dream bands are so hard to make


Mar 19 2006, 4h48

hmm.. i just read a journal about a dream band (in a weird way, like an anti-dream band), it got me thinking, what would the best dream band consist of?

okay, we'll start off with a vocalist:

if we want a nice classic voice, we could go with Mick Jagger voice(The Rolling Stones}, or maybe a rodger daltry-esque voice (The Who. yeah, those are good.
but is it really a voice like that that i would prefer? i'm very confused about this process. who else to go for? a smoother, pop-ier voice would also work. in this case, a person like Adam Levineof Maroon 5 wouldn't be such a bad choice, would it? not really sure. must check dream band handbook.

Lead guitar anyone?

Okay, I could easily bore you with a list of really good guitarists that have been thrown around so much as the greatest guitar players of all time that i have no reason to waste your time. but, i'm going to list a few anyway

Jimi Hendrix
he's jimi fucking hendrix
he can make feedback sound good
you couldn't hear the rest of the band
he'd get all the money, anyways
oh yeah, and he's six feet under. i've been to his grave site, and he's not going anywhere.

Jimmy Paige
a proficient, experimental guitar player for the LEDGENDARY band Led Zeppelin
blistering leads and great technique are an understatement
the constant fear of overdosing
it'd be hard to pass through customs with him on board

Keith Richards
guitarist for the Rolling Stones
still playing today
he's clean (wink, wink)
if mick's not there, he's not on board
again, passing through customs would be extremely difficult

okay, i'll stop boring you

some more interesting choices would be people with more unique styles. For example, i'm sure Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead would be a GREAT choice. he could also play lots of random and experimental instruments, too (has anybody seen the performance of The National Anthem on Saturday Night Live? it's amazing, and i'm still trying to figure out exactly what he's playing. is he transmitting the sound of a string played similarly to slide guitar over an FM signal and sending out the signal from the radio? it's fucking genius, whatever it is. it blows my mind). also, i'm sure John Mayer would be a good choice. not only can he play and write pop-y acoustic stuff, but that man can play the blues like the pros. (see John Mayer Trio and see why. also, watch the crossroads guitar festival DVD, he's a headlining act next people like Buddy Guy and Eric Clapton. damn.). Buddy Guy wouldn't be a bad choice either.

now we're getting to the rythym (sp?) section:


this category goes almost hands down to Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. and why wouldn't it? he's fucking amazing. he can play the best slap bass i've ever heard, and he generally kicks ass. go Flea...

hmm... can't really think of anybody else that compares. Maybe Metallica's Cliff Burton would fill that role, but he's a little too HARDCORE for the rest of the band members, and wouldn't get along too well.

remind me if i was missing anybody in this section.

makin' funky beats, DRUMS:

certainly anybody that isn't Meg White (The White Stripes) would be a great choice for drums. no, i take that back. the drummer for Def Leppard would be a bad choice also (mainly becuase he only has ONE ARM! THAT'S RIDICULOUS! i'm gonna end up going with....

wait for it...

Charlie Watts (The Rolling Stones) or Ginger Baker (Cream). both of them are there for obvious reasons. hm... this band is going to be like The Grateful Dead and have 2 drummers. sweet! double the rythym (and i can't spell that word, still)

okay, here's the final lineup

Adam Yauch of The Beastie Boys just for fun, with backup vocals from Thom Yorke(damn, that one came out of left field).

i'm gonna go with John Mayer playing a mix between lead and rythym guitar, something he can do really well live. Actually, he'll be a louder rythym guitar, with someone like Ronnie Wood on lead guitar. Wood won't be playing the entire time, however, and ii feel like he knows when not to play.

Flea is still the best choice, because of his unique style of playing and his insane stage antics. he's a role model for all bass players who want to grow up and do insane amounts of I.V. drugs.

TWO DRUMMERS! WHOA! Charlie Watts and Ginger Baker. The benefit of this is that if one dies suddenly of a stroke, we'll still have a drummer! yay!

Stevie Wonder, because our band is an equal opportunity employer. take that, NAACP!

Eric Clapton, because every band has to have Eric Clapton in it at some point. how many fucking bands is that man in? somebody answer me that.

Bob Dylan is the perfect person to play tambourine!
hey, mr. tambourine man!
write a song and put it on another b-side album!

questions? comments? fill out the form below. leave me a few!


  • genchildren


    Mar 19 2006, 5h54
  • 6sic6

    rhythm ^^

    Mar 19 2006, 8h54
  • xplosiv

    Les Claypool (Primus) on bass. Jimi Hendrix on Lead guitar and backing vocals. Steve Vai on Rhythm Guitar. Frank Zappa Vocals. Tony Royster Jr on Drums - So that kid can be turned into a massive superstar!!!

    Mar 19 2006, 10h41
  • minam

    how bout these: john entwistle of the who jack bruce of cream john paul jones of led zeppelin as for drummers, try these: dave grohl john bonham of led zeppelin mitch mitchell of the jimi hendrix experience

    Mar 19 2006, 14h33
  • foofner

    i really love how the final lineup has nothing to do with the original suggestions thom backing up beastie boys and then the arbitrary inclusion of my instruments from my ana-band that's pretty cool actually by the way i'm totally inspired check the journal in a bit

    Mar 20 2006, 2h17
  • ChipBoy

    Jonny Greenwood plays a Ondes Martenot. An early synth which is basically a Theremin with keys.

    Mar 20 2006, 20h50
  • ChipBoy

    And Steve Vai should have his fingers removed!

    Mar 20 2006, 20h51
  • ChipBoy

    And Steve Vai should have his fingers removed!

    Mar 20 2006, 22h31
  • bobo_myeke

    ChipBoy is resentfull coz he lost his penis while working with an early mechanical moog

    Mar 31 2006, 9h24
  • ChipBoy

    It's true. Every time I'm touched my balls oscillate around Dm depending on the temperature of the room.

    Mar 31 2006, 12h37
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