    Jun 15 2008, 17h18

    Sat 14 Jun – The Detroit Cobras

    Our Expectations were a bit different than what we've got. First of all The Detroit Cobras make great music, Rachael Nagy ( vocals ) has unbelievably rock n'roll voice and great potential to make a Show, make the whole audience dance&move with her catchy tunes and grungy guitar melodies, but no effort to make it happen.
    So the music was great itself, but the atmosphere sucked! She was for some reason really pissed or drunk, making sarcastic jokes, not funny, insulting references to San Francisco, and not making ~ANY~ effort whatsoever. It just seemed she sung because she had to. The whole style and visage of the band was really trashy ( or no style? ). Their show was just a big 'half-ass' attempt. I was standing there, not dancing, not singing, not knowing what to think. Disappointed indeed.